Dara-I-Nur District

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Nangarhar districts.

Dara-I-Nur (Pashto: دره نور), (Persian: ولسوالی دره‌نور‎‎) is a district in the north of Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan. Its population was estimated at 120,000 in 2002, of whom 28,000 were children under 12. The dominant language in the district is Pashto and Pashayi.

The district centre is the village of Dara-I-Nur. There are nine major villages and many smaller ones in the district. Some of the well-known villages in Dara e Noor are Amla, Barkot, Khewa, Qala e Shahi, Sutan Lam, Noor Gal, and Kashmund.


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