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The practice of releasing video game soundtracks on vinyl records began in the 1980s, fell out of favor in the 1990s and 2000s as vinyl records were replaced by other storage media, and experienced a resurgence of interest in the 2010s due in part to a vinyl revival.[1]


Vinyl recordings of video game music find their origins in the 1970s with early experiments by Kraftwerk[2] and albums such as Yellow Magic Orchestra's self-titled 1978 release sampling electronic music from the games Circus, Space Invaders, and Gun Fight.[1] In 1984, Haruomi Hosono released the first generally recognized video game soundtrack album, Video Game Music,[2][3] and the practice experienced its "golden age" in the mid-to-late 1980s with hundreds of releases including Buckner & Garcia's Pac-Man Fever, Namco's Video Game Graffiti, and Koichi Sugiyama's orchestral covers of the Dragon Quest series.[1] The 1990s saw many fewer commercial releases and a shift to promo releases with increasing use of video game samples in rap[4] and hip hop.[5]

The trend away from vinyl discs continued in the 2000s as fan-made remixes also began to be produced, however by the 2010s the trend reversed and the practice of producing video game soundtracks on vinyl experienced a revival.[1][6] The vinyl revival of the 2010s has itself been attributed to inspiration in younger music buyers from video games,[7] and it has led to the establishment of video game soundtrack oriented vinyl record labels like Black Screen Records,[8] Data Discs,[9] Brave Wave, and iam8bit,[10] and shifts toward similar releases for labels like Ghost Ramp,[11][12] Ship To Shore Phonograph Co.,[13] and Mondo Tees.[14] In a 2015 article, music journalist Mike Diver suggested that "this scene within a scene is experiencing boom times", however he noted that some in the music industry, including Invada manager Redg Weeks, were concerned by the risk of over-saturation of the market.[8] These concerns were later repeated by Jamie Crook of Data Discs,[9] and although he has joined Mondo's Mo Shafeek in arguing that the vinyl medium itself and the related revival is in no way a fad or bubble,[15] in 2017 Kotaku reported concerns from dedicated video game soundtrack labels that pressing plants were scheduling their manufacturing runs last in order to favor traditional labels.[6]

The 2000s-2010s revival of interest in this medium has been characterized by releases in limited numbers and promotional albums only available at special events or as pre-order bonuses.[1] In addition, the practice has been adopted by the cult[14] and Indie game scenes, with its proponents citing audio quality,[1] interactivity,[1][16] artwork,[1][17] nostalgia,[8][17] unique content,[17][18] and the fact that vinyl albums represent tangible aspects of intangible (digitally distributed) products[8][16][17] as key elements to what makes vinyl soundtrack albums attractive. Additional considerations for collectors include archival and preservation aspects for older games,[19] examination and recontextualization of the music as a means to expand or further explore the game,[13][18] and curiosity among audiophiles unfamiliar with video gaming music as a genre.[19] Due to the limited nature of modern releases, many albums are considered highly collectible, with some regularly selling in excess of $100 USD. For Western collectors, additional difficulty is imposed by the cost of importing albums from Japan where the majority were produced during the "golden age" of the 1980s.[8][17]

Soundtrack albums[edit]


