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Equanimal logo.png
Founded 2006
Focus Animal rights
Area served
Key people
Eladio Ferreira, Director
Sara Lago, subdirector
Slogan En defensa de los animales (Spanish: In defense of animals)
Website www.equanimal.org

Equanimal is a Spanish non profit animal rights organization. Comes from the fusion in 2006 of "Alternativa para la Liberación Animal" (Spanish:"Alternative for Animal Liberation") (ALA, 1986) and "Derechos para los Animales" (Spanish: "Rights for Animals") (2002).[1]

They focus on anything they consider against animal exploitation, such as animal testing, fur farms and the use of fur as clothing,[2] abandon of animals, circuses that use animals and zoos, hunting and fishing[3] or bullfighting.[4]

The methods they use are mainly awareness through media campaigns,[5] protest acts in public places such as embassies,[6] demonstrations[7] and sometimes open rescues.[8]

Since 2007[9] they are involved in the sabotage of the "Copa Nacional de Caza del Zorro" (Spanish: "National Fox Hunt Cup"), which is held every year in Galicia, in which they pursue the hunters making noise with megaphones to scare foxes and thereby prevent them from being killed.[10][11]

Along with this, under the actions that have had most impact are those consisting of enter in the ring at the end of a bullfight[12][13] or with banners in the Cibeles catwalk during a parade. [14]

Occasionally they worked with similar organizations in situations such as protests for seal hunting in Canada.[14]


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