Nokia 6020

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Nokia 6020
Power (3,5 mm) and data connectors
Power button
Push to Talk button. Right side view
Nokia 6020 with battery BL-5B

The Nokia 6020 and 6021 are feature phones made by Nokia, running the Series 40 platform.[1] The Nokia 6020 has a camera and no Bluetooth support, while the Nokia 6021 has Bluetooth and does not have a camera. The Nokia 6020 was introduced in November 2004 as a successor of the Nokia 6010 for Americas and the Nokia 3510i and also the Nokia 6230 for the global market.[2] It was succeeded by the Nokia 6070 in 2006.[3]


  • Keymat with 5-way navigation key[4]
  • Captures with the VGA camera and video recorder
  • 0.3 megapixel camera which has four modes: Standard, Portrait, Night, and Video
  • 3.5 megabytes internal memory
  • To transfer data such as photo images, videos and audio clips to a PC it needs a Pop-Port USB Data Cable or the Nokia Connectivity Adapter Cable
  • Records up to 50-seconds video clip with sound
  • 65,536 colours TFT LCD display
  • Record up to 5-minute voice recorder
  • Push To Talk[5]
  • Synchronise data with PC via Nokia PC Suite or remotely with SyncML
  • Internet browsing with an XHTML-capable browser, via EDGE and GPRS[4]
  • Keeping track of personal finances with Mobile Wallet
  • Has infrared to send or receive data to or from other compatible devices like PCs and other phone devices with Infrared connectivity supported
  • Supports MP3 ringtones (requires firmware version 4.50 or higher)[6]


  • 2G Network
  • GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz
  • GSM 850/1800/1900 MHz – US version (602xb)[7]


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