Baik kut kyee kaik

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Myeik kat kyi kaik
Kat kyi hnyat.JPG
Alternative names ဗိတ်ကတ်ကြေးကိုက်
Course Lunch
Place of origin Myanmar
Region or state Myeik
Main ingredients Wide rice noodles, bean sprout, squid, prawns, steamed garden pea, chili, pepper, spring onion, dark soy sauce
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Baik kut kyee kaik (Burmese: ဗိတ်ကတ်ကြေးကိုက်), also spelled myeik katkyikaik, is a Burmese cuisine fried noodle dish. It consists of wide, flat rice noodles fried with squid slices, bean sprouts, prawns, steamed garden pea (pe byoke), spring onion, pepper and dark soy sauce. The dish is usually spicy and is associated with the coastal town of Myeik (Beik/Baik being the Mon name of the town) in Southern Myanmar. It is popular locally where it is found in the Southern coastal region of Myanmar and in Yangon.

The dish gets the name kat kyi kaik (scissor-bitten) because while the noodle and ingredients are being fried in a wok, the cook uses scissors to cut up the noodles for easier cooking and serving.

A comparable dish is char kway teow, a popular dish in Singapore and Malaysia. Beik kut kyee kaik only uses prawns and squid as main ingredients.

See also[edit]

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