Meet Mila De Rabba

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Meet Mila De Rabba
A promotional logo image for Meet Mila De Rabba.
Created by Silver Circle Films
Developed by Rahool Bose
Written by Ravee G Kaushall & Chokkas Bhardhwaj
Directed by Rajiev Bhanot
Starring Surilie Gautam
Piyush Sahdev
Lakha Lakhwinder Singh
Shivendra Mahal
Mandeep Bhandar
Theme music composer Rajaram Kamble
Opening theme "Meet Mila De Rabba" by Rekha Rao, Mandeep Singh, Meenal Jain, Harashdeep Kaur, Sumitra Iyer, & Priyani Vani
Country of origin India
No. of episodes 116
Executive producer(s) Pradeep Kumar
Producer(s) Ravi Kaushal & Alka Kaushal
Editor(s) Omkar Bhakri
Running time approximately 23 minutes
Original network Sony TV
Picture format 480i (SDTV),
Original release 3 November 2008 – 21 May 2009
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Meet Mila De Rabba is a Hindi language drama series that aired on Sony TV, every Monday - Thursday at 8pm UTC. The story is about a young Punjabi woman's poignant love story and highlights the trials of the bubbly girl who happily accepts her fate, simply to please her family and society.[1] The series premiered on 3 November 2008 and concluded on 21 May 2009.


The story is set within the deep-rooted tradition and customs of Punjabi culture. It begins with the excitement and preparation of the most vibrant and chirpy young woman: Geet. She agrees to marry a man she has never met before. For her, her parent's happiness and honor is important and she will do everything to make her marriage work. So she waits with great excitement until her wedding day, for her prince to come and sweep her away. Everyone who is stepping onto the soil is going to attend the big wedding. As the beautiful bride, Geet is all dressed up in her bridal finery, the entire village awaits the arrival of the baraat and the dulha. The couple gets ready to exchange their marriage vows; the customary gunshot is fired to announce the auspicious moment, a tradition followed over the years, and suddenly all are shocked to witness an untoward incident at the ceremony: The gunshot has hit the groom.

She gets remarried to Kulwant Singh, an army officer. She loves her new husband and her new family. Sadly, she finds that Kulwant has to return to fulfill his duty on the border. He gets shot on his first day on duty. Kulwant is still alive, and somehow he ends up in Pakistan. He didn't realize that he was there until the Pakistani army came in front of him. The army starts asking him what is he doing in Pakistan and what is he here for. When Kulwant is trying to find his way back home he suddenly gets lost; he sees a woman in a veil and she tells him the way. But after that, it seems like she gave him the wrong directions. He finds the woman's husband and thinks that he is a terrorist. Someone shoots him but the woman thinks that Kulwant shot her husband. Kulwant gets shot by the army of Pakistan and he buried and saluted. Geet finds out and doesn't believe that Kulwant died. Then suddenly her kirpan goes missing and then she realizes that Kulwant is no more. She wears white mourning clothing for widowed women. Geet's parents want her to get married to Sukhi but she refuses. She learns that Kulwant is alive. Geet is pregnant. Kulwant is taken from his home to the army headquarters during the welcome party at his home. Everyone is shocked. Where will the fate of Geet and Kulwant's love take the serial?



Meet Mila De Rabba replaced the popular soap Waqt Batayega Kaun Apna Kaun Paraya on 3 November 2008.


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