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For the related Chinese and Japanese dishes, see Lamian, Ramen, and Ramyun.
Ramyeon, 라면
Alternative names Ramyun
Type Noodle soup
Place of origin Korea
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Korean name
Hangul 라면
Hanja 羅麵
Revised Romanization Ramyeon
McCune–Reischauer Ramyŏn

Ramyeon or Ramyun is a Korean word that represents instant noodle, based on the Japanese Ramen. Most ramyeons in South Korea are spicy as it is Koreans' most favorite flavor. In South Korea, the best-selling ramyeon brands are Shin Ramyun and Neoguri.[1]


The first instant ramyeon in South Korea was introduced by Samyang Food in 1963 under technical assistance from Myojo Foods Co. Japan, which provided manufacturing equipment.[2][3][4] Lotte industry (today's Nongshim) invigorated the Korean market of ramyeon in 1965.[5]

In 2010s until now, Korean stores and restaurants have sprawled anywhere in the world. Baguio City has several Korean restaurants serving Ramyeon.

Common types of Ramyeon[edit]

  • Original
  • Cheese ramyeon (a slice of cheese is served on top)
  • Dumpling ramyeon (dumplings are served on top)
  • Ham ramyeon (ham slices on top)
  • Tteok ramyeon (rice cakes on top)

Related dishes[edit]

List of ramyeon brands[edit]


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