Chakreshwar Mahadev Mandir

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Coordinates: 19°25′01″N 72°47′55″E / 19.416982°N 72.798733°E / 19.416982; 72.798733 The Chakreshwar Mahadev Mandir is a very ancient shrine of Lord Śiva. This is a relatively small temple and is noted as the holy place where Svāmi Samarth performed dhyānam, pratiṣhṭha of a Rām Mandir near-by and blessed a śiṣhya who undertook a sajīva samādhi at this very place.


The era of construction is not clearly known. However this is a siddha pradeśa, where many great sages attained mokṣha by serving the Lord. The temple was attacked by invaders and many of the idols were thrown into the nearby Chakreśvar Talao (lake). Many such old and rare idols were recovered later and put up in the current temple structure. The present structure is relatively new and small.

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