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Prime Minister of Haiti
Premier ministre d'Haïti
Coat of arms of Haiti.svg
Flag of Haiti.svg
Enex Jean-Charles

since 25 March 2016
Style His/Her Excellency
Member of Council of Ministers
Appointer Jocelerme Privert,
as Interim President of Haiti
Inaugural holder Martial Célestin
Formation 9 February 1988
Website [1]
Coat of arms of Haiti.svg
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The Prime Minister of Haiti (French: Premier ministre d'Haïti) is the head of government of Haiti.


The Prime Minister is appointed by the President and ratified by the National Assembly.

Duties and powers[edit]

The Prime Minister appoints the Ministers and Secretaries of State and goes before the National Assembly to obtain a vote of confidence for his declaration of general policy. The Prime Minister enforces the laws and, along with the President, is responsible for national defense. In addition, the Prime Minister oversees the National Commission on Government Procurement (CNMP), a decentralized body.[1]

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