Murghab District

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Murghab District within Badghis Province
Murghab District within Badghis Province
Country Afghanistan
Province Badghis
 • Land 4,491 km2 (1,734 sq mi)
 • Estimate (2003) 109,381

Murghab (Pashto/Persian: مرغاب‎‎ - Murġāb) is a district situated in the northeast of Badghis Province, Afghanistan. The district capital is Murghab city which is located along the Murghab River.


The estimated population of Murghab District in 2003 was roughly 109,381.[1] Based upon the United Nation's High Commissioner for Refugees'(UNHCR) report, Pashtuns make up 85.6% of the total population, followed by 7% Tajiks, 7% Turkmen and 0.3% Uzbeks.[2]


Murghab is a hilly district located in the northeast of Badghis Province. Most of the population live in the valley of the Murghab River.

The district has 133 villages which covers an area of 4,491 km2. Murghab is surrounded by Turkmenistan, Muqur, Qadis, Jawand, Ghormach and Qaysar district of neighbouring Faryab Province.


There are around 2 high schools, 3 secondary schools and 24 primary schools in the district.[3]


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