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This is a list of supermarket companies in the United States of America and the names of supermarkets which are owned or franchised by these companies. For supermarkets worldwide, see List of supermarkets.

National chains[edit]

Regional/local chains[edit]

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The Great Atantic & Pacific Tea Company filed chapter 11 bankruptcy in July 2015, the company decided to close all of its stores such as A&P, Pathmark, Waldbaums, Superfresh, The Food Emporium, and Food Basics.

  • Acme Fresh Market (Northeastern Ohio)
  • Ahold USA
    • Giant-Carlisle (Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia)
    • Giant-Landover (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC)
    • Stop & Shop (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey)
  • Amigo (Puerto Rico)
  • Andronico's (California)
  • Arlan's Market (Texas)
    • Handy Andy (New Braunfels, San Antonio, Schertz, and Seguin)
  • Arteagas Food Center (northern California)
  • Associated Supermarkets (New York City area)
  • Associated Wholesale Grocers (Kansas City metro, St. Joseph area)
  • - the largest online Indian grocery that offers free shipping. Serves people from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other.
  • Balducci's (New York City, Washington, D.C., and their suburbs)
  • Bashas' (Arizona; plus one store in Needles, California)
  • Big M (Pennsylvania; northern New York)
  • Big Y Foods (southern New England)
  • BJ's Wholesale Club (eastern US)
  • Breaux Mart Supermarkets (New Orleans area)
  • Brookshire Grocery Company (Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana)
    • Super 1 Foods (eastern Texas; plus Bastrop, Monroe, Shreveport, and West Monroe, Louisiana)
  • Brookshire Brothers (Texas)
  • Broulims (Idaho)
  • Brown & Cole (Washington state)
    • Cost Cutter (New Jersey)
    • Food Depot (Georgia and North Carolina)
    • Food Pavilion
    • Price Chopper (Kansas City metro; St Joseph; no relation to Price Chopper in the Northeast)
    • Red Apple
    • Save-On-Foods
  • Buehler's (Ohio)
  • Busch's (southeastern US and Michigan)
  • Butera (Illinois)
  • Buy For Less (Oklahoma City metro)
  • C-Town (northeastern US)
  • Cannata's Family Market (Louisiana)
  • Caraluzzi's (Fairfield County, Connecticut)
  • Chief Supermarket (Defiance, Ohio)
  • Coborns (Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota)
  • CobornsDelivers (Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota; Wisconsin) – online grocery
  • Compare Foods Supermarket (North Carolina, New York City, Long Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island)[7]
  • County Market (midwestern US)
  • Crest Foods (Oklahoma City area)
  • Crosby's Marketplace (North Shore Boston area)
  • Cub Foods (Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area)
  • D&W Food Centers (Michigan)
  • D'Agostino Supermarkets (New York City)
  • Dahl's Foods (Des Moines, Iowa area)
  • Dan's Supermarket (North Dakota)
  • David's Supermarkets (rural northern Texas)
  • DeCicco's (north of New York City)
  • Dehoff's Key Markets (Bay Area, California)
    • Key Markets
  • DeMoulas' Market Basket (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine)
  • Dierbergs (greater St. Louis)
  • Dillons (Kansas)
  • Econofoods (Minneapolis-St. Paul; western Wisconsin)
  • Edwards Food Giant (central and eastern Arkansas)
  • Fairway Market (southwestern Connecticut, northern New Jersey, southern New York)
  • Fareway (Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota)
  • Felpausch (Michigan)
  • Festival Foods (Minnesota, Wisconsin)
  • Food Bazaar Supermarkets (Connecticut, New Jersey, New York)[8]
  • Food City (Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia)
  • Food Giant
  • Food Lion (Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia)
  • Food Town (Houston, Texas)
  • FoodFair (eastern Kentucky, southeastern Ohio, western West Virginia)[9]
  • Foodland (Hawaii)
    • Sack&Save
  • FoodLand Supermarkets (Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia)
  • Foodtown (New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania)
  • Fred Meyer (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska)
  • Fresh & Easy (California, Arizona, and Nevada) – Out of business, division of the Yucimpa Companies
  • The Fresh Grocer (Pennsylvania, Delaware)
  • Gelson's Markets (southern California)
  • Gerland's Food Fair (Houston, Texas)
