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The following is a list of past and current commercial operators of the Boeing 757, and any of its variants.

There were 625 Boeing 757 aircraft in service as of December 2020, comprising 572 757-200s and 53 757-300s.[1] They are listed by variant in the following table.

Legend Notes
* Current
* Former
Airline Country Photo 200 200M 200F 300 Notes
Aer Lingus  Ireland Aer Lingus Boeing 757-200(W) EI-LBR (14184274326).jpg 4 Operated by ASL Airlines Ireland
AeroContinente  Peru G-OOOD B757-28A Aero Continente MAN 10NOV99 (6649843335).jpg 2 Leased from Air 2000 and GATX
AeroGal  Ecuador PKIERZKOWSKI 090209 HCCHC MIA.jpg 2
Aeromexico  Mexico 250bk - AeroMexico Boeing 757-2Q8, N803AM@MEX,24.07.2003 - Flickr - Aero Icarus.jpg 10
Aeroperu  Peru AeroPeru Boeing 757-23A; XA-SME, January 1995 (5067025926).jpg 7 Ceased operations in 1999
AeroSur  Bolivia 3 Leased from Astraeus Airlines and Ryan International Airlines
Air 2000  United Kingdom 188cx - Air 2000 Boeing 757; G-OOBA@PMI;20.08.2002 (4752818809).jpg 27 Renamed to First Choice Airways in 2004
Air Aruba  Aruba Air Aruba Boeing 757 Aragao.jpg 2 Leased from Air Holland and Sunrock Aircraft Corporation
Air Astana  Kazakhstan P4-GAS Boeing 752 Air Astana (14141139651).jpg 5 Introduced in 2003; retired in 2020
Air Baltic  Latvia Air Baltic Boeing 757 KvW.jpg 2
Air Bashkortostan  Russia Air Bashkortostan Boeing 757 Pichugin.jpg 4 Leased from VIM Airlines
Ceased operations in 2013
Air Berlin  Germany Air Berlin Boeing 757; HB-IHS@ZRH;20.08.2009 551fq (4327428305).jpg 4
Air China  China Air China Boeing 757 Jordan.jpg 13
Air China Cargo  China B-2836@PEK (20200424080224).jpg 4
Air Finland  Finland Boeing 757-28A, Air Finland AN1802417.jpg 5 Ceased operations in 2012
Air Greenland  Greenland Air Greenland Boeing 757 Webb.jpg 1
Air Holland  Netherlands Boeing 757-204, Air Holland AN0273152.jpg 11 Ceased operations in 2004
Air India  India 1 Leased from Golden International Airlines
Air Italy (2005-2018)  Italy Boeing 757-230, Air Italy JP7711737.jpg 3
Air Niugini  Papua New Guinea Air Niugini Boeing 757-200 SYD Zhao.jpg 4 Leased from Icelandair
Air Poland  Poland Air Italy Polska Boeing 757 Pierobon.jpg 2 Leased from Air Italy (2005-2018)
Ceased operations in 2011
Air Santo Domingo  Dominican Republic Air Santo Domingo Boeing 757 Maharajh.jpg 2 Leased from Transmeridian Airlines
Air Transat  Canada Boeing 757-28A, Air Transat AN0127373.jpg 9
Air Transport International  United States Air Transport International Boeing 757-200 at Lajes Airport.jpg 4 4
Aladia Airlines  Mexico ALADIA 757 (2323427786).jpg 5
Alas Nacionales  Dominican Republic Birgenair tcgen.jpg 1 Short time leased from Birgenair, crashed as Flight 301
Ceased operations in 1996
Allegiant Air  United States Allegiant Air, Boeing 757-204(WL), N905NV - LAX (22176639939).jpg 7
Ambassador Airways  United Kingdom Ambassador Airways Boeing 757 Rees.jpg 4 Ceased operations in 1994
America West Airlines  United States N906AW Boeing 757 America West (8413393419).jpg 15 Merged with US Airways in 2005
American Airlines  United States American Airlines, N194AA, Boeing 757-223 (49593359407).jpg 177
Amerijet International  United States 1
Angkor Airways  Cambodia Angkor Airways Boing757.JPG 1 Leased from Far Eastern Air Transport
Arkia Israeli Airlines  Israel Arkia Israeli Airlines Boeing 757-300 4X-BAU Lebeda.jpg 3 2
Arrow Air United States Arrow 757 at Roswell (8681594278).jpg 4 Ceased operations in 2010