Rel. OST Title Game Title Label Notes Ref(s)
1996 Wipeout 2097: The Soundtrack Wipeout 2097 Virgin Records 2xLP on black vinyl. [20]
1997 Ghost In The Shell - PlayStation Soundtrack Ghost in the Shell Sony Music 2xLP on black vinyl. [1]
2001 Grand Theft Auto III Single Grand Theft Auto III Game Recordings Album sampler. Side One: 'Rising to the Top' Radio Version, Street Version and Instrumental. Side Two: 'Spit Game' Radio Version, Street Version and Instrumental. [1]
2005 Chaos Theory - The Soundtrack To Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Ninja Tune Composed by Amon Tobin. [21]
2009 Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Capcom Limited release only available at Comic-Con 2009 [22][23]
2009 Brütal Legend (Original Soundtrack) Brütal Legend Double Fine Productions Composed by Peter McConnell. [24]
2009 Shatter - Official Videogame Soundtrack Shatter Mushroom Music NZ Ltd On blue vinyl. [1]
2010 I Am Rapture, Rapture Is Me (Official BioShock Score) BioShock Take Two Interactive Included with the Special Edition of BioShock 2 [1][25][26]
2010 Machinarium Soundtrack Machinarium Minority Records There are 5 pressings, the first pressing was limited to 555 printings, 150 of which are printed on a clear yellow vinyl. All first pressings are signed by the cover artist and numbered. [1][27][28]
2010 Tron Evolution Tron Evolution iam8bit This soundtrack was created by Sascha Dikiciyan. The soundtrack was printed onto a picture disc resembling a Data Disk from Tron Legacy and limited to 200 copies. [18][29]
2010 Revolution Overdrive: Songs of Liberty StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Blizzard Entertainment Picture disc available originally only at Blizzcon 2010, and then released to other retailers. [1]
2010 Red Dead Redemption Original Soundtrack Red Dead Redemption Wax Poetics Records Sold on the official Rockstar Games website. Limited to 1,000 copies on clear red vinyl. [1][30][31]
2010 W/F: Music From Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy XIII Square Enix Limited release only available from the Japanese Square Enix e-store. Side A: Nautlius, Fang's Theme, The Sunleth Waterscape, Can't Catch a Break. Side B: Chocobos of Pulse, Dust to Dust, Blinded By Light, Ragnarok: Sans Pipe Organ (exclusive) [1]
2010 W/F: Music From Final Fantasy XIII ~ Gentle Reveries Final Fantasy XIII Square Enix Limited release only available from the Japanese Square Enix e-store. Side A: Prelude to Final Fantasy XIII, Saber's Edge, Serah's Theme / Overseas Version, Fighting Fate. Side B: March of the Dreadnoughts, Sulyya Springs, The Yaschas Massif, Will to Fight [1]
2010 W/F: Music From Vana'diel Final Fantasy XI Square Enix Limited release only available from the Japanese Square Enix e-store. Side A: Ronafure, Gustaberg, Sarutabaruta, Vana'diel March. Side B: Autumn Footfalls, Echoes of a Zephyr, The Cosmic Wheel, Vana'diel March #4. [1]


Rel. OST Title Game Title Label Notes Ref(s)
2011 Chaos Theory Remixed (The Soundtrack To Splinter Cell 3D) Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3D Ninja Tune 2xLP on black with 3D inner sleeve (glasses included). [32][33]
2011 Sword & Sworcery LP - The Ballad Of The Space Babies Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Dark Flute 180g on black vinyl with 13 bonus tracks. [1][17][34][35]
2011 Sounds of San Francisco Driver: San Francisco Ubisoft Printed on yellow vinyl. Sounds of San Francisco was included within the collector's edition of the PC and PlayStation 3 versions of Driver: San Francisco. Released for PAL region copies only. [36]
2011 Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Sumthing Else Music Works Limited to 2000 copies. Printed on green vinyl. [1][37]
2011 Myth: The Xenogears Orchestral Album Xenogears Square Enix Includes 6 of the 14 tracks from the CD edition [1]
2012 The Music Of Retro City Rampage Retro City Rampage Lotus Audio Limited to 500 copies - 100 blue, 100 yellow and 300 black. Hand-numbered. [1][17][38]
2012 Botanicula Soundtrack Botanicula Minority Records Limited to 1000 copies. 300 printed on turquoise vinyl, 300 printed on amber vinyl, and the remaining 400 are printed on black vinyl. [1]
2012 Awesomenauts Awesomenauts SonicPicnic Distributed through the game's Kickstarter for pledging $250. On black vinyl, signed by the Awesomenauts team. [39][40]
2012 Halo 4 Original Soundtrack: Special Limited Edition Halo 4 7 Hz Productions 180 Gram, 12" Master Chief picture disk vinyl of remixes included in Special Edition release of Halo 4 Soundtrack. [41]
2012 Kurohyo 2: Ryu ga Gotoku Asurahen Original Soundtrack Kurohyō 2: Ryū ga Gotoku Ashura hen Sega Limited to 1000 copies. [42]
2013 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Select Vocal Tracks Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Sumthing Else Music Works On black vinyl. [43][additional citation(s) needed]
2013 Persona 4 Arena: Original Arrange Soundtrack Persona 4 Arena Atlus Preorder bonus at GAME stores in the UK. Side A: The Arena (Naked Mix), The Prince of Junes (Electro Mix), Like a Dragon (Girl Pop Mix). Side B: Princess Amagi (Traditional Taste Mix), The Wandering Wolf (Straight Mix), Missions for the Brilliant Executioner (2K Mix) [44][45][46][47]
2013 Dropchord Soundtrack Dropchord Double Fine On green vinyl with red splatter. [48]
2013 Dyad: Original Game Soundtrack Dyad Software On black vinyl. LP contains notes and game instructions penned by composer David Kanaga. [49]
2014 Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game Original Videogame Soundtrack Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game ABKCO Records Record Store Day 2014 exclusive. Limited to 2700 copies on yellow neon translucent vinyl. [50]
2014 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Soundtrack Vinyl Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Ubisoft Originally released on Record Store Day and limited to 1000 copies on clear pink vinyl worldwide. Due to popular demand, another printing was released on August 2014 and printed on 140 gram black vinyl. [8][51][52]
2014 Watch_Dogs Soundtrack Vinyl Watch Dogs Ubisoft Limited blue splatter and black vinyl editions. [8][53]
2014 The Music of Grand Theft Auto V: Limited Edition LP Collection GTA V Mass Appeal Limited to 5000 worldwide. 6xLP box set on blue, orange and pink vinyl. Includes 59 licensed songs from the games soundtrack and the original score, full color booklet, and lithograph poster. [8][54][55][56][57][58]
2014 Halo 2 Anniversary Original Soundtrack Halo 2 343 Industries/INgrooves On black vinyl. [59][60]
2014 Hohokum Soundtrack Hohokum Ghostly International 160g rainbow-colored vinyl. [8][61]
2014 Killzone: Shadow Fall Killzone: Shadow Fall Ninja Tune 4LP gatefold release limited to 500 copies. Soundtrack by Lorn (musician) and Tyler Bates. [62]


