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topics on my watch list..

1/f noise, 16VSB, 2VSB, 32VSB, 4000 series, 4VSB, 8VSB

ADSL, AM radio, Amateur radio, Ammeter, Angular misalignment loss, Antenna (electronics), Apollo Guidance Computer, Atmospheric waveguide, Automatic Gain Control, Automatic Number Identification, Aliasing, Alternating current, Amplifier, Analog to digital converter, Analog, Analogue switch, Antenna (electronics), Arithmetic and Logical Unit, Absolute gain, Access control, Access time, Acoustic coupler, Acquisition, Adaptive communications, Adjacent-channel interference, Alarm sensor, Alternate party, Ambient noise level, Amplitude distortion, Analog decoding, Aperture-to-medium coupling loss, Asynchronous communications system, Asynchronous operation, Atmospheric duct, Audible ringing tone, Automatic call distributor, Automatic data processing, Automatic link establishment, Automatic sounding, Automatic switching system, Availability, Available line,

BNC connector, Band gap, Bare particular, Battery, Bias, Binaural recording, Bipolar junction transistor, Bose-Einstein condensate, Broadband Internet, Back-to-back connection, Backscattering, Balance return loss, Balanced line, Balancing network, Band-stop filter, Beam diameter, Beamwidth, Bias distortion, Bilateral synchronization, Bipolar signal, Bit inversion, Bit pairing, Bit stuffing, Bit synchronous operation, Bit-count integrity, Bits per second, Black facsimile transmission, Black recording, Bridging loss, Burst transmission, Busy hour, Busy signal, Bypass, Barrage jamming, Big ugly dish, Bit robbing, Blanketing, Bluetooth, Broadband wireless access, Broadcasting

C-QUAM, CMOS, CQD, Cable modem, Carrier shift, Carrier wave, Chirping, Circuit breaker, Citizens' band radio, Clear channel, Closed waveguide, Co-channel interference, Code word, Collins Radio, Combinatorial logic, Community emergency response team, Conduction band, Content delivery, Continuous Fourier transform, Continuous wave, Copper, Costas loop, Crystal filter, Crystal radio receiver, Cable television, Capacitor, Charge-coupled device, Circuit, Coherence, Convolution, Coulomb's law, Cross product, Current, Call collision, Call set-up time, Call-second, Capacitive coupling, Capture effect, Carrier system, Carrier-to-receiver noise density, Carrier, Cesium standard, Chadless tape, Channel noise level, Channel reliability, Character-count integrity, Circuit noise level, Circuit reliability, Circuit switching, Circular polarization, Circulator, Cladding, Clearing, Clipping, Closed circuit, Coherence length, Coherence time, Coherent differential phase-shift keying, Combined distribution frame, Common battery, Common control, Common-mode interference, Commonality, Communications center, Communications security, Communications system engineering, Communications system, Communications-electronics, Communications, Compatible sideband transmission, Concentrator, Conditioning equipment, Conducted interference, Conductive coupling, Connections per circuit hour, Conservation of radiance, Contention, Continuous operation, Cord circuit, Corner reflector, Cosmic noise, Coupling, Critical angle, Critical frequency, Crosstalk, Cutoff frequency, Cutoff wavelength,

Diffraction, Digital circuit, Digital signal processor, Digital to analog converter, Diode, Dipole, Direct current, Direct-sequence spread spectrum, Discrete Fourier transform, Doping, Double-slit experiment, D region, DBa, DBrn, DOD master clock, Data bank, Data integrity, Data link, Data service unit, Data terminal equipment, Data transmission circuit, Degree of isochronous distortion, Delay line, Delay, Delta modulation, Demand assignment, Demand factor, Demand load, Design objective, Dial-up, Dielectric strength, Digital filter, Digital multiplex hierarchy, Digital transmission group, Digitizer, Direct distance dialing, Directional coupler, Directive gain, Dispersion-limited operation, Distortion-limited operation, Distortion, Distributed switching, Diurnal phase shift, Diversity transmission, Double-sideband suppressed-carrier transmission, Drift, Drop and insert, Dropout, Dual access, Duty cycle, Dynamic range, D-4, DIP switch, Demodulation, Demodulator, Deviation, Diamagnetism, Dielectric, Dielectric waveguide, Digital access and cross-connect system, Digital radio, Digital signal processing, Direct bandgap, Dual in-line package