Asia Pacific Airlines  United States Boeing 757-200F - Asia pacific Airlines - アジアパシフィック.jpg 1 4
ASL Airlines Belgium  Belgium ASL Airlines Belgium, OO-TFC, Boeing 757-222 PCF (26834915927).jpg 2
ASL Airlines Ireland  Ireland 4 Operated for Aer Lingus
ATA Airlines  United States 248ap - ATA Boeing 757-23N; N523AT@MIA;21.07.2003 (8297564465).jpg 24 12 Ceased operations in 2008
757-300 transferred to Continental Airlines
Atlasjet  Turkey Boeing 757-256, Atlasjet Airlines AN1115774.jpg 10 Renamed to AtlasGlobal in 2015
Avensa  Venezuela Avensa Boeing 757 JetPix.jpg 2
Avianca  Colombia Avianca Boeing 757 Ramirez.jpg 22
Aviastar-TU  Russia 5
Azerbaijan Airlines  Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Airlines, 4K-AZ11, Boeing 757-22L (42082186782).jpg 2
Azur Air  Russia Azur Air, VP-BAS, Boeing 757-28A (27004285385).jpg 10
Azur Air Ukraine  Ukraine 3
Balair   Switzerland Balair Boeing 757-2G5 HB-IHS "Horizonte" (26674030335).jpg 2 Merged with Compagnie de Transport Aérien to form BalairCTA in 1993
BB Airways    Nepal Boeing 757-256 (TonleSap Airlines).jpg 2 One leased from TonleSap Airlines
Belair   Switzerland Belair Boeing 757-2G5 HB-IHR (22435519595).jpg 2 Transferred to Air Berlin
Berkut Air  Kazakhstan Boeing 757-2M6, Kazakhstan - Government (Berkut Air) JP7368001.jpg 1 Rebranded as Bek Air in 2011
Birgenair  Turkey Birgenair Boeing 757-200 JetPix.jpg 2 Ceased operations in 1996
Blue Dart Aviation  India Blue Dart B752 OO-DPL.jpg 6
Blue Line  France TF-FIW B757-27B Blue Line Hols (op by Icelandair) LPA 16NOV0 (6689118565).jpg 1 Leased from Loftleidir Icelandic
Blue Panorama Airlines  Italy Boeing 757-231, Blue Panorama Airlines JP6620561.jpg 2
British Airways  United Kingdom British Airways B757-200, G-CPER (3842154241).jpg 56
Britannia Airways  United Kingdom 204ba - Britannia Airways Boeing 757-204, G-BYAW@SZG,25.01.2003 - Flickr - Aero Icarus.jpg 29 Rebranded to Thomsonfly in 2005
Cabo Verde Airlines  Cape Verde Cabo Verde Airlines, D4-CCF, Boeing 757-236 (49587833096).jpg 3
Caledonian Airways (1988)  United Kingdom Caledonian Airways Boeing 757-200 JetPix.jpg 8 Merged with Flying Colours Airlines to form JMC Air in 2000
Canada 3000 Airlines  Canada Boeing 757-28A, Canada 3000 AN0127500.jpg 14 Ceased operations in 2001
Cargojet  Canada Cargojet 757-200.jpg 9
Cebu Pacific  Philippines Cebu Pacific Air Boeing 757-200 Tang-2.jpg 3
Challenge Air Cargo  United States Boeing 757-23APF, Challenge Air Cargo - CAC AN0197477.jpg 3
China Air Cargo  China 2
China Postal Airlines  China B-2827.jpg 7
Comco  United States Comco Boeing 757-200 CBR Gilbert-1.jpg 2
Condor  Germany D-ABOG at MUC.jpg 20 13
Continental Airlines  United States CONTINENTAL 757-300 (2793987011).jpg 41 21 Merged with United Airlines in 2012
Cygnus Air  Spain Cygnus Air, EC-FTR, Boeing 757-256 PCF (27838587864).jpg 4
Delta Air Lines  United States Delta Air Lines B757-351 N586NW LAX.jpg 111 16 Largest 757 operator
Older aircraft to be retired
DHL Aero Expreso  Panama DHL Boeing 757-27AF; HP-2010DAE@MIA;17.10.2011 626dk (6446796693).jpg 4
DHL Air UK  United Kingdom DHL Air, G-BIKX, Boeing 757-236 SF (37041145756).jpg 23
DHL Airways  United States SNAS Aviation Boeing 757 JetPix.jpg 1 Transferred to European Air Transport
DHL International Aviation ME  Bahrain A9C-DHC Boeing 752F DHL (12240884564).jpg 6
Dinar Líneas Aéreas  Argentina 4 Leased from Monarch Airlines, Air 2000 and Air Holland
DJT Operations  United States 1
DutchBird  Netherlands Boeing 757-230, DutchBird AN0167064.jpg 3 Ceased operations in 2004.
