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The lighting and lasers used in Wonder Full tested for the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics opening ceremony.

Wonder Full is a nighttime multimedia spectacular located at Marina Bay Sands, Marina Bay, Singapore. The show is designed by the Australian based multimedia company Laservision (who also designed Spirits of Sentosa).


The show incorporates some of the most advanced and latest Laservision technology ever created. One such example is the Stella Ray.[1]

  • Three water screens spanning nearly 2000 square meters
  • 15 high-power lasers
  • 30 high-power searchlights
  • 9 high-definition video projectors
  • Half a million watts of light
  • 250,000 LEDs
  • 7.1 surround sound system
  • Music composed by some of Singapore`s most famous composers some including Iskandar Ismail
  • Music is played by a 140-piece symphony orchestra


The show starts off with a single drop of water, representing the birth of life. It later stages through important stages of the person`s life such as childhood, development through age and adulthood.

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