E-layer, E-skip, Electrical connector, Electrical length, Electricity distribution, Electrodynamics, Electromagnetic radiation and health, Electrometer, Electronic color code, Emergency position indicating rescue beacon, Entropy encoding, Equivalent noise resistance, Examples of electrical phenomena, Extremely Low Frequencies Earth's magnetic field, Electric field, Electric motor, Electric power transmission, Electric power, Electrical conduction, Electrical engineering, Electrical generator, Electrical resistance, Electrical signal, Electricity, Electrochemistry, Electrode, Electromagnetic induction, Electromagnetic radiation, Electromagnetic spectrum, Electromagnetism, Electron hole, Electron, Electronic amplifier, Electronic filter, Electronic mixer, Electronic oscillator, Electronic power supply, Electronic tagging, Electronics, FM band, Effective Earth radius, Effective data transfer rate, Effective height, Effective input noise temperature, Effective transmission rate, Efficiency factor, Electro-optic effect, Electro-optic modulator, Electro-optics, Electromagnetic environment, Electromagnetic interference control, Electromagnetic pulse, Electromagnetic survivability, Electronic switching system, Emphasis, End distortion, Endurability, Enhanced service, Equilibrium length, Equivalent pulse code modulation noise, Erase, Error burst, Error ratio, Error-correcting code, Eye pattern,

Ferromagnetism, Field effect transistor, Field, Filter design, Flip flop, Fourier series, Fourier transform, Frequency transform, Frequency, FCC registration program, FM improvement threshold, Facility, Facsimile converter, Fail safe, Fall time, Far-field region, Fault management, Fault, Filled cable, Flutter, Flywheel effect, Forward error correction, Four-wire circuit, Four-wire terminating set, Frame rate, Frame slip, Frame, Framing bit, Free-space loss, Frequency averaging, Frequency deviation, Frequency frogging, Frequency standard, Frequency-exchange signaling, Frequency-shift keying, Fresnel reflection, Front-to-back ratio, Fade, Fading distribution, Faraday's law, Ferroelectric effect, Field (physics), Field strength, Flux, Frame synchronization, Frequency-division multiplexing, Frequency synthesiser, Fresnel equations, Fuse

Garble, Glossary of telecommunications encryption terms, Glossary of telecommunications transmission terms, Glossary of telephony terms, Ground loop, Ground plane, Groundwave, Galvanometer, Gauss, Gateway, Gating, Grade of service, Graded-index fiber, Ground constants, Guided ray,

Henry (inductance), High Frequency, High frequency, Hysteresis, H-channel, Halftone characteristic, Handoff, Handshaking, Hard copy, Heterodyne repeater, Heterodyne, High-performance equipment, Hop (telecommunications), Horn, Hybrid balance, Hybrid coil, Hall effect, Hamming code, Hamming distance, Harmonic, Harmonic analysis, Henry (inductance), How to test three-phase electrical supply, How to test three-phase pumps

IEEE 802, IEEE 802.15, IQ, Image response, In-band on-channel, Incidental radiator, Independent sideband, Intentional radiator, Interferometry, Interstellar medium, Ion pump, Inductor, Infrared, Integrated circuit, Inverse-square law, Image frequency, Image rejection ratio, Index of cooperation, Inductive coupling, Information transfer, Information-bearer channel, Insertion gain, Inside plant, Intensity modulation, Intercept, Intercharacter interval, Interconnect facility, Intermediate-field region, Intermodulation distortion, Interoperability, Interposition trunk, Intersymbol interference, Isochronous burst transmission, Isochronous signal,


Karnaugh map, K-factor, Kendall effect, Key pulsing, Knife-edge effect, Kirchhoff's Laws,

Low frequency, LNA, Laser, Lead-lag effect, Light-dependent resistor, Light-emitting diode, Linear feedback shift register, Linear regulator, Logic gate, Logic, Low noise amplifier, Launch angle, Launch numerical aperture, Leaky mode, Limiting, Line code, Lip synchronization, Loading characteristic, Loading coil, Loading, Local battery, Log-periodic antenna, Long-haul communications, Long-term stability, Longitudinal redundancy check, Loop gain, Loop-back, Low-performance equipment,

MF, Magnet, Magnetic core memory, Magnetic field, Magnetic flux, Magnetism, Magnetosphere, Making a transformer, Mask work, Medium frequency, Mediumwave, Microphone, Modem, Modulation, Multipath propagation, Multiplexer, Multiplication ALU, Magneto-optic effect, Main distribution frame, Main lobe, Master frequency generator, Maximal-ratio combiner, Maximum usable frequency, Mean time between outages, Mediation function, Medium-power talker, Mode scrambler, Mode volume, Modulation factor, Modulation rate, Multipath, Multiple access, Multiple homing, MIL-STD-188, Manchester code, Maser, Michelson-Morley experiment, Microelectronics, Minimum bend radius, Mu-law algorithm, Multiplexing,

NTSC, Near and far field, Numbers station, Numerically controlled oscillator, N connector, Nanotechnology, Narrowband, Nature versus nurture, Neural network, Narrative traffic, National Electric Code, Near-field region, Negative-acknowledge character, Net gain, Network administration, Network architecture, Network management, Neutral direct-current telegraph system, Noise figure, Noise level, Noise power, Noise weighting, Normalized frequency, Numerical aperture, Nyquist interval,

OLTP, Ohm's law, Open spectrum, Operational amplifier, Optical spectrum, Off-hook, Off-line, On-hook, On-line, One-way trunk, Operating time, Operational service period, Optical density, Optical path length, Optoelectronic, Output rating, Outside plant, Overflow, Overhead information, Overmodulation, Override, Overshoot, Optical fiber, Orthogonal frequency division modulation

PCB layout guidelines, PSK31, Parabolic microphone, Peak envelope power, Phase (waves), Photodiode, Photolithography, Point-to-point construction, Polarization, Portable people meter, Propagation, Pulse-width modulation, Pulsed inductive thruster, Pauli exclusion principle, Permeability, Permittivity, Phantom loop, Phase modulation, Phase-locked loop, Photon, Piezoelectricity, Pirate radio, Planck's constant, Polyphase system, Potential difference, Power, Printed circuit board, Pulse-code modulation, Pyroelectricity, PBER, Packet-switching node, Paired disparity code, Par meter, Parallel transmission, Patch bay, Path loss, Path profile, Performance measurement period, Phantom circuit, Phase distortion, Phase jitter, Phase perturbation, Phase-shift keying, Phased array, Planar array, Polarential telegraph system, Polling, Preemphasis network, Preemphasis, Preventive maintenance, Primary channel, Primary time standard, Principal clock, Propagation path obstruction, Proration, Pseudorandom noise, Pseudorandom number sequence, Pulse duration, Pulse-address multiple access, Pulse, Push-to-talk operation, Push-to-type operation,

Quadrature, Quality assurance, Quality control, Queuing delay, Q-switching, QRP operation, Q code, Quadrature amplitude modulation

RF shielding, RX, Radio, Radio electronics, Radio frequency induction, Radio horizon, Radio receiver, Radiotelephone, Ray transfer matrix analysis, Receiver, Root mean square, RF connector, RF probe, RFID, Radio frequency, Radio propagation, Radioteletype, Register, Relational model, Remote viewing, Resistor color code, Resistor, Resonance, Rogowski coil, RF power margin, Radiation angle, Radiation mode, Radiation pattern, Randomizer, Receive-after-transmit time delay, Receiver attack-time delay, Record communication, Record medium, Reference circuit, Reference clock, Reference noise, Reflection coefficient, Reflection loss, Refractive index contrast, Regeneration, Relative transmission level, Release time, Remote operations service element protocol, Repair and maintenance, Repeater, Repeating coil, Reproduction speed, Reradiation, Response time, Response, Responsivity, Return loss, Ring latency, Ringback signal, Ringdown, Routing indicator,

S-Video, Scanning electron microscope, Schema, School Science Experiment - Demonstrating the properties of waves on an Oscilloscope, Schumann resonance, Semiconductor device fabrication, Semiconductor device, Semiconductor, Series and parallel circuits, Signal (information theory), Signal-to-noise ratio, Signal, Sinc filter, Skywave, Solar cell, Spectrum (disambiguation), Speed of light, Spin glass, Superconductivity, Switch, Switched-mode power supply, Synchronization, Scanner, Scrambler, Screen, Security management, Self-synchronizing code, Semiautomatic switching system, Sensitivity, Separate channel signaling, Serial access, Serial transmission, Shadow loss, Sideband, Signal compression, Signal-to-crosstalk ratio, Significant condition, Simplex circuit, Simplex signaling, Single-frequency signaling, Skew, Slant range, Specification, Speckle pattern, Spectral width, Speed of service, Spill-forward feature, Standard telegraph level, Standard test signal, Standard test tone, Standing wave ratio, Start signal, Start-stop transmission, Steady-state condition, Step-index profile, Stop signal, Store-and-forward switching center, Stroke speed, Supervisory program, Surface wave, Survivability, Synchronism, Synchronizing, Synchronous network, System integrity, Systems control, Scalar field, Schematic, Second audio program, Self-clocking signal, Shortwave, Signal (information theory), Signal processing, Signal processing gain, Signal reflection, Single frequency networks, Single phase electric power, Skin effect, Slow-scan television, Software defined radio, Spurious emission, Standing wave, Stressed environment, Subcarrier, Sudden ionospheric disturbance, Superheterodyne receiver, Superparamagnetism, Suppressed carrier transmission, Surface-mount technology

TEMPEST, TRF, TTL, TX, Transmission medium, Transmitter, Transmitter-studio link, Tropospheric ducting, Tantalum, Tensor, Tesla coil, Tesla patents, Tether propulsion, Thermistor, Three phase, Time-domain reflectometer, Traffic shaping, Transient electromagnetic device, Tuner, T-carrier, Tactical communications system, Tactical communications, Tactical data information link--A, Tape relay, Technical control facility, Telecommunications service, Teleconference, Teletraining, Third-order intercept point, Time-assignment speech interpolation, Time-division multiple access, Time-out, Toll switching trunk, Total harmonic distortion, Traffic intensity, Transceiver, Transcoding, Transmission coefficient, Transmission level point, Transmission, Transmit-after-receive time delay, Transmitter attack-time delay, Transponder, Transverse redundancy check, Tropospheric wave,

Ultra high frequency, Ultra-high frequency, Ultraviolet, Unavailability, Unit interval, Uplink, User, Ultra Wideband, Unintentional radiator,

VAC, VDC, Valence band, Varistor, Vector field, Vacuum tube, Varicap, Very high frequency, Voltmeter, Validation, Variable length buffer, Video teleconference, Video teleconferencing unit, Virtual circuit, Voice frequency primary patch bay, Vox,

Wave, Wavelength, Warner exemption, White facsimile transmission, Wink pulsing, Wavelength division multiplexing, Wireless community network, Wireless network, Wireless personal area network,

X-dimension of recorded spot,

Yagi antenna,

Zener diode,Z-transform, ZIF, Zero-dispersion wavelength, Zero dBm transmission level point, ZigBee