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United Activists for Animal Rights is an animal rights group led by its president Nancy Burnet and based in California, United States. It was founded in 1987.[1]

United Activists is supported by television personality Bob Barker,[2][3] and the group exposed what they considered their findings of animal cruelty on the set of Project X and in several other media projects together with Barker.[4] However, critics later argued that the accusations were based on rumors and hearsay, such as having seen a cattle prod and a gun on set and having inferred that these had been used to mistreat animals.[5] In relation to these activities, the group, again together with Bob Barker, were also accused (and named in a libel lawsuit) as having engaged in a two-year 'vendetta' against the American Humane Association for allegedly condoning animal cruelty.[6] In a series of public ads along with the $10 million libel suit, the Humane Association accused Barker and the group of attacking them (and a number of media projects) based on insufficient and misleading information.[5]

Barker has also helped fund other animal rights groups, including the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, whose new vessel Bob Barker carries a helicopter named after United Activists' president Nancy Burnet.[7]


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