Nawur District

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Nawur is located in Afghanistan
Location within Afghanistan
Coordinates: 33°47′30″N 67°51′30″E / 33.791702°N 67.858200°E / 33.791702; 67.858200
Country  Afghanistan
Province Ghazni Province
Population (2002)[1]
 • Total 91,778

Nawur is the largest district in Ghazni Province, Afghanistan. Its population, which is entirely Hazara, was estimated at 91,778 (more than half of whom were children under 12) in 2002.[1] The Jikhai River originates here.


Main crops include wheat and barely. Animal husbandry includes sheep, goats, cows, poultry and horses.[1]

In 2011, Polish members of the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) along with local residents constructed a dam and new passage in Tal Bulagh valley. Supplies of water gathered will allow to irrigate crop fields.[2]

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