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The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to the Ottoman Empire:

The Ottoman Empire was a Muslim empire that lasted from c. 1299 to 1922. It was also known by its European contemporaries as the Turkish Empire or Turkey after the principal ethnic group.[1] At its zenith from the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries it controlled Southeast Europe, Southwest Asia and North Africa.

General history[edit]

Main periods[edit]



Structure of the Ottoman Empire[edit]

Titles and posts[edit]

History of Ottoman-ruled countries[edit]

Ottoman Dynasty[edit]

The sultans[edit]

Some male members of the Ottoman house[edit]

Mothers and other women assumed the title Valide Sultan[edit]

Some female members of the Ottoman house[edit]

Notable people[edit]

Some Crimean Khans[2][edit]

Some Grandviziers[edit]

Other notable viziers, governors and soldiers[edit]

Sea men (Kaptan Pashas)[edit]


Artists (painter and calligrapher)[edit]


Poets and authors[edit]

Men of letters and historians[edit]

Scientists (including Astrologist)[edit]

Some families[edit]


Palaces (İstanbul)[edit]

Mosques (İstanbul)[edit]

Mosques (Elsewhere)[edit]



Croatian–Ottoman Wars[edit]

Ottoman Persian Wars[edit]

Ottoman–Venetian Wars[edit]

Polish–Ottoman Wars[edit]

Russo-Turkish War[edit]

Other wars[edit]


Battles (before World War 1)[edit]

Battles of the First World War[edit]

Caucasus Campaign[edit]

Mesopotamian campaign[edit]

Sinai and Palestine Campaign[edit]

Gallipoli Campaign[edit]


Revolts and notable events[edit]




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