  • Giant Eagle (Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland)
  • Giant Food of Maryland, LLC (Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware) - division of Ahold USA
  • Giant Food Stores, LLC (Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, West Virginia) - division of Ahold USA
  • Giant Value (Massachusetts)
  • Giantway (Michigan)
  • Glen's Markets (northern Michigan)
  • Gourmet Garage (mostly in Manhattan, New York City)
  • Great American Food Stores (New York)
  • Great Valu Markets (Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia)
  • Gristedes (mostly in Manhattan, New York City)
  • Grocer's Pride (Houston, Texas; Mississippi)
  • H-E-B (Texas, Mexico)
  • Haggen Food & Pharmacy (Oregon, Washington)
    • Top Food & Drug
  • Hannaford Brothers Company (New England and Albany, New York)
  • Harding's Friendly Markets (southwestern Michigan)
  • Harmons Grocery (Utah)
  • Harp's Market (Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma) – competes against Walmart in small towns; larger stores include sporting goods
  • Harvest Foods (Arkansas) – created when Safeway divested its Little Rock division in the late 1980s. Assets bought by former employees. In the early 1990s, Harvest Foods went bankrupt and Affiliated Foods Southwest bought the chain — with AFS later filing for its own bankruptcy in 2009. Selected stores formerly carrying the Harvest Foods banner were purchased and rebranded by Kroger and Brookshire's at the time of the Harvest Foods bankruptcy. Additionally, some store locations were purchased and rebranded by Edwards Food Giant following the AFS bankruptcy. Surviving stores are independently owned and operated.
  • Harvest Foods (Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington) – a regional network of 37 independently owned and operated stores, unrelated to the Arkansas chain
  • Heinen's Fine Foods (greater Cleveland, Ohio and greater Chicago, Illinois)
  • Hiller's Market (greater Detroit)
  • Holiday Foods (southern Indiana)
  • Holiday Quality Foods (northern California)
  • Hollywood Super Market (northern Detroit suburbs)
  • Homeland (Kansas, Oklahoma, Georgia, formerly Texas)
  • Houchens Industries (Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois)
  • Hugo's (Minnesota, North Dakota)
  • Hy-Vee (midwestern and central US)
  • Ingles (southeastern US)
  • Jack 'n Jill (North Dakota)
  • Jons Marketplace (Los Angeles, California area)
  • Karns Quality Foods (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area)
  • Key Food (New York City and northern suburbs)
  • King Kullen (Long Island)
  • Kings (New Jersey, New York)
  • Kowalski's (Minnesota)
  • Kuhn's Quality Foods (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
  • Landis Supermarkets (southeastern Pennsylvania)
  • Lauer's Supermarket and Bakery (Pasadena and Riviera Beach, Maryland)
  • Lowes Foods (North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia)
  • Lowe's Market (Texas, New Mexico)
  • Lunds & Byerlys (Minnesota)
  • Mac's Fresh Market (Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi)
  • Mac's Market (New Hampshire, New York, Vermont)
  • Macey's Market (northern Utah)
  • Magruder's (Washington, D.C. area)
  • Mariano's (Chicago area)
  • Market Basket (southeastern Texas, southwestern Louisiana)
  • Market Basket (New England) (see DeMoulas' Market Basket)
  • Market of Choice (Oregon)
  • Mars (Baltimore, Maryland area)
  • Marsh (Indiana, Ohio)
    • MainStreet Market
    • O'Malia's
  • Martin's Super Markets (Indiana, Michigan)
  • Matherne's Supermarkets (Baton Rouge, Louisiana area)
  • Mayfair Markets (Hollywood, California)
  • McCaffrey's (New Jersey, Pennsylvania)
  • Meijer (Midwest)
  • Met Foodmarkets (New York City, New Jersey, Massachusetts)
  • Miller's Fresh Foods (North Dakota)
  • Minyard's (Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex)
    • Carnival – a Hispanic/international line; in August 2008 was sold to Grocer's Supply (Houston)
    • Minyard's
    • Sack and Save – a discount line[10]
  • Morton Williams (New York, New Jersey)
  • Mrs. Green's Natural Market (New York)
  • Murphy's Marketplace (New Jersey)
  • Nash Finch Company (upper Midwest)
  • Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage (Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona)
  • New Deal Market (California)
  • New Deal Supermarket (Jackson, Mississippi)
  • New Seasons Market (Portland, Oregon)
  • Nugget Markets (northern California)
