The Strength of Nations

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Designer(s) Israel Del Rio
Platform(s) MS-DOS
Release 1988
Genre(s) Strategy
Mode(s) Single player
Multiplayer (up to 3 players)

The Strength of Nations is a 3-player world domination shareware DOS game created in 1988.


This video game takes place on January 1, 2019, in the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust. About 6,000,000,000 square miles (3.8×1012 acres) are still habitable - about twice the size of the continental United States.

The players represent new nations seeking to expand and prevail against their enemies. Each player takes turns budgeting their funds to various programs (including research, Education and defense), buying and selling assets (land, food, industries and hospitals), and setting tax rates (income and corporate). After budgeting, if they have chosen to buy land, they choose which direction to buy it in and whether to buy an extended or concentrated parcel of land. After all three players have budgeted, if two nations physically touch, they will go to war. Victory is determined by an unknown algorithm encompassing several different variables. A player wins by conquering all their opponents' land, or, if the game goes a certain number of turns with no military victory, by having the largest quantity of oil fields, land, or total assets.