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DeveloperThomas Pedley[1]
OS familyUnix-like
Source modelOpen source
Latest releasevaries
Available inEnglish
Package managermagic, portage
PlatformsXbox (x86)
Kernel typeMonolithic (Linux)

Gentoox is an operating system based on Gentoo Linux, created especially for the Xbox by Thomas Pedley. Gentoox requires a modchip or a software mod to run, as it is not authorized Microsoft software.


Latest stable release
version release date
Home[2] 7.1 2009-01-28
Resctoox[3] 6.0 2009-01-25
Pro[2] 5.1 2009-01-28
Sparkle[3] 4.0 2009-01-25
MCE[4] 1.3 2005-06-16
Loader[5] 6.07 2007-04-15

Gentoox comes in three versions:

  • Home - Beginner version and has lots of included software already compiled.
  • Pro - Barebones version, for people that want to customize their install for their needs.
  • MCE - Gentoox Media Center Edition.

Gentoox also has two tools for performing rescues and recovery:

  • Sparkle - The filesystem rescuer.
  • Resctoox - The Gentoox Linux rescuer.

Gentoox uses a modified version of the Xbox-Linux BIOS known as Cromwell. Gentoox Loader has advanced features such as the ability to flash the Xbox's BIOS via HTTP POST and even the ability to boot a Linux kernel via HTTP POST or GET. Gentoox compiles all new software, safely optimizing it for the Xbox's architecture. While this may increase the performance of the compilation output, it means that installing new software can take large amounts of time (e.g. compiling open office takes around 24 hours).


The installation can be done two ways: via an installation disc[6] or over ftp,[7] provided that the user can get an FTP daemon running on their Xbox. Gentoox can be installed in three different manners. The first involves creating a loopback installation on the E:\ partition on the Xbox's hard drive, the second is similar to the first except it utilizes the F:\ partition. Finally, Gentoox may format the entire F:\ partition and use it as a native Linux partition. Gentoox can then either be run from a Dashboard, such as XBMC, or boot off a modified version of the legal Cromwell BIOS known as Gentoox Loader.


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