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Stage 6 Films
Subsidiary of Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions
Industry Film
Founded 2007
Headquarters Culver City, California, USA
Products Motion pictures
Owner Sony Pictures Entertainment
Parent Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions

Stage 6 Films is an American film company created by Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions that acquires, produces and distributes 10–15 low budget films each year. It is SPWA's fifth specialty label and, overall, is the seventh theatrical label by Sony Pictures Entertainment. The label takes its name from the location of its main office, the Stage 6 building at Sony Pictures Studios (originally an actual sound stage used for such films as The Wizard of Oz).[1][2]


in 2007, Stage 6 Films was created by Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions, the division will produce, acquire and distribute low budget (approx $10 million), the films will be offered to all Sony labels, if all pass, Stage 6 will send the film to different companies such as Samuel Goldwyn Films, Freestyle Releasing. Once a film is finished, the label will decide if the film shall bow theatrically or a different platform.[3] Adrian Alperovich, Senior Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Group, said Stage 6's slate will mostly be geared toward ancillary markets.[1]

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