Mein Ruf nach dir

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Switzerland "Mein Ruf nach dir"
Eurovision Song Contest 1974 entry
Country Switzerland
Artist(s) Piera Martell
Language German
Composer(s) Pepe Ederer
Lyricