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Coordinates: 8°0′58″S 112°12′33″E / 8.01611°S 112.20917°E / -8.01611; 112.20917

Main temple of Penataran complex took form of stepped pyramid

Penataran or Panataran (Indonesian: Candi Penataran) is the largest Hindu temple complex in East Java, Indonesia,[citation needed] located roughly 10 km north of Blitar. Believed to have been under construction from the 12th Century to the 15th Century, the temple played a significant role in the Majapahit Kingdom, especially under King Hayam Wuruk.[1]

Penataran was believed to be dated back to Kediri era. This temple was identified in Nagarakretagama as Palah temple and reported being visited by King Hayam Wuruk during his royal tour across East Java.

The site is being considered to be put on the World Heritage list of sites that have "outstanding universal value" to the world.[2]

World Heritage Status[edit]

The dated temple in Penataran complex

This site was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List on October 19, 1995 in the Cultural category.


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