E-Cargo  Russia E-Cargo, VP-BHM, Boeing 757-222(PCF) (43301035905).jpg 1
Eastern Air Lines  United States Eastern Air Lines Boeing 757-200 Wallner.jpg 25 Launch customer
Ceased operations in 1991
El Al Israel Airlines  Israel Boeing 757-258, El Al Israel Airlines AN1724656.jpg 10
Eos Airlines  United States EOS Airlines Boeing 757 Pinter.jpg 5 Ceased operations in 2008
Equatorial Congo Airlines  Republic of the Congo HB-JJE 1.jpg 2
EuroAtlantic Airways  Portugal Euro Atlantic Airways Boeing 757; CS-TLX@LHR;05.06.2010 576ko (4690822039).jpg 2
European Air Transport  Belgium Boeing 757-236(SF), DHL (European Air Transport - EAT) AN0367774.jpg 16 Merged into European Air Transport Leipzig in 2010
European Air Transport Leipzig  Germany DHL (European Air Transport Leipzig - EAT) Boeing 757 Zammit.jpg 9
EVA Air  Taiwan 2 Leased from Far Eastern Air Transport
Far Eastern Air Transport  Taiwan Far Eastern Air Transport Boeing 757 Spijkers.jpg 8 1
FedEx Express  United States FedEx Express Boeing 757-200SF Jager.jpg 119 Largest 757 freighter operator
Finnair  Finland Finnair Boeing 757-200 Vyas-1.jpg 7
First Choice Airways  United Kingdom First Choice Boeing 757; G-OOBF@GVA;30.12.2006 445id (7393544010).jpg 20 Merged with Thomsonfly to form Thomson Airways in 2008
Fly Salone  United Kingdom Fly Salone aircraft at Lungi airport cropped.jpg 1 Leased from Icelandair
Flying Colours Airlines  United Kingdom Boeing 757-28A, Flying Colours AN1084125.jpg 12 Merged with Caledonian Airways (1988) to form JMC Air in 2000
Freedom Air  New Zealand Freedom Air Boeing 757.jpg 1 Leased from Britannia Airways
GainJet Aviation  Greece Boeing 757-23N, GainJet Aviation JP7522994.jpg 1
Ghana International Airlines  Ghana Ghana International Airlines Boeing 757-200 Eimers.jpg 5 Leased from Icelandair, Ryan International Airlines and Astraeus Airlines
Ceased operations in 2010
Golden International Airlines  Turkey 1 Ceased operations in 2008
Transferred to Atlasjet
Gulf Air  Bahrain Gulf Air Boeing 757-200 JetPix.jpg 1 Transferred to DHL Airways
Harmony Airways  Canada Harmony Airways Boeing 757-200 Tang.jpg 5 Ceased operations in 2007
Hola Airlines  Spain 412cm - Hola Airlines Boeing 757, EC-ISY@ZRH,03.07.2006 - Flickr - Aero Icarus.jpg 2
Honeywell International  United States N757HW Boeing 757 Honeywell Flight Test (8914334211).jpg 1
I-Fly  Russia Boeing 757-256 I-Fly EI-ERF (8706769455).jpg 6
Iberia  Spain Iberia Boeing 757 Spijkers.jpg 30
Icelandair  Iceland ICELANDAIR 757 at MSP (478780598).jpg 19 2 2
Inter European Airways  United Kingdom Inter European Airways Boeing 757-200 Aragao-2.jpg 4 Ceased operations in 1993
Israir  Israel Israir Boeing 757-200 Lebeda.jpg 2
Jazz Air  Canada 8 Leased from Thomas Cook Airlines  United Kingdom Boeing 757-27B Jet2 G-LSAB, PMI Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain PP1336557534.jpg 8
JetMagic  Malta 9H-AVM Boeing B757-23A-W B752 - Jet Magic (29856069325).jpg 1
JMC Air  United Kingdom Boeing 757-28A, Flying Colours AN1084125.jpg 16 2 757-300 leased from BBAM
Rebranded to Thomas Cook Airlines in 2003
Juliet Romeo Aviation  United States 2
Kazakhstan Air Force  Kazakhstan 1
L-3 Communications Advanced Aviation  United States 2
L'Avion  France Boeing 757-26D, L'Avion (Elysair) JP6302896.jpg 2 Merged with OpenSkies in 2009
La Compagnie  France La Compagnie Boeing 757-200 at CDG.jpg 2
Ladeco  Chile Ladeco Boeing 757-200 CC-CYH JFK 1994-6-13.png 2 Rebranded as LAN Express in 1998
LanChile  Chile 1 Leased from ILFC
