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Taixi Township in Yunlin County
Taixi Township

Taixi Township or Taisi Township (Chinese: 台西鄉 or 臺西鄉; Hanyu Pinyin: Táixī Xiāng; Tongyong Pinyin: Táisi Siang; Wade–Giles: T'ai-hsi Hsiang), is a rural township in Yunlin County, Taiwan, lying to the west of Dongshi township and is bordered on the north by Mailiao Township and on the South by Sihu Township.


Taixi Village is divided into 15 areas:

  • Wengang neighbourhood
  • Hefeng neighbourhood
  • Yongfeng neighbourhood
  • Fuqi neighbourhood
  • Wugang neighbourhood
  • Haikou neighbourhood
  • Haibei neighbourhood
  • Shanliao neighbourhood
  • Taixi neighbourhood
  • Hainan neighbourhood
  • Gwanghua neighbourhood
  • Wuxiang neighbourhood
  • Xiding neighbourhood
  • Quanzhou neighbourhood
  • Niuxi neighbourhood

Hefeng neighbourhood Site of the CaiLun ruins, which is located behind the WanAn temple Much of the population of HeFeng, YongFeng and HeQi are originally from Fujian Province in Eastern China. This is where HuZaiNei, known for its wild radish plantations and NanGongGuan can be found. Hai Pu Liao, a fishing village has been forced to switch from farming to fishing as a means of industry, due to pollution of the freshwater source and ground water.

Fuqi neighbourhood Qingpu is a place locals revere for its greenery.

Wugang neighbourhood Site of an abandoned flood gate.

Haikou neighbourhood Most families in the area rely on fishing for income. This is the neighbourhood closest to the Taiwan Strait. This is where Taishi harbour is found. At the harbour, marine produce such as shrimp and a variety of shellfish such as clams and oysters are available. Fishing boats line the harbour.

Haibei neighbourhood In the neighbourhood you can find a Daoist Temple dedicated to the god of the home and earth (TuDiGong), hence this neighbourhood is popular amongst the villagers.

ShanLiao neighbourhood WanXi Town belongs to this area and has a population of 500 people. In 1961 an epidemic swept the area, causing many to leave the area.

Taixi neighbourhood This is Taixi’s most populous area and the site of the local government headquarters. To the East, there is a Mazu temple and in the central part of town, ZhongShan rd is what used to be TaiXi Old Street.

Notable Families[edit]

Main article: Islam in Taiwan

A Hui Ding (Ting) family descended from Sayyid Ajjal Shams al-Din Omar resides in Taixi, Yunlin. They trace their descent through him via the Quanzhou Ding family of Fujian. Even as they were pretending to be Han chinese in Fujian, they still practiced Islam when they originally came to Taiwan 200 years ago, building a mosque, but eventually became Buddhist or Daoist. The Mosque is now the Ding families Daoist temple.[1]


  • Freeway 17 (BingHai Freeway)
  • Freeway 61
  • Freeway 78
  • Highway 154, 155, 158


The TaiXi Maritime themed park built in 1992 by the Yunlin County Government covers 121 Hectares and is a main contributor to the local economy. The park is primarily wetlands and is host to a variety of wildlife and flora including intertidal animals, such as fiddler crabs, mudskippers, sea cockroaches, egrets, herons, other migratory birds, cacti, mangroves and others.


In this area you will find the following readily available:

Representation of Taishi in the media[edit]

In 1982, a novel was published telling the story of a young Taishi man who escaped prison and went on a killing spree in Taiwan. Although this was fiction, it had a large impact on the way other Taiwanese people perceive its villagers to this day.

Most villagers of the town are friendly and welcoming of foreigners and other Taiwanese. These days villagers are becoming integrated with modern society and taking on professional roles in the area.

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