Ne crois pas

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Luxembourg "Ne crois pas"
Eurovision Song Contest 1956 entry
Christian Guitreau
Christian Guitreau
Jacques Lassry
Finals performance
Final result
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Appearance chronology
"Les amants de minuit" (1956) ►

"Ne crois pas" (French pronunciation: ​[nə kʁwa pa], Don't believe) is a song that was performed in the Eurovision Song Contest 1956 by French singer Michèle Arnaud. It was the first of two Luxembourgish entry in the contest and was performed in French.

In contrast to most of the other entries of this Contest, the song is an up-tempo number, with Arnaud telling a friend or lover that the fact that he looks good at the moment is largely meaningless. She tells him that his looks are due to his youth and that, as for the rest of humanity, he will lose his hair, gain weight and possibly lose his teeth as well. Thus, she tells him that he should "take advantage of it", rather than simply enjoying his looks at the time.

The song was performed sixth on the night (following France's Mathé Altéry with "Le temps perdu" and preceding Italy's Franca Raimondi with "Aprite le finestre"). As the scoreboard of this Contest has never been released, definitive statements about scores and positions are impossible to make, however the song did not win.

The song was accompanied at the 1956 contest by Arnaud with "Les amants de minuit" and was succeeded as Luxembourgish representative at the 1957 contest by Danièle Dupré with "Amours mortes (tant de peine)".

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