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Camp Wawona consists of approximately 30 acres (120,000 m2) of deeded land inside Yosemite National Park in the township of Wawona, California in the United States. The focus of Camp Wawona is summer camp for kids, conference convocations, church retreats, family reunions or a personal quiet getaway in nature. The camp offers an opportunity for outdoor recreation and learning.


The land was first purchased by individuals who were members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church before Wawona was annexed by the National Park Service. The individuals later gave the land to the Central California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists who turned it into a summer camp. Camp Wawona has been in business since 1929.


  • Derek Wright (March 2013–present)


  • A-Frame Cabins
  • Covered Wagons
  • Wawona Lodge
  • Yurts


  • Adventurers Camp (Ages 7–10)
  • Jr. / Adventurers also known as "Friendship Camp" (Ages 8–12)
  • Junior Camp (Ages 10–12)
  • Tween Camp (Ages 12–15)
  • Teen Camp (Ages 13–17)
  • Family Camp (All Ages)


The activities are divided into two "camps", Base and Summit. Family Camp is the only time when no Summit Camp takes place.


Base Camp consists of three subsections, Normal, Specialized Camps, and Outpost Camps.


Normal is just the basic activities that the camper participates in.


Specialized is where the camper spends their mornings in one of the following camps.

  • Cowboy Camp
  • CIT Camp (Counselor-in-Training Ages 16–17)
  • Digital Photography Camp
  • Drama Camp
  • Film Production Camp
  • Guitar Camp
  • Indian Camp
  • WIT Camp (Wrangler in training Ages 16–17)


Outpost is where the camper spends the week outside of camp doing one of the following all day.


Summit Camp is an outpost camp that offers three outdoor sports.

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