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Vorsprung durch Technik (German pronunciation: [ˈfoːɐ̯ʃpʁʊŋ dʊɐ̯ç ˈtɛçnɪk]) is a German language phrase and the main advertising slogan and company ethos for the German car maker Audi. It has been used in Audi advertising campaigns all over the world,[1] except in the United States where the slogan "Truth in Engineering" is used.[2]

It was first used in English-language advertising after Sir John Hegarty of the Bartle Bogle Hegarty advertising agency visited the Audi factory in 1982.[3] In the original British television commercials, the phrase was voiced by Geoffrey Palmer.[3]

In the mid-1990s, Audi repositioned itself as the premium brand within the Volkswagen family.


There are different translations of the phrase. The online dictionary LEO translates Vorsprung as 'advance' or 'lead' as in 'distance, amount by which someone is ahead in a competition'.[4] Audi and one source from The Guardian translates it roughly as: "Advancement through technology".[5][6] Another source in The Guardian translates it as "progress through technology".[3]

In popular culture[edit]

After its repeated use in advertising campaigns, the phrase found its way into popular culture:


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