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Issa Musse
عيسى موسى
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Regions with significant populations
Somali, Arabic, English
Islam (Sunni)
Related ethnic groups
Subeer Awal, Ayub, Arap, Garhajis, Habr Je'lo and other Isaaq groups

The Issa Mussa or Isse Musse (Somali: Ciise Muuse, Arabic: عيسى موسى‎, also spelled Issamussenia ( Issa Musse Abdirahman Suber Awal Shiekh Ishaaq ibn Ahmad) is a major Somali clan and subclan of the Isaaq. Its members form a part of the Subeer Awal confederation, and are primarily settled in Somalia, including Togdheer, Sahil, Woqooyi Galbeed, Awdal, Sanaag, and especially in Mugadisho, as well as Kenya. This clan primarily settles in Somalia.[1][2]


The tomb of Sheikh Isaaq in Maydh, Sanaag.

The Issa Musse was one of the grandsons of Sheikh Isaaq Bin Ahmed, one of the Arabian scholars that crossed the sea from Arabia to the Horn of Africa to spread Islam between the 12th and 13th centuries. He is said to have been descended from Muhammad's daughter Fatimah. Hence the Sheikh belonged to the Ashraf or Sada, titles given to the descendants of Muhammad. It is said he married two local women in Somalia that left him eight sons and Abdirahman Suber Awal was of them while Issa Musse was son Subeer Awal.


A summarized clan family, with four of the major subclans of Issa Mussa is presented below.

  • Sheikh Isaaq Bin Ahmed (Sheikh Isaaq)
    • Habar Habuusheed
      • Ahmed (Tol-Ja'lo)
      • Muuse (Habr Je'lo)
      • Ibrahiim (Sanbuur)
      • Muhammad ('Ibraan)
    • Habar Magaadle
      • Ismail (Garhajis )
      • Muhammad (Arap)
      • Ayub
      • Abdirahman (Subeer Awal)Habr Awal
      • Afgab Musse
      • Abdi Musse
      • Abdalle Musse[3]
      • Igalle Musse
      • Eli Musse
      • Sa’ad Musse[4]

The four major subclans of Issa Musse are:[5]

      • Abokor Issa
      • Iderias Issa
      • Adam Issa
      • Mohammed Issa

Notable figures[edit]


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