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Events from the year 1925 in Canada.



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  • February 5 – Post Office workers are brought under civil service regulations.
  • February 24 – The Lake of the Woods Treaty works out joint Canadian-American control of the Lake of the Woods.
  • April 13 – Women win the right to vote in Newfoundland.
  • May 28 – Roddick Gates unveiled in Montreal.
  • June 2 – 1925 Saskatchewan general election: Charles Dunning's Liberals win a sixth consecutive majority
  • June 10 – The United Church of Canada opens for services.
  • June 11 – Coal miner William Davis was killed by police in the culmination of a long Cape Breton Island strike.
  • June 23 – First ascent of Mount Logan, the highest mountain in Canada.
  • June 26 – A strike of miners in Drumheller, Alberta ends in violent confrontations.
  • July 16 – Edgar Rhodes becomes premier of Nova Scotia, replacing Ernest Armstrong.
  • September 14 – John Baxter becomes premier of New Brunswick, replacing Peter Veniot
  • October 29 – Federal election: Arthur Meighen's Conservatives win a plurality (116 seats), defeating Mackenzie King's Liberals (99 seats). However, King does not resign as prime minister; he will try to govern with a minority government with the support of smaller parties and independent MPs (30 seats)
  • November 23 – John Brownlee becomes premier of Alberta, replacing Charles Stewart
  • The Canadian Legion of the British Empire Service League, later the Royal Canadian Legion, is formed by the amalgamation of several veterans' organizations, such as the Great War Veterans Association.
  • The federal divorce law was changed to allow a woman to divorce her husband on the same grounds that a man could divorce his wife – simple adultery. Before this, a woman had to prove adultery in conjunction with other acts such as "sodomy" or bestiality in order to initiate a divorce.[1]

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Historical Documents[edit]

Rabbi claims only way to international peace is through righteousness [2]

United Church of Canada Basis of Union accommodates doctrines of three Protestant denominations [3]

PM King blames loss of election and his seat on big interests' money and Liberal Party's lack of organization [4]

Minnie Bell Sharp, first New Brunswick female candidate for MP, runs on soldiers, mothers and other issues [5]

With transition from Czar to Soviets in Russia, Doukhobors split on returning there from Canada [6]

Newlywed Mountie writes of his new home life in Dawson City, Yukon [7]

Beautiful brochure for Empress of France round-the-world cruise to see "costumes, crafts and civilizations of fifty different races" [8]


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