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Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria
Министър-председател на Република България
Standard Prime Minister of Bulgaria.svg
Standard of the Prime Minister of Bulgaria
Plamen Oresharski.jpg
Plamen Oresharski

since 29 May 2013
Appointer President of Bulgaria
Term length No term limit
Inaugural holder Todor Burmov
Formation 17 July 1879
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The Prime Minister of Bulgaria (Bulgarian: Министър-председател, Ministar-predsedatel) is the head of government of Bulgaria. He or she is the leader of a political coalition in the Bulgarian parliament – known as the National Assembly of Bulgaria (Bulgarian: Народно събрание, Narodno sabranie) – and the leader of the cabinet.

The current Prime Minister is Plamen Oresharski, who has served since 29 May 2013.

List of officeholders[edit]

Living former Prime Ministers[edit]

Name Term Date of birth
Georgi Atanasov 1986–1990 25 July 1933
Dimitar Iliev Popov 1990–1991 26 June 1927
Philip Dimitrov 1991–1992 31 March 1955
Reneta Indzhova 1994 6 July 1953
Zhan Videnov 1995–1997 22 March 1959
Stefan Sofiyanski 1997 7 November 1951
Ivan Kostov 1997–2001 23 December 1949
Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha 2001–2005 16 June 1937
Sergei Stanishev 2005–2009 5 May 1966
Boyko Borisov 2009–2013 13 June 1959
Marin Raykov 2013 17 December 1960

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