Three Olives Vodka

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Three Olives Vodka
Three Olives Vodka logo
ManufacturerProximo Spirits
DistributorProximo Spirits
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Alcohol by volume30% - 35% (flavored)
40% (unflavored)
Proof (US)60 – 80
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Three Olives Vodka is a brand of vodka produced and distilled in the United Kingdom and imported to the United States by Proximo Spirits.[1]


Three Olives Vodka was founded by Guillaume Cuvelier in London in 1998,[2] and acquired by Proximo Spirits in 2007.[3]

Ingredients and creation[edit]

Three Olives Vodka is made from quadruple-distilled winter wheat harvested in England.[4] The vodka is handcrafted and is available as a clear unflavored vodka as well as a variety of infused vodkas.[5] The flavored vodkas are made using the circulation method, where the vodka flows into the flavored liquid to create the flavored vodka.[6] The water used is sourced from a lake in Wales that was created by a dam that flooded in 1888, submerging an old village.[7]

Three Olives unflavored vodka is 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof).[2] Nearly all Three Olives flavored vodka types are 35% abv (70 proof).


Name ABV Flavor
Berry 35% Mixed berries
Bubble 35% Bubble Gum
Burst 35% Fruit Fusion Flavour
Cake 35% Birthday cake
Cherry 35% Dark cherries
Chocolate 35% Chocolate
Citrus 35% Lemon and lime
Classic 40% Unflavored
Dude 35% Lemon and lime
Elvis Presley
Coconut Water
30% Coconut
Grape 35% Concord grapes
Loopy 35% Tropical fruit
Mango 35% Mango
Marilyn Monroe Strawberry 35% Strawberries and cream
Orange 35% Orange
Pomegranate 35% Pomegranate
Purple 35% Frozen crushed grapes
Rangtang 35% Oranges and tangerines
Raspberry 35% Raspberry
Root Beer 35% Root beer
S'mores 35% Chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers
Supercola 35% Cola
Tartz 35% Sweet and tart fruit flavors
Triple Shot Espresso 35% Espresso
Vanilla 35% Vanilla
Watermelon 35% Watermelon
Whipped Cream 35% Whipped cream

Honors and awards[edit]

Three Olives won six consecutive Impact "Hot Brand" awards from 2005 to 2010, from spirits industry magazine Impact.[3] In 2005, Wine Enthusiast magazine gave Three Olives unflavored vodka a Superb (90-95) / Highly Recommended rating, and its Vanilla and Orange flavors a Superb (90-95) / Highly Recommended rating.[6]


In 2013, Three Olives launched a $20 million international print, billboard and digital advertising campaign starring actor Clive Owen. The ads feature atmospheric stills of Owen in a variety of London locations, reflecting the vodka's British origin.[4] That same year, Three Olives partnered with the estate of Marilyn Monroe to create a Marilyn Monroe Strawberry Vodka, with a strawberries and cream flavor.[8] The bottle's label featured a classic image of Monroe standing over a subway grate as the wind ruffles her white dress.[9] The deal was a three-year license that expired in January 2016, hence the Strawberry vodka had dropped the Monroe name during 2015 production. Proximo previously launched a $10 million animated campaign for the vodka in 2011,[10] and their grape-flavored Purple vodka was endorsed by rapper Lil' Kim in a 2010 national ad campaign.[11]


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