  • Obrien's Market (California)
  • Omni Foods (Massachusetts and New Hampshire)
  • Petosa's Family Grocery (Edmonds, Washington) - out of business[11]
  • Piggly Wiggly (southeastern US, Wisconsin)
  • PJP Marketplace (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  • Plum Market (Detroit area)
  • Preston-Safeway (central Indiana) – unrelated to Safeway Inc.
  • Price Chopper (New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire) – unrelated to Associated Wholesale Grocers in Kansas/Missouri
  • Price Chopper (Kansas City metro area; Associated Wholesale Grocers in Kansas/Missouri)
  • PriceRite (Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire. Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia)
  • Publix (southeastern US)
  • Pueblo (Puerto Rico)
  • Quality Foods (Georgia and South Carolina)[12]
  • R Ranch Markets (southern California)
  • Raley's (California, Nevada)
    • Bel Air Markets
    • Nob Hill Foods
  • Ray's Food Place (California, Oregon)
  • Ream's Food Stores (Northern Utah)
  • Reasors (eastern Oklahoma)
  • Red Apple (Oregon and Washington)
  • Redner's Warehouse Markets (eastern Pennsylvania; also in Delaware and Maryland)
  • Remke Markets bigg's (Cincinnati, Ohio area)
  • Rice Supermarkets (Houston, Texas)
  • Ridley's Family Markets (Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming)
  • Riesbeck Food Markets (Ohio and West Virginia)
    • Pick 'N Save (east-central Ohio)[13]
  • Robèrt's Fresh Market (New Orleans, Louisiana area)
  • Roche Bros (Massachusetts)
    • Sudbury Farms (Massachusetts)
  • Rosauers (Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington)
    • Huckleberry's Natural Market (Spokane, Washington)
  • Roth's Fresh Markets (Oregon)
  • Rouse's Supermarket (Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi)
  • Save Mart Supermarkets (California: Bay Area, Central Valley; northern Nevada)
    • FoodMaxx
    • Lucky Stores (Bay Area, California)
    • S-Mart Foods (Lodi and Stockton, California)
  • Schnucks (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee)
  • Scolari's Food and Drug (California, Nevada)
  • Seller's Brothers (Houston, Texas)
  • Sentry Foods (Wisconsin)
  • Shaw's and Star Market (New England)
  • Shop 'n Save (Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa )
  • ShopRite (Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania)
  • Smart & Final (Commerce, California)
  • Southeastern Grocers (southeastern US)
  • Stater Brothers (California)
  • Stew Leonard's (Connecticut, New York)
  • Stewart's Shops (New York, Vermont)
  • Stop & Shop (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey) - division of Ahold USA
  • Strack & Van Til (Illinois, Indiana)
  • Straub's Markets (St. Louis, Missouri)
  • Sullivan's Foods (Illinois)
  • Sunflower Farmers Market (Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah) – owned by founder of Wild Oats
  • Sunfresh Market (Kansas, Missouri)
  • Sunset Foods (Illinois)[14]
  • Super One Foods (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Dakota)
  • Superior Grocers (southern California)
  • Superking Market (California, Orange County)
  • Supermercados Selectos, 37 stores in Puerto Rico[15]
  • Supersol (New York City, Long Island, Westchester)
  • Supremo Supermarket (New Jersey and Pennsylvania)
  • Thriftway Supermarkets (Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Missouri)
  • Times Supermarkets (Hawaii)
  • Tops
  • Trade Fair (Queens County, New York City)[16]
  • Treasure Island (Chicago and Wilmette, Illinois) [17]
  • Trig's (Wisconsin)
  • Turco's (New York)
  • Vallarta Supermarkets (Los Angeles; southern California)
  • Village Market Food Center (Antrim County, Michigan)
  • Wade's (Virginia)[18]
  • Wayne's Hometown Market (Hoxie, Ar)
  • Wegmans (Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia)
  • Weis Markets (Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, West Virginia)
    • Save-a-Lot (Pennsylvania, New York)
  • Wesselman's (southern Indiana; Louisville, Kentucky area)
  • Westborn Market (Michigan)
  • Western Beef (New York City, New Jersey, Florida)
  • Western Supermarket (Birmingham, Alabama)
  • Whole Foods Market (Downtown, Baltimore)
  • WinCo Foods (Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington)
  • Winn-Dixie - 664 stores[19] (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi)
  • Wise Way (Indiana)
  • Woodman's Food Market (Illinois, Wisconsin)
  • Yoke's Fresh Market (Spokane, Washington)

