Nokia 2010

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Nokia 2010
Nokia 2010 NHE-3DN.jpg
Compatible networksGSM900
Availability by region1994
PredecessorNokia 1011
SuccessorNokia 2110
Nokia 1610
Form factorBar/Brick
Dimensions165 x 58 x 28 mm
Mass275 g
Data inputskeypad
Development statusDiscontinued, rare

The Nokia 2010 is a mobile phone that was announced by Finnish phone manufacturer Nokia in January 1994.

According to the late Matti Makkonen, a manager of Nokia Mobile Phones at the time, Nokia 2010 was the first mobile phone to enable writing messages easily.[1]

Other features include lists of 10 dialled calls, 10 received calls and 10 missed calls.[2]

The phone has a monochromatic display that can show two rows of text at a time, which are surrounded by symbols for dedicated functions — battery status and reception level on either side; SMS message notification, keypad lock, et al. at the top. The handset has an antenna slot that supports either an external rigid antenna, or a pull-out type antenna (more common). The 2010 used a full-size (1FF) sim-card.

Nokia 2010 was the more affordable version in the 2xxx series than the business-oriented Nokia 2110, both of which were released in 1994.

In terms of design, the 2010 stayed truer to its predecessor model of Nokia 1011 than the 2110.


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