Rel. OST Title Game Title Label Notes Ref(s)
2015 The Order: 1886 Vinyl Soundtrack The Order: 1886 Music On Vinyl Limited to 500 copies of 180g gold-marbled vinyl. [63]
2015 Banjo-Kazooie Vinyl Soundtrack Banjo-Kazooie iam8bit Limited edition of 3000 copies on 180g brown and red vinyl. [10][64]
2015 Battletoads Vinyl Soundtrack Battletoads iam8bit Limited edition of 3000 copies on 180g green swirl vinyl. [10][64]
2015 The Last of Us Original Soundtrack The Last of Us Mondo 4xLP in heavy duty slip case containing the score from The Last of Us and The Last of Us: Left Behind. [8][65]
2015 Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number - Collector's Edition Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number iam8bit 3xLP set only available as part of collector's edition [8][66]
2015 Mother Mother Ship to Shore PhonoCo. 2xLP soundtrack to Famicom RPG (titled Earthbound Beginnings in the U.S.). Available in 3 editions - Classic Black limited to 1000 copies, Translucent Red limited to 500 copies, and White limited to 500 copies. Housed in a gatefold jacket with a traditional Japanese OBI strip. [13][67]
2015 Journey Vinyl Soundtrack Journey iam8bit 2xLP picture disc set. [8][10][68]
2015 Mega Man: Best of Mega Man 1 - 10 Picture Disc LP Mega Man SPACELAB9 Limited edition, created exclusively for Hot Topic. Reissued in January 2016 in 3 different deluxe "Mega Pack" editions on splatter vinyl. [69][70]
2015 Super Hexagon EP Super Hexagon iam8bit Limited edition of 1600, 400 each of four different colors - red, blue, purple and black - on hexagon shaped vinyl. [71]
2015 BIT.TRIP's Greatest Chips BIT.TRIP iam8bit Limited edition of 1500 on a picture disc rainbow vinyl. Also includes downloads for all seven titles in BIT.TRIP series. [14][72]
2015 Persona 4: Dancing All Night Original Soundtrack -REMIXES- Persona 4: Dancing All Night Mastard Records Released by Atlus at Comiket 88. [73]
2015 Everybody's Gone to the Rapture Original Soundtrack Everybody's Gone to the Rapture Music on Vinyl 2xLP on black vinyl. A limited edition of 500 white vinyl copies were released at launch. [74]
2015 Perfect Dark Vinyl Soundtrack Perfect Dark iam8bit Limited edition of 3000 copies on 180g red and blue splattered vinyl. [10][64]
2015 Streets of Rage Original Soundtrack Streets of Rage Data Discs DATA 001 entry in their video game soundtrack series. Released on black and translucent red vinyl. [9][10][13][75]
2015 Shenmue Original Soundtrack Shenmue Data Discs DATA 002 entry in their video game soundtrack series. Released on black and translucent blue vinyl. [9][10][75]
2015 Shinobi III Original Soundtrack Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master Data Discs DATA 003 entry in their video game soundtrack series. Released on black and oxblood vinyl. [10][76]
2015 Super Hang-On Original Soundtrack Super Hang-On Data Discs DATA 004 entry in their video game soundtrack series. Released as a 12" 45 on black and clear vinyl with blue, white and red tri-colour splatter. [9][76]
2015 Fallout 3 Original Game Soundtrack Fallout 3 Spacelab9 Hot Topic exclusive picture disc featuring 14 tracks from the score. [77]
2015 Fallout 3: Special Edition Vinyl Soundtrack Fallout 3 Spacelab9 Bethesda Store exclusive 3xLP and one 7" box set, limited to 2500 copies. Contains the full 80+ minute score by Inon Zur. Printed on blue vinyl. [77]
2015 Minecraft Volume Alpha Minecraft Ghostly International Available in two pressings - a 1000-copy, limited edition transparent green with lenticular-printed jacket and standard black. [8]
2015 Far Cry 4: Original Game Soundtrack Far Cry 4 Invada 3xLP on solid orange, solid blue and solid green vinyl. Released in the UK and limited 1500 copies. Music by Cliff Martinez. [8]
2015 New 'N' Tasty! Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty! Black Screen Records Available in two editions - limited edition green 180g and black 180g. Soundtrack includes Steam code for Oddworld: New 'N' Tasty game, and MP3 downloads for New 'N' Tasty and Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey. [8][78]
2015 Halo 5: Guardians Original Soundtrack Halo 5: Guardians 343 Industries Available in 3 editions - 2LP black vinyl, 2LP clear vinyl (Hastings Entertainment exclusive, limited to 1000 copies), and a limited edition box set version with 2LP black vinyl, 2CD, Blu-ray, and sheet music. [79]
2015 FEZ FEZ Polytron Corporation 2LP orange translucent vinyl. [80]
2015 Superbeat Xonic: The X-Otic Limited Edition Superbeat: Xonic PM Studios (NA) / Rising Star Games (EU) The "X-Otic Limited Edition" of the game includes the soundtrack on 2LP black vinyl and 2CD. 450 copies were made for North America and 500 for Europe. [81]


