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Traded as BSE500331
Founded 1959 (58 years ago)
Founder Balvant Parekh
Headquarters Andheri, Mumbai, India
Key people
Bharat Puri, MD[1]
Products Adhesives, Construction Chemicals
Revenue Increase 3,397.588 crore (US$530 million) (2012-2013) [2]
679.04 crore (US$110 million)(2012-2013)
454.8 crore (US$70 million) (2012-2013)
Number of employees
4,978 (31st March 2016)

Pidilite Industries Limited is Indian-based adhesives manufacturing company.[3] It also sells art material, construction chemicals and other industrial chemicals.

Pidilite markets the Fevicol range of adhesives. Its other brands are " Fevikwik", Dr. Fixit, "Roff",Cyclo, Ranipal, Hobby Ideas, M-seal and Acron.[4]

Pidilite's Fevicol brand

Pidilite's corporate office is located in Andheri (East), Mumbai. The company has manufacturing facilities in India, including Mahad (Maharashtra), Vapi (Gujarat) Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) and Kala Amb (Himachal Pradesh). It also makes Fevi Kwik, a popular instant adhesive In South Asia.


The company was founded in 1959.[5]

List Of Pidilite Products[edit]

  • Dr. Fixit

Used internationally, Dr. Fixit Solyseal is a durable waterproofing solution, recommended for use over new roofs under brick bat coba or a concrete screed. Dr. Fixit Solyseal is a single component elastomeric coating which forms an excellent water barrier on cementitious substrates.

  • Fevikwik

Fevikwik is an instant adhesive that can fix a number of things. From shoes to bags, jewelry to crockery, there are numerous ways in which you can use Fevikwik to repair old and broken items. In addition to most of your everyday items, this super glue can fix a few things that you would not expect.

  • Hobby Ideas

Hobby Ideas Is a wide range of craft products.

  • Fevistick

Fevistick is dry glue stick product which is basically used for paper.

  • Fevical

Fevical Is a synthetic adhesive product. It has number of variants like :- Fevical SR 505, Fevical Foamfix, Fevical SH, Fevical Hi-per, Fevical Probond etc.

  • M-Seal

M-Seal is two component epoxy putty having adhesive properties and resistance to chemicals. M-Seal is used for sealing, joining, fixing or repairing. It is used across multiple segments, including household. It Bonds Almost Anything with its high cohesive strength.

  • Moto Max

Motomax range products specially formulated for car and bike care. There are various of products like :- Cream Polish, Silicone Liquid Polish, Liquid Polish, Dashboard Polish & 2K Rubbing Compound etc.

  • Rangeela

Rangeela is a range of colors primarily aimed at the art & craft needs. Major products include Rangeela Tempera colors, Safe Moulding Dough and Paper Glitter.

  • Fine Art

Fine Arts Is about Artist range includes Premium Artist Acrylic Colors, Brushes of various types and sizes and canvases of all forms including pads, stretched canvas and rolls.

  • Prime

Prime is a range of Eezytear Tapes which are clear adhesive tapes which are hand tearable.

  • Fevigum

Fevigum is a range of synthetic gum which is Non toxic and comes in various colors and fragrances. It is specially for Paper to Paper bonding.

  • Ranipal

Ranipal has a range of fabric care products including Fabric whitener and Stain off (Fabric stain remover).

  • Fevibond

Fevibond is a rubber-based Polychloroprene solvent containing contact adhesives. It works on flexible as well as rigid substrates. Fevibond works on painted metal, mild steel, glass, galvanized steel, chip board, polyurethane sheet, porous subtracts like leather, leather board, cemented floorings, GRP, Rigid PVC board etc.

  • DDL-Premium Distemper

DDL Distemper is a superior quality of distemper that provides a smooth finish on wall in a cost effective way.

  • Steelgrip

Pidilite acquired SteelGrip, an insulation tape brand, in 2002. The company has a history of over 4 decades and has substantial brand equity. Today, Pidilite Steelgrip manufactures PVC electrical, self-extinguishing tapes that disallow fire from spreading and provide a durable, waterproof and weatherproof insulation.

  • Wudfin - Wood Stain

Wudfin is a single component PU wood finish liquid. PU11 is a cost effective single component PU based wood finish that keeps furniture shining.

  • Brite-O

Brite-O metal polish that can be used for all kinds of metal. It provides instant and durable shine on all the metal surfaces. It safely cleans, polishes and protects items of brass, copper, silver and stainless steel and effectively removes tarnish, rust, water stains and oxidation without scratching the surface.

  • Piditint

Piditint is a water based colourant for lime wash and water based paints.

  • Fevitite

Fevitite is a versatile adhesive that possesses bonding properties useful for sealing, joining and insulating ferrous and non-ferrous metals, glass, asbestos, ceramics, granite, ivory, leather, plastic concrete, ceramic, marble etc.

  • Cyclo

Cyclo Industries is a specialty chemicals company in the performance, maintenance, and appearance markets. Cyclo Industries was acquired by pidilite in 2006.

  • Terminator

Terminator is a Wood and Structure Preservative Terminator is used to prevent termite and borer attack in both wooden furniture and concrete structures.

  • Kidsart

Kids art is a range of kids stationary products.

  • Unitint

Unitint is a Universal colourant for all types of water and solvent based paint, emulsion, and enamel.

  • Roff

Roff is to offer consumers to a range of tile & stone fixing.


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