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Developer Wim Vandersmissen[1]
OS family Linux distribution
Working state discontinued
Source model Open source
Initial release 10 May 2003; 12 years ago (2003-05-10)
Update method APT (several front-ends available)
Package manager dpkg
Platforms i486
Kernel type Linux kernel
Userland GNU Core Utilities
License Debian Free Software Guidelines and others

ClusterKnoppix is a specialized Linux distribution based on the Knoppix distribution, but which uses the openMosix kernel.

Traditionally, clustered computing could only be achieved by setting up individual rsh keys, creating NFS shares, editing host files, setting static IPs, and applying kernel patches manually. ClusterKnoppix effectively renders most of this work unnecessary. The distribution contains an autoconfiguration system where new ClusterKnoppix-running computers attached to the network automatically join the cluster.

ClusterKnoppix is a modified Knoppix distro using the OpenMosix kernel.


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