Rel. OST Title Game Title Label Notes Ref(s)
2016 Axiom Verge Axiom Verge Ship To Shore PhonoCo. LP limited to 1000 copies (250 on orange translucent with red swirl and 750 on purple marble). [82]
2016 Mother 2 Mother 2 Ship to Shore PhonoCo. 2xLP available in 5 editions - Classic Black, Red/Black swirl, Hot Pink, Blue/Yellow split, and Mach Pizza Variant. Housed in a gatefold jacket with a traditional Japanese OBI strip. [13][83]
2016 FTL: Faster Than Light Vinyl Soundtrack FTL: Faster Than Light iam8bit 2xLP on cosmic swirl made to look like a galaxy. [84]
2016 Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Vinyl Soundtrack Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection iam8bit 3xLP box set including soundtracks from Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. On green, blue, and tan vinyl. [85]
2016 Fastfall: Dustforce Vinyl Soundtrack Dustforce iam8bit Limited edition of 1000. 150g tan 'dust' vinyl. Includes download code for game. [86]
2016 Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Vinyl Soundtrack Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns iam8bit 2xLP on green splatter vinyl. [87]
2016 Monument Valley Vinyl Soundtrack Monument Valley iam8bit 2xLP on blue and white vinyl. [15][88]
2016 The Banner Saga Vinyl Soundtrack The Banner Saga iam8bit 2xLP on red and beige vinyl. Music by Austin Wintory. [89]
2016 XCOM Vinyl Soundtrack XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2 iam8bit 2xLP on blue vinyl containing the soundtracks to both XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2. [90]
2016 Streets of Rage 2 Original Soundtrack Streets of Rage 2 Data Discs DATA 005 entry in their video game soundtrack series. 2xLP with four bonus tracks and two lithograph prints. Available in three colors: classic black, smoke, white with blood splatter. [9][91]
2016 No Man's Sky Vinyl Soundtrack No Man's Sky iam8bit 2xLP on sky blue and red vinyl. Music by 65daysofstatic. [92]
2016 Transistor: Original Soundtrack Transistor Supergiant Games 2xLP on 180g milky clear vinyl. Music by Darren Korb with vocals by Ashley Barrett. [93][additional citation(s) needed]
2016 FTL: Advanced Edition Vinyl Soundtrack FTL: Faster Than Light iam8bit 180g vinyl, limited to 1000 copies. Contained all the music added to FTL in the Advanced Edition update and one bonus track by composer Ben Prunty. [94]
2016 Quantum Break Vinyl Soundtrack Quantum Break iam8bit Single LP, 180g grey splatter on white vinyl. Limited to 3000 copies. [95]
2016 Ratchet & Clank Vinyl Soundtrack Ratchet & Clank iam8bit 180g orange vinyl LP. [96]
2016 No Man's Sky: Music For An Infinite Universe No Man's Sky Laced Records Available in two editions - Deluxe 4xLP box set and a standard 2xLP version. Deluxe set includes the 10-track OST as well as six soundscapes. Standard includes 10-track OST. Music by 65daysofstatic. [97]
2016 The Banner Saga 2 Vinyl Soundtrack The Banner Saga 2 iam8bit 2xLP on black and beige vinyl. Music by Austin Wintory. [98]
2016 Mafia III Original Score Mafia III 2K Games 2xLP. Disc One will contain songs from the 1960s setting of the game. Disc 2 will contain the original score to the game. Will be available on vinyl in the Mafia III Collector's Edition. [99][100]
2016 Out Run Original Soundtrack Out Run Data Discs 30th anniversary release on 180g vinyl, available in three editions: tri-color mint green, clear and pink; mint green; and classic black. Contains tracks from the original arcade release, the 1991 Mega Drive version, and the 2014 Nintendo 3DS version. [14][101][102]
2016 Panzer Dragoon Original Soundtrack Panzer Dragoon Data Discs [14][101]
2016 Street Fighter II The Definitive Soundtrack Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers, Super Street Fighter II Turbo Brave Wave Productions 4-LP box set containing remastered CPS-1 and CPS-2 soundtracks on blue and orange vinyl. Also includes a booklet with essays and an interview with composer Yoko Shimomura. [9][103]
2016 Uncharted 4 Vinyl Soundtrack Uncharted 4: A Thief's End iam8bit 2xLP. Available in two versions - a brown and green marble standard edition and an Avery Coin picture disc limited edition of 500 copies. [15][104]