Líneas Aéreas Privadas Argentinas  Argentina LAPA Boeing 757-2Q8; LV-WTS@AEP, February 2001 CLH (5127324016).jpg 3 Renamed to ARG Linea Privada Argentina in 2001
Loftleidir Icelandic  Iceland Loftleidir Icelandic 757-200 TF-FIW.jpg 9
LTE International Airways  Spain Boeing 757-2G5, LTE International Airways AN0288217.jpg 6 Rebranded as Volar Airlines in 2001
LTU International Airways  Germany LTU - Lufttransport-Unternehmen Boeing 757-2G5 D-AMUX (23470869675).jpg 12 Merged with Air Berlin in 2009
Lufttransport Süd  Germany LTS Boeing 757-200 Aragao.jpg 13 Merged with LTU International Airways in 1998
Martinair  Netherlands Boeing 757-27B, Martinair AN0273150.jpg 2
Mexicana de Aviación  Mexico Mexicana Boeing 757-200 Webb.jpg 10
Mid East Jet  Saudi Arabia Mid East Jet Boeing 757-200 TTT.jpg 1
Mint Airways  Spain Boeing 757-28A, Mint Airways AN1797814.jpg 2 Ceased operations in 2012
MLW Aviation  United States 1
Monarch Airlines  United Kingdom G-DAJB 2 B757-2T7 Monarch PMI 26MAY12 (7273637096).jpg 10
Morningstar Air Express  Canada FedEx MorningstarAirExpress Boeing757-200 CFMEU.jpg 9 Leased from FedEx Express
MyTravel Airways  United Kingdom MyTravel Airways Boeing 757 Spijkers.jpg 6
National Airlines (N7)  United States Boeing 757-204, National Airlines AN0151673.jpg 19 Ceased operations is 2002
National Airlines (N8)  United States National Airlines Boeing 757-236; N169CA@FRA;16.07.2011 609kf (6190579406).jpg 1 4
Nepal Airlines    Nepal Nepal Airlines B757-200M 9N-ACB Tribhuvan.JPG 1 1
Nordwind Airlines  Russia Nordwind Airlines Boeing 757-200 VQ-BBT DME Feb 2009.png 9
North American Airlines  United States Boeing 757-28A, North American Airlines AN0217684.jpg 10
Northwest Airlines  United States NORTHWEST AIRLINES 757-200 (2516944092).jpg 62 16 Merged with Delta Air Lines in 2010
OceanAir  Brazil 1
Olympus Airways  Greece 2
Omni Air International  United States N639AX.jpg 5
OpenSkies  France Boeing 757-26D, OpenSkies (British Airways) AN1756594.jpg 4
Pace Airlines  United States Pace Airlines Boeing 757-200 Pinter.jpg 5
Pacific Air Express  Australia 1
Pluna  Uruguay 1 Leased from AWAS
Primaris Airlines  United States Boeing 757-230, Primaris Airlines JP6043380.jpg 3 Ceased operations in 2009
PrivatAir   Switzerland PrivatAir Boeing 757-200 Lofting.jpg 1 Ceased operations in 2018
Privilege Style  Spain Privilege Style Boeing 757-256; EC-ISY@CDG;10.07.2011 605av (5939752682).jpg 2
Raya Airways  Malaysia 1
Royal Air Maroc  Morocco Boeing 757-2B6, Royal Air Maroc - RAM AN0127643.jpg 2
Royal Brunei Airlines  Brunei Royal Brunei Airlines Boeing 757-200 Smith.jpg 3 One operated for the Brunei Government
Royal Flight  Russia Royal Flight, VQ-BTN, Boeing 757-256 (16270265047) (3).jpg 5
Royal New Zealand Air Force  New Zealand Royal New Zealand Air Force 757 (1511535996).jpg 2
Ryan International Airlines  United States Boeing 757-2G5, Ryan International Airlines AN0997252.jpg 13 2 757-300 leased from Condor
Saudi Arabian Government  Saudi Arabia 1
Santa Barbara Airlines  Venezuela Santa Barbara Airlines Boeing 757-200 Airwim-1.jpg 5 Rebranded as SBA Airlines in 2008
SBA Airlines  Venezuela Boeing 757-21B, SBA Airlines AN2232177.jpg 5 Ceased operations in 2018
Servivensa  Venezuela 1 Leased from Avensa
SF Airlines  China Boeing 757-2Z0(SF), SF Airlines JP7497194.jpg 35
Singapore Airlines  Singapore Boeing 757-212, Singapore Airlines AN1040729.jpg 4 Transferred to ATA Airlines
Shanghai Airlines  China B-2850 Boeing 757 Shanghai Airlines (7183289915).jpg 11 2
