Deal or No Deal (Lebanon)

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Deal or No Deal
Deal or No Deal logo
Presented by Michel Sanan
Country of origin Lebanon
Camera setup Multiple-camera setup
Running time 50 minutes (with commercials)
Original network Murr Television
Picture format 4:3 SDTV
Original release October 20, 2009 – June 7, 2010
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Deal or No Deal is the Lebanese version of the game show airing on MTV. The show, which was hosted by Michel Sanan, is filmed on a set similar to the United States set and uses the music from that version.

The show consists of 26 cases, which ranges from LBP50 (about US$0.03) to LBP200,000,000 (about US$140,000). The case with the grand prize was held by contestant on April 5, 2010, but she accepted the offer of LBP51,000,000 with 5 cases remaining.

Case Values[edit]

Left Side Right Side
LBP 50 LBP 1,000,000
LBP 100 LBP 1,500,000
LBP 500 LBP 2,000,000
LBP 1,000 LBP 3,000,000
LBP 3,000 LBP 4,000,000
LBP 5,000 LBP 5,000,000
LBP 10,000 LBP 10,000,000
LBP 20,000 LBP 25,000,000
LBP 50,000 LBP 50,000,000
LBP 100,000 LBP 75,000,000
LBP 250,000 LBP 100,000,000
LBP 500,000 LBP 150,000,000
LBP 750,000 LBP 200,000,000


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