2016 Framed Vinyl Soundtrack Framed (video game) iam8bit 180g LP on red marble vinyl. [105]
2016 Oxenfree Vinyl Soundtrack Oxenfree iam8bit 2xLP on 180g grey and purple vinyl. [106]
2016 Furi Original Soundtrack Furi G4F Records 2xLP on blue and pink vinyl. Limited to 800 copies. [107]
2016 Brigador - Volume I Brigador Yewknee Records / Telefuture Soundtrack by Makeup And Vanity Set. LP on black vinyl. Limited to 500 copies. [108][additional citation(s) needed]
2016 Fallout 4: Deluxe Vinyl Soundtrack Fallout 4 SPACELAB9 6-LP box set on blue vinyl containing the full score by Inon Zur. Also available as a 1xLP picture disc. [109]
2016 Hotline Miami: Collector's Edition Vinyl Hotline Miami Laced Records 3xLP on black, red, and green 180g vinyl. Limited to 5000 copies. [110]
2016 Thumper Collector's Edition Vinyl Thumper iam8bit Specially designed 180g LP with music by Brian Gibson and artwork by Robert Beatty. [111]
2016 Velocity 2X Official Video Game Soundtrack Velocity 2X Black Screen Records 2xLP on 180g blue and neon pink vinyl - Composed, mixed and mastered by Joris de Man & James Marsden. Includes two-sided poster with official Velocity 2X artwork and a MP3 download code. [112][additional citation(s) needed]
2016 Killer Cuts Vinyl Soundtrack Killer Instinct iam8bit 180g LP available in three editions - Purple vinyl with Sabrewulf cover, clear vinyl with Spinal cover, and green vinyl with Fulgore cover (EVO exclusive with metallic cover). [14][113]
2016 Rocket League Vinyl Soundtrack Rocket League iam8bit 3xLP available in two editions - a limited edition pressed on pictures discs with different wheel designs and a standard edition pressed on grey, purple, and pink vinyl. [114]
2016 Castlevania Castlevania Mondo 10" available in two editions - an SDCC exclusive half red/half grey split colored version and a standard edition on grey splatter vinyl. [115]
2016 LISA LISA Ghost Ramp 2xLP available in three editions - a picture disc version, a red/black and blue/black split colored version, and a special edition picture disc version that also includes an enamel pin and an embroidered patch. [116]
2016 Downwell Official Video Game Soundtrack Downwell Black Screen Records 180g LP on red vinyl - exclusive cover art by Mushbuh. Includes an MP3 download code and a 12" screen print by nemk. [117]
2016 Golden Axe I & II Golden Axe I, Golden Axe II Data Discs LP in three different color variants - limited edition gold translucent with purple swatches, gold translucent, and classic black vinyl. [14][118]
2016 Undertale Vinyl Soundtrack Undertale iam8bit 2xLP with one disc on blue vinyl and one on red vinyl. Comes in a gatefold jacket with new artwork by Drew Wise. [119]
2016 Psychonauts Vinyl Soundtrack Psychonauts iam8bit Single LP with game and soundtrack download. Artwork by Lunar Saloon. [14][120]
2016 Broken Age Vinyl Soundtrack Broken Age iam8bit 2xLP with game and soundtrack download. Artwork by Nathan "Bagel" Stapley. [120]
2016 Risk of Rain Official Video Game Soundtrack Risk of Rain Black Screen Records 2xLP release with one LP on purple and the other on gold colored vinyl. [121]
2016 The Warrior EP Shadow Warrior 2 Laced Records 12" EP with a screen-printed b-side. Available on both black and gold-colored vinyl. Features music by Stan Bush. [122]
2016 Best of Batman: Arkham Knight Batman: Arkham Knight Enjoy The Ride Records LP containing a selection of songs from the Batman: Arkham Knight soundtrack curated by composer Nick Arundel. Comes in 3 different 140g color variants - black and silver merge, maroon with blue splatter, and red and blue merge. [123]
2016 Pony Island Official Video Game Soundtrack Pony Island Black Screen Records LP in two different 180g variants - clear vinyl and black vinyl. [124]
2016 Firewatch Original Score Firewatch Campo Santo Black vinyl LP [125]
2016 Mass Effect Trilogy Vinyl Soundtrack Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 Electronic Arts Music 4xLP box set featuring music from Mass Effect 1-3 as well as an LP with unused tracks from the series. [126]
2016 Driveclub Original Soundtrack Driveclub Sony Interactive Entertainment 2xLP release on red vinyl [127]


