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Traded as NYSEENS
S&P 400 Component[1]
Industry Advanced Stored Energy Solutions
Founded 1999
Headquarters Reading, Pennsylvania, US
Number of employees
Website http://www.enersys.com/

EnerSys (formerly Yuasa Inc., a division of GS Yuasa) is an American[2][3][4] manufacturer of batteries for multiple applications such as motive power, reserve power, aerospace, and defense.[5]


EnerSys operates in over 100 countries worldwide, with 23% of the market share worldwide in 2012 with US $2.6 billion in revenue.[6]

Headquartered in the United States, with regional headquarters in Europe and Asia, EnerSys employs over nine thousand people and operates 32 manufacturing and assembly facilities world-wide. EnerSys traces its corporate roots back to the formation of The Electric Storage Battery Company (ESB) in the late 19th century. The corporate predecessors of EnerSys came out of ESB's industrial battery business.

In 2008, EnerSys launched its EcoSafe battery product line EcoSafe batteries, which use lead, nickel and lithium technologies. They were developed for renewable energy storage applications, including solar power, wind power and other electricity-generation alternatives.[7]

Their distribution network for solar products covers over 42 distributors and wholesalers, across over 15 different countries.[8]



Their brands for reserve power are as follows: Powersafe, Datasafe, Cyclon, Genesis. The Reserve Power products are based on several technologies: lead, nickel and lithium-ion. They also offer fuel cells.

Specialty Markets

EnerSys is also involved in some specialty markets such as: Aerospace and Defense, Rail Solutions, Racing and Power Sports (Odyssey),[9] and the Mining Industry.

Acquisitions and Joint Ventures[edit]

GS Yuasa

EnerSys, in 2000, acquired Yuasa's industrial division.


The Hawker Group merged with Enersys.


In 2002 EnerSys acquired Energy Storage Products Group of Invensys for $ 505 million.

ABSL Power Solutions

Acquired in February of 2011 they produced Lithium-ion batteries for space satellites systems in the United Kingdom.

Ergon Batteries Ltd.

Acquired in March, 2011 they made Lead and Nickel based batteries for motive and reserve power markets in Greece.

GAIA Akkumulatorenwerke GmbH

Based out of Germany and acquired in September, 2011 they produced lithium-ion based solutions for space, naval, marine, renewable energy, and specialty high power applications.

Powertech Batteries- Industrial Division

A South African company with lead based solutions for reserve and motive power customers that was acquired in October, 2011.


Argentina based company that served motive and reserve power battery markets# Acquired in October, 2011,

Energy Leader Batteries Ltd.

Acquired in March of 2012 this Indian based company was a producer of reserve and motive power batteries.


Purcell Systems[12]

In October 2013 EnerSys acquired Purcell Systems a company based in Washington State. They are a leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of thermally managed electronic equipment and battery cabinet enclosures for customers globally in telecommunication, broadband, utility, rail, and military applications.[13]

UTS Holdings Sdn. Bhd

Based out of Malaysia. Acquired in January 2014 with its subsidiaries Battery Power International Pte. Ltd. and IE Technologies Pte. Ltd. based in Singapore. Manufacturer of Motive and Reserve power batteries. [14]

ICS Industries Pty. Ltd

Based out of Australia. Acquired in July 2015. The company is a full line shelter designer, manufacturer with installation and maintenance services.[15]


Based out of Tampa, FL. Acquired in April 2016. A manufacturer of molten salt "thermal" batteries used in powering a multitude of electronics, guidance, and other electrical loads on many of today's advanced weapon systems. [16]

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