Song  United States 275ay - Song Boeing 757-232, N643DL@LGA,01.02.2004 - Flickr - Aero Icarus.jpg 45 Merged back into Delta Air Lines in 2006
Starflite International Corporation  United States 1
Sunday Airlines  Kazakhstan Sunday Airlines Boeing 757-200 UP-B5704.jpeg 4
SunExpress  Turkey SunExpress Boeing 757-2Q8, TC-SND@ZRH,14.04.2007-459ag - Flickr - Aero Icarus.jpg 4
Swiftair  Spain 3
Taban Air  Iran Ep-tbi.jpg 1
TAESA  Mexico TAESA Boeing 757-200 Goetting.jpg 7 Ceased operations in 2000
TAG Aviation  Luxembourg TAG Aviation, G-TCSX, Boeing 757-2K2 (43273191935).jpg 1
Tajik Air  Tajikistan Tajik Air, EY-757, Boeing 757-231 (29037856514).jpg 1
Talos Aviation  United States Virgin Islands 1
TAME  Ecuador 1 Leased from TAESA
Tasman Cargo Airlines  Australia G-CSVS Boeing 757-236 DHL (Tasman Cargo Airlines) (9971969705).jpg 1
TonleSap Airlines  Cambodia Boeing 757-256 (TonleSap Airlines).jpg 2 Leased from AirBaltic
The Yucaipa Companies  United States Yucaipa Companies Boeing 757-200 Lebeda.jpg 1
Thomas Cook Airlines  United Kingdom Thomas Cook Airlines 757.jpg 19 5 757-300 transferred to Condor
Thomas Cook Airlines Canada  Canada Thomas Cook Boeing 757-200 (7055264731).jpg 8
Thomsonfly  United Kingdom Thomsonfly.b757-200.g-byat.bristol.arp.jpg 21 Merged with First Choice Airways to form Thomson Airways in 2008
Titan Airways  United Kingdom Titan Airways Boeing 757-200 G-POWH (40888117965).jpg 2
Trans World Airlines  United States TWA-N704TW-SFO-June2001.jpg 27 Merged with American Airlines in 2001
Transaero  Russia 18eb - Transaero Boeing 757-28A; N701LF@FRA;01.04.1998 (6116247440).jpg 5
Transmeridian Airlines  United States TransMeridian Airlines Boeing 757-200 Maharajh.jpg 6 Ceased operations in 2005
TUI Airways  United Kingdom TUI Airways B757-204 (G-BYAW) landing at Manchester Airport (1).jpg 4 To be retired by 2021
Turkmenistan Airlines  Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Airlines Boeing 757-22K; EZ-A011@FRA;16.07.2011 609ie (6190041427).jpg 3
United Airlines  United States United Airlines, Boeing 757-33N(WL), N77865 - LAX (19250114029).jpg 40 21 To be retired by 2024
United States Air Force  United States C-32 USAF (13412729933).jpg 10
United States Department of Justice  United States 2
UPS Airlines  United States N451UP Boeing 757F UPS Worldwide Services (7466610200).jpg 75
US Airways  United States US AIRWAYS 757 (2257337168).jpg 51 Merged with American Airlines in 2015
UTair Aviation  Russia UTair, VQ-BKF, Boeing 757-2Q8 (16430207536).jpg 9
Uzbekistan Airways  Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Airways Boeing 757-200 VP-BUD LED 2009-4-3.png 5

To be reitred by 2022

Varig  Brazil PP-VTT Boeing 757 Varig Brasil (7378990258).jpg 4 Leased from BBAM
Varig Logística  Brazil N597AG Boeing 757F Varig Log (9076386717).jpg 7 Ceased operations in 2012
Venus Airlines  Greece Venus Airlines Boeing 757-200 Durand.jpg 3 Ceased operations in 1997
Volar Airlines  Spain Volar Airlines Boeing 757-200 JetPix.jpg 3 Rebranded as LTE International Airways in 2005
WestJet  Canada 1 Leased from North American Airlines
XiamenAir  China B-2862 - Xiamen Airlines - Boeing 757-25C - PEK (16567801763).jpg 9
XL Airways UK  United Kingdom Boeing 757-225, XL Airways JP5960415.jpg 3
Yemen Government  Yemen 1
YTO Cargo Airlines  China 6
Zambia Airways  Zambia Zambia Airways Boeing 757-200 JetPix.jpg 1 Transferred to Gulf Air
Zoom Airlines  Canada Zoom Airlines Boeing 757-200 Volpati-1.jpg 2 Ceased operations in 2008

Data as of December 31, 2020.