Rel. OST Title Game Title Label Notes Ref(s)
2017 NieR: Automata / NieR Gestalt & Replicant Original Soundtrack Vinyl Box Set Nier, Nier: Automata Square Enix Two sets of 2xLP for each game, 4xLP in total. Cover art by Tokyo Ghoul creator Sui Ishida. [128]
2017 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Vinyl Soundtrack Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare iam8bit 2xLP picture disc vinyl. [129]
2017 Ori and the Blind Forest Vinyl Soundtrack Ori and the Blind Forest iam8bit 2xLP available in two editions: a limited edition of 500 copies on glow-in-the-dark vinyl changing from white to blue, and a standard edition on blue and purple vinyl. [19][130]
2017 Hyper Light Drifter Vinyl Soundtrack Hyper Light Drifter iam8bit 4xLP on 180g pink, blue, green and purple vinyl. Music by Disasterpeace. [131]
2017 Necropolis Collector's Edition Necropolis iam8bit 2xLP on 180g transparent coke-bottle vinyl. Album sleeve doubles as table-top D&D-style game. Includes a customizable death certificate. [132][additional citation(s) needed]
2017 Shovel Knight: The Definitive Soundtrack Shovel Knight Brave Wave Productions 2xLP. [133][additional citation(s) needed]
2017 Rez Infinite Rez Infinite iam8bit 2xLP + 7" set in two variants - one is on orange translucent and orange opaque vinyl with a grey/black marbled 7", the other is a picture disc set limited to 1000 copies. The release comes in a special 48-page book designed by Cory Schmitz and written by Nick Hurwitch. [15][134]
2017 Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Mondo 10" record featuring the NES and Famicom versions of the soundtrack. [14][135]
2017 Nuclear Throne Nuclear Throne Ghost Ramp 2xLP with one record on green vinyl and the other a picture disc. [136]
2017 Sunset Riders EP Sunset Riders iam8bit 10" on clear gray colored vinyl. [14][137]
2017 The Revenge Of Shinobi The Revenge of Shinobi Data Discs LP featuring a fully remastered version of the soundtrack. Comes on classic black vinyl, bone white vinyl, and limited edition bone white with black splatter vinyl. [14][138]
2017 Abzû Vinyl Soundtrack Abzû iam8bit 2xLP on blue vinyl. Early preorder copies comes with a bioluminiscent cover. [139]
2017 Ninja Gaiden The Definitive Soundtrack Vol. 1 Ninja Gaiden (NES video game) and Ninja Gaiden (arcade game) Brave Wave Productions Vinyl release of the NES and arcade soundtracks from the original Ninja Gaiden [140]
2017 Ninja Gaiden The Definitive Soundtrack Vol. 2 Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos and Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom Brave Wave Productions Vinyl release of the soundtracks to Ninja Gaiden II and III. [140]
2017 Bound Vinyl Soundtrack Bound iam8bit LP on sky blue colored vinyl. [141]
2017 The Last Guardian Vinyl Soundtrack The Last Guardian iam8bit 2xLP release on black and white marbled vinyl. Comes in a triple gatefold cover. [142]
2017 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Deus Ex: Human Revolution Sumthing Else Music Works 2xLP on bronze translucent vinyl with black swirls. [143]
2017 Crypt Of The NecroDancer Crypt of the NecroDancer Ghost Ramp 2xLP with one record on red/orange "fire" colored vinyl and triple blue "ice" colored vinyl. [144]
2017 FlOw Vinyl Soundtrack flOw iam8bit LP on blue vinyl. [145]
2017 Flower Vinyl Soundtrack Flower iam8bit 2xLP on white and blue vinyl. [145]
2017 Runbow Original Soundtrack Runbow iam8bit 2-LP set on pink and blue marbled vinyl. Limited to 2000 copies. [146]
2017 #Breakforcist Original Soundtrack #Breakforcist The Yetee 7" on white vinyl featuring a selection of 4 songs from the game's soundtrack. [147]
2017 Fight Songs: The Music of Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2 Ipecac Recordings 2xLP on blue and red vinyl. [148]
2017 Planet Coaster Soundtrack Planet Coaster iam8bit 2xLP on blue and red vinyl. [149]
2017 Warframe Vinyl Soundtrack Warframe iam8bit 2xLP on oxblood vinyl. [150]
2017 Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse Original Video Game Soundtrack Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse Mondo 2xLP in a cover with art by Sachin Teng. Two versions available - orange with black & grey splatter and black/brown split + blue/red split. [14][151]
2017 Strafe: Deluxe Double Vinyl Strafe Laced Records 2xLP with art by Pixel Titans and Joey Rex. Two versions available - standard edition with orange & red vinyl and special edition black vinyl with floppy disc inspired cover art limited to 300 copies. [152]
2017 Yooka Laylee; Deluxe Double Vinyl Yooka Laylee Laced Records 2xLP on purple & green vinyl [153]
2017 Cuphead Vinyl Soundtrack Cuphead iam8bit 4xLP on black vinyl with art by Jango Snow. Custom 1930's style folio packaging. [18][154]
2017 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Original Soundtrack The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt spacelab9 exclusive 2xLP on grey vinyl [155]
2017 Dark Souls Vinyl Trilogy Dark Souls, Dark Souls II, and Dark Souls III Bandai Namco Entertainment 9xLP box set. Limited to 2000 copies [156]
2017 Portal Original Video Game Soundtrack LP Portal Mondo 2xLP on grey and white vinyl [157]
2017 Stardew Valley 2LP Vinyl Record Stardew Valley Gamer's Edition 2xLP on tri-coloured vinyl [158]
2017 Halo Wars 2 Original Game Soundtrack Halo Wars 2 Sumthing Else Music 2xLP on red marble vinyl [159]
2017 Zuntata Arcade Classics Volume 2: Darius Darius Ship to Shore PhonoCo. Available on red or blue vinyl [160]