Retailers' cooperatives[edit]

Deep-discount and limited-assortment chains[edit]

Ethnic chains[edit]



  • Arteagas Food Center (10+ stores in Northern California)[27]
  • Avanza Supermarket (Denver)
  • Baja Ranch Supermarket (formerly King Ranch Markets) - Hispanic chain in southern California
  • Bestway Supermarket (Maryland, Virginia)
  • Big Saver Foods (16 stores in Los Angeles area)
  • Bravo (Northeast and Florida)
  • Carnicerias Jiminez (8 stores in Chicago area)
  • Carnival – Dallas area-chain operated by Minyard Food Stores; sold majority of stores to Grocers Supply in August 2008; later most stores (including El Rancho, Jerry's, Terry's) were sold to Dallas-area independent retailers; other stores were kept by Grocers Supply (Fiesta Mart) or turned into Fiestas
  • Cardenas Supermarkets – Hispanic supermarket chain in Riverside and San Bernardino counties, California[28]
  • Compare Foods – over 60 stores in New York City, Long Island, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and North Carolina[29]
  • Fiesta Mart – Mexican-American, primarily in Texas
  • Food Bazaar Supermarkets (Connecticut, New Jersey, New York)[8]
  • Food City (Arizona) – Hispanic; owned by Bashas
  • Foodarama (Texas area)
  • Fresh World International Supermarket (Northern Virginia)
  • Freshco (Central Florida area)
  • González Northgate – Hispanic supermarket in the Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County areas of California[30]
  • Ideal Market - Latin Market; Mexican and Central American chain located in the New Orleans metro area
  • Ideal Market - 3 stores in Pennsylvania[31]
  • Jalisco Supermarket - Hispanic chain in Louisiana (4 stores)
  • K.V. Mart (Los Angeles area - operates as Top Valu and Buy Low Markets)
  • Latino Express Grocery - Hispanic chain in New Orleans area (3 stores)
  • Mariana's (Las Vegas area)
  • Megamart (DC area)
  • Mi Pueblo Food Center (Northern California/Bay Area) - fastest growing Hispanic supermarket in Northern California - 21 stores[32]
  • Mi Tienda - Hispanic supermarket division of HEB Stores (one store in Houston, Texas)
  • La Michoacana Meat Market (Texas) - Hispanic supermarket founded in Houston in 1986, with now over 130 stores in Texas and neighboring states[33]
  • Numero Uno Market - Hispanic chain (10 stores in Los Angeles area)
  • La Placita - Hispanic chain in New Orleans area (4 stores)
  • Presidente (South Florida - Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach counties)
  • Pro's Ranch Market / Los Altos Ranch Market – Hispanic (Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas)[34]
  • Publix Sabor – Hispanic, operated by Publix
  • El Pueblo (Newark) - largest Latino supermarket in New Jersey
  • R Ranch Markets - Hispanic chain in southern California
  • El Rancho – growing independent Hispanic chain in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area
  • Rancho Liborio – 11 stores (California, Nevada, Colorado)[35]
  • Rancho Markets (Utah)
  • El Rio Grande Latin Market (Texas)
  • Rio Ranch Markets – operates 8 Hispanic supermarkets in southern California[36]
  • Saver's Cost Plus (Texas)
  • Sedano's – Hispanic chain in southern Florida
  • Seller's Bros. (Houston, Texas)
  • El Super (Los Angeles, southern Nevada and Phoenix)
  • Super Market Mexico – online purveyor of Mexican foods[37]
  • Superior Super Warehouse – Hispanic warehouse supermarket with 28 stores in southern California
  • Supermercado El Rancho – Hispanic supermarket chain in Texas area with 15 stores in Garland, Farmers Branch, Dallas (6), Austin (2), Lewisville, Fort Worth (2), Arlington and Odessa [38]
  • Supersaver Foods – Hispanic-geared; operated by Albertsons LLC; chain now closed except for a few stores in Utah
  • Tenochtitlan Market (Utah) - upscale Latin-American
  • Terry's / El Mariachi Supermarkets – Hispanic chain (Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas; Oklahoma City)
  • Twin City Supermarket - Hispanic chain (New Jersey)
  • Vallarta Supermarkets (California) - caters to the growing Latino population of California and sells items usually not found in more Anglo-oriented American supermarkets
  • Viva Markets (Utah) - Hispanic grocery market and mini-mall

Specialty and natural foods[edit]

Defunct chains[edit]

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