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Developer Dirk Eddelbuettel
OS family Unix-like
Working state Current
Source model Open source
Latest release 7.9.2 / March 1, 2006
Official website Quantian Home Page

Quantian OS is a remastering of Knoppix/Debian for computational sciences. The environment is self-configuring and directly bootable CD/DVD that turns any PC or laptop (provided it can boot from cdrom/DVD) into a Linux workstation.[citation needed] Quantian also incorporates clusterKnoppix and adds support for openMosix, including remote booting of light clients in an openMosix terminal server context permitting rapid setup of a SMP cluster computer.


Some scientific applications in Quantian

Numerous software packages for usual or scientific aims come with Quantian. After the installation, total package volume is about 2.7 GB (For the detailed package list see: List of all the available packages).

The packages for "home users" include:

Additionally, some of the scientific applications/programs in Quantian are such like:

  • R, statistical computing software
  • Octave, a Matlab clone
  • Scilab, another Matlab clone
  • GSL, GNU Scientific Library
  • Maxima computer algebra system
  • Python programming language with Scipy
  • Fityk curve fitter
  • Ghemical for computational chemistry
  • Texmacs for wysiwyg scientific editing
  • Grass geographic information system
  • OpenDX and MayaVi data visualisation systems
  • Gnuplot, a command-line driven interactive data and function plotting utility
  • LabPlot, an application for plotting of data sets and functions