OGAE Second Chance Contest 2008

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OGAE Second Chance Contest 2008
Venue Stockholm, Sweden
Host broadcaster Sweden OGAE Sweden
Number of entries 21
Debuting countries None
Returning countries
Withdrawing countries
Voting system Each jury awards 1–8, 10, and 12 points to their ten favourite songs
Nul points
Winning song  Sweden
"Empty Room"
OGAE Second Chance Contest
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The 2008 OGAE Second Chance Contest was the 22nd OGAE Second Chance Contest, organised between members of international Eurovision Song Contest fan club OGAE to select the best song not to make it to the Eurovision Song Contest through their national finals. 21 songs competed for the title in the 21st edition of the contest, held in Stockholm in Sweden after OGAE Sweden's win the previous year with Måns Zelmerlöw and "Cara Mia".[1]

All 21 competing countries votes for the winner, and were also joined by eight guest juries from countries ineligible to participate in the contest - these guest juries came from OGSE branches in Andorra, Austria, France, Italy, Lebanon, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Kazakhstan (representing the Rest of the World).[2]

Belgium, Finland, Lithuania and Russia made their returns to the contest, all holding national finals in their countries. The Netherlands withdrew after an internal selection was held in the country, while Ukraine withdrew of choice.

The contest was won by Sweden's Sanna Nielsen with "Empty Room", who received 268 points, 90 points more than runner-up Spain. this was Sweden's 12th win in the contest, remaining the most successful country in the contest. Estonia came last, gaining nul points from all juries.[3]


Draw Country Language Artist Song English translation National final Place Points
01  Malta English Claudia Faniello "Caravaggio" 2nd 13 53
02  Israel Hebrew Bo'az Ma'uda &
Oshrat Papin
"Parparim" Butterflies 3rd 8 90
03  Russia English Sergey Lazarev "Flyer" 4th 7 119
04  Estonia English Rolf Junior "One on One" 4th 21 0
05  Belgium English Sandrine "I Feel The Same Way" 2nd 10 64
06  Macedonia Macedonian Risto Samardziev "Dojdi do mene" Come to me 3rd 19 7
07  Poland English Man Meadow "Viva la Musica" Hail to the music 3rd 3 155
08  Finland Finnish Mikael Konttinen "Milloin" When Unplaced 14 46
09  Germany German Carolin Fortenbacher "Hinterm Ozean" Beyond the ocean 2nd 6 129
10  Denmark English Kendra Lou "Until We're Satisfied" 4th 18 21
11  Greece English Kostas Martakis "Always and Forever" 2nd 4 140
12  Serbia Serbian Beauty Queens "Zavet" A pledge 3rd 9 68
13  Croatia Croatian Emilija Kokić "Andjeo" Angel 6th 15 31
14  Lithuania English Aiste Pilvelyte "Troy on Fire" 2nd 17 26
15  Ireland English Leona Daly "Not Crazy After All" Unplaced 12 56
16  United Kingdom English The Revelations "It's You" 3rd 16 29
17  Portugal Portuguese Lisboa Não Sejas Francesa "Porto de encontro" Meeting harbour 9th 20 6
18  Sweden English Sanna Nielsen "Empty Room" 2nd 1 269
19  Norway English Veronica Akselsen "Am I Supposed To Love Again" 4th 5 139
20  Slovenia Slovene Brigita Šuler "Samara" 3rd 11 57
21  Spain Spanish Coral "Todo está en tu mente" Everything is in your mind 2nd 2 178

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