Rel. OST Title Game Title Label Notes Ref(s)
2018 Thimbleweed Park Vinyl Soundtrack Thimbleweed Park Fangamer Single LP on translucent blue vinyl. [161]
2018 Doom Original Game Soundtrack Doom Laced Records Three versions available - 2xLP Deluxe Edition on red vinyl, 4xLP Special Limited Edition on red vinyl, and 4xLP Special Edition on black vinyl [162]
2018 Rocket Knight Adventures Rocket Knight Adventures Ship to Shore PhonoCo. Rocket Flash orange/yellow splatter vinyl [163]
2018 Celeste Original Soundtrack Celeste Ship to Shore PhonoCo. 2xLP, Two versions available - standard edition with crystal clear vinyl and special edition with pink & purple vinyl [164]
2018 Moss (Original Game Soundtrack) Moss Materia Collective 180 single LP [165]
2018 Frostpunk Original Soundtrack Frostpunk Gamemusic records Single 180g White LP

Soundtrack compilations[edit]

Rel. OST Title Game Titles Label Notes Ref(s)
1984 Video Game Music Xevious, Bosconian, Pac-Man, Phozon, Mappy, Libble Rabble, Pole Position, New Rally-X, Dig Dug, Galaga Yen Records - [2][3]
1986 Hudson Game Music Star Soldier, Nuts & Milk, Binary Land, Bomberman, Raid on Bungeling Bay, Championship Lode Runner, Challenger Alfa Records - [1]
1986 Sega Game Music Vol. 1 Out Run, Space Harrier, Alex Kidd in Miracle World Alfa Records - [1]
2009 Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection Space Harrier, Ristar, Vectorman, Golden Axe, Phantasy Star II, Vectorman 2 Sega - [166]
2010 Pimania: The Music of Mel Croucher & Automata U.K., Ltd. Pimania, Other Automata UK games Feeding Tube Records Limited release of 500 copies. Music by Mel Croucher [167]
2011 Dreamcast Collection Sonic Adventure, Space Channel 5: Part 2, Crazy Taxi Sega Preorder bonus at stores in Australia. [168]
2012 Final Fantasy Vinyl Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy X Square Enix Composed by Nobuo Uematsu. 5 disc collection. Only released in Japan. [169]
2012 Final Fantasy Orchestral Album Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X Square Enix Single disc released as part of the special edition Orchestral Album set. Only available in Japan. Side A: Medley 2002 (Final Fantasy I – III), Eyes on Me ft. Crystal Kay (Final Fantasy VIII), Zanarkand (Final Fantasy X). Side B: Opera (Final Fantasy VI), Dear Friends (Final Fantasy V). [170][171]
2015 Humble Indie Bundle 12 The Bridge (video game), SteamWorld Dig, Luftrausers, Race the Sun (video game), Hammerwatch, Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine, Gone Home, Gunpoint (video game), Prison Architect Humble Bundle Released as part of the $65 tier of Humble Indie Bundle 12. [172]
2016 Arcade Classics Volume One Night Striker, Metal Black, Elevator Action Returns Ship to Shore PhonoCo. 180g LP on blue vinyl featuring music from Zuntata. [173][additional citation(s) needed]
2016 Guilty Gear Sound Live 2014 Archives Guilty Gear X, Guilty Gear 2: Overture, Guilty Gear Xrd (-SIGN- & -REVELATOR-) Rice Digital Available in the Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Let's Rock! Edition, only available in the UK. Includes 2xLP on red vinyl featuring tracks from a live performance of music from the Guilty Gear game series. [174]
2016 Assassin's Creed: The Best of Jesper Kyd Assassin's Creed, Assassin's Creed 2, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Assassin's Creed: Revelations SPACELAB9 180g LP picture disc featuring music selections from several Assassin's Creed titles composed by Jesper Kyd. [175]

Soundtrack singles[edit]

Rel. OST title Game title Label Notes Ref(s)
1995 Windermere - The Jungle Mixes Tekken JVC - [1]
2004 Doom 3 Theme Song Doom 3 - - [1]
2016 Drift Stage Drift Stage Ghost Ramp - [11][16]
2016 Annoying Dog Song Undertale iam8bit Bonus 7" included with early preorders for the Undertale 2xLP release [119]
2017 Death Stranding Death Stranding Mondo 12" with the Low Roar songs used in trailers for the game. [14][176]

Vinyl data[edit]

The use of grooved vinyl discs as a sequenced/encoded rather than recorded data storage medium enabled the code of full motion videos (FMVs) and even simple video games to be stored in an analog format along with the soundtrack and sound effects. These vinyl data discs took two forms: the FMV-only Capacitance Electronic Disc (CED), and the program sheet. Uncommon even in the early 1980s when the practice was at its height, program sheet game data required that users record from the disc (typically a flexi disc like the Interface Age "Floppy ROM") onto an audio cassette tape which could then be used via the cassette port with microcomputers such as the BBC Micro, Commodore 64, Commodore PET, Commodore VIC-20, Dragon 32/64, ZX81, or ZX Spectrum.[177] The use of CEDs to store video game FMV data was even less common, and required the game console (typically an arcade machine) to select a section of the grooved track to read with its stylus at just the right time for the video to be displayed. The numerous limitations of these techniques (background noise, scratches, and other audio-fidelity problems)[177][178][179] contributed to their failure to receive widespread acceptance and video game data stored in this manner remains some of the most difficult to archive and preserve.[180]

Rel. Rel. Title Game titles Label Notes Ref(s)
1978 Elektor Software Service 001 "Mastermind" Elektor Program sheet (1 game; 4 non-game apps) [181]
1979 Elektor Software Service 003 "Four-in-a-row"
Elektor Program sheet (2 games; 3 non-game apps) [182]
1979 Elektor Software Service 005 "Battleships"
Elektor Program sheet (3 games; 4 non-game apps) [14][183]
1979 Elektor Software Service 006 "Space Shoot-Out" Elektor Program sheet (1 game; 2 non-game apps) [184]
1982 First ZX-81 Flexisoft Disc "Othello" Your Computer Program sheet [178][185]
1982 ZX-81 VIC-20 Spectrum Games Flexisoft Disc "Galactic Hitch-Hiker"
Your Computer Program sheet [186]
1983 Free Programs for ZX81 Spectrum BBC Vic 20 PET "Blockade"
Which Micro? & Software Review Program sheet [187]
1983 Camouflage "Flying Train" EMI Program sheet [188][189]
1983 NFL Football "NFL Football" Bally Midway CED [180]
1984 Free Programs "Stellar Run"
"Energy Fields"
"Fall Guy"
Personal Computer Games Program sheet [190][191]
1984 The Thompson Twins Adventure "The Thompson Twins Adventure" Computer and Video Games/Quicksilva Program sheet [177][192][193][194]
1985 Discoflex "Wargame"
"Hypersports" (demo)
MicroHobby Program sheet [195]
1985 Discolist "Eggscape - La Fuga Dell'Uovo" List Program sheet [196]
1985 Discolist "Epidemic" List Program sheet [197]
1985 Free Flexidisc of Games "Xbec"
"Bonus Game"
Computer Gamer Program sheet [198]


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