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The List of National Historic Landmarks in Nebraska contains the landmarks designated by the U.S. Federal Government for the U.S. state of Nebraska. There are 20 National Historic Landmarks (NHLs) in Nebraska.

Current NHLs in Nebraska[edit]

The twenty NHLs in Nebraska are distributed across 17 of Nebraska's 93 counties.

Landmark name[1] Image Date declared[1] Locality[1][2] County[1] Description[2]
1 Ash Hollow Cave Ash Hollow Nebraska.JPG July 19, 1964 Lewellen
41°17′53″N 102°07′12″W / 41.298056°N 102.12°W / 41.298056; -102.12 (Ash Hollow Cave)
Garden Included in Ash Hollow Historic District
2 William Jennings Bryan House William Jennings Bryan House.jpg November 6, 1963 Lincoln
40°47′45″N 96°39′06″W / 40.795806°N 96.65163°W / 40.795806; -96.65163 (William Jennings Bryan House)
Lancaster The home of William Jennings Bryan.
3 CAPTAIN MERIWETHER LEWIS (dustpan dredge) Captain Meriwether Lewis dredge 1.JPG April 11, 1989 Brownville
40°23′31″N 95°39′02″W / 40.3920°N 95.65066°W / 40.3920; -95.65066 (CAPTAIN MERIWETHER LEWIS (Dredge))
4 Willa Cather House Willa Cather house from NE 1.JPG November 11, 1971 Red Cloud
40°05′07″N 98°31′13″W / 40.08533°N 98.52029°W / 40.08533; -98.52029 (Willa Cather House)
Webster Author Willa Cather's childhood home
5 Coufal Site Address restricted.PNG July 19, 1964 Cotesfield
Howard An archaeological site.
6 Father Flanagan's Boys' Home Boys Town NFS.JPG February 4, 1985 Boys Town
41°15′52″N 96°07′58″W / 41.264444°N 96.132778°W / 41.264444; -96.132778 (Father Flanagan's Boys' Home)
Douglas Site of Father Flanagan's original boy's home
7 Fort Atkinson Ft Atkinson detail of barracks.JPG July 4, 1961 Fort Calhoun
41°27′08″N 96°00′45″W / 41.452222°N 96.0125°W / 41.452222; -96.0125 (Fort Atkinson)
Washington Site of the original Council Bluffs
8 Fort Robinson and Red Cloud Agency Crazy Horse Monument December 19, 1960 Crawford
42°40′08″N 103°28′02″W / 42.668889°N 103.467222°W / 42.668889; -103.467222 (Fort Robinson and Red Cloud Agency)
Dawes and Sioux Site of an Indian Wars-era U.S. Army post.
9 USS HAZARD (minesweeper) The USS Hazard at Freedom Park in Omaha. January 14, 1986 Omaha
41°16′28″N 95°54′05″W / 41.27441°N 95.90127°W / 41.27441; -95.90127 (HAZARD (Minesweeper))
Douglas A ship located in Omaha's Freedom Park.
10 Leary Site Address restricted.PNG July 19, 1964 Rulo
Richardson An archaeological site.
11 J. Sterling Morton House Arbor Lodge.jpg May 15, 1975 Nebraska City
40°40′50″N 95°52′54″W / 40.680556°N 95.881667°W / 40.680556; -95.881667 (J. Stering Morton House)
Otoe The home J. Sterling Morton and the National Arbor Day Foundation.
12 Nebraska State Capitol The Nebraska State Capitol in Lincoln. January 7, 1976 Lincoln
40°48′33″N 96°42′02″W / 40.809175°N 96.700495°W / 40.809175; -96.700495 (Nebraska State Capitol)
Lancaster The seat of the Government of Nebraska.
13 George W. Norris House George Norris House from NE 2.JPG May 28, 1967 McCook
40°12′14″N 100°37′33″W / 40.20388°N 100.62572°W / 40.20388; -100.62572 (Norris, Senator George William, House)
Red Willow Home of U.S. Senator George W. Norris.
14 Palmer Site Palmer Site, Nebraska.jpg July 19, 1964 Palmer
Howard and Merrick An archaeological site.
15 Dr. Susan LaFlesche Picotte Memorial Hospital Susan LaFlesche Picotte Hospital WalthillNE.jpg April 19, 1993 Walthill
42°09′06″N 96°30′22″W / 42.15154°N 96.50613°W / 42.15154; -96.50613 (Picotte, Dr. Susan, Memorial Hospital)
Thurston Hospital founded by Susan La Flesche Picotte, the first American Indian physician and one of the first female physicians in the U.S.
16 Pike Pawnee Village Site Guide Rock, Nebraska Pike marker.JPG July 19, 1964 Guide Rock
40°04′29″N 98°19′50″W / 40.074833°N 98.330556°W / 40.074833; -98.330556 (Pike-Pawnee Village Site)
Webster Claimed for the U.S. by Captain Zebulon Pike during the Pike expedition in 1806.
17 Robidoux Pass Robidoux Pass.jpg January 20, 1964 Gering
41°48′54″N 103°51′14″W / 41.814969°N 103.853836°W / 41.814969; -103.853836 (Robidoux Pass)
Scotts Bluff Pass that was part of the Oregon Trail from 1848 to 1851, when another pass became preferred.
18 Schultz Site Address restricted.PNG July 19, 1964 North Loup
Valley An archaeological site.
19 Signal Butte Signal Butte NHL.jpg January 20, 1961 Gering
41°47′50″N 103°54′24″W / 41.797222°N 103.906667°W / 41.797222; -103.906667 (Signal Butte)
Scotts Bluff
20 Walker Gilmore Site Address restricted.PNG July 19, 1964 Murray
Cass An archaeological site.
Table notes: see [3] below.

Historic areas of the National Park System in Nebraska[edit]

National Monuments, National Historic Sites, and certain other areas listed in the National Park system are historic landmarks of national importance that are highly protected already, often before the inauguration of the NHL program in 1960, and are then often not also named NHLs per se. There are two of these in Nebraska. The National Park Service lists these two together with the NHLs in the state,[4] They are

Landmark name
Image Date established[5] Location County Description
1 Homestead National Monument of America Homestead Freeman School.jpg March 19, 1936 Beatrice Gage The first claim made under the Homestead Act of 1862.
2 Scotts Bluff National Monument Saddlerock Scotts-Bluff NM Nebraska USA.jpg December 12, 1919 Gering Scotts Bluff A landmark on the Oregon and Mormon Trails.

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