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The Namco System FL is an arcade system board released by Namco in 1993. This system was exclusively designed for driving games, it had a very short lifespan and was released only two games on it.

Games produced on this arcade board are conventional driving simulations. Final Lap R was the last installment in the Pole Position arcade series.[1]

«FL» probably refers to the initials of the game Final Lap R.

System FL specifications[edit]

  • Main CPU: Intel i960-KB 32-bit RISC processor, @ 20 MHz
  • Sound & I/O CPU: Namco C75 (Mitsubishi M37702 based) @ 16.128 MHz
  • Sound chip: Namco C352 32 channel stereo supported 8-bit linear and 8-bit muLaw PCM - 4 channel output

List of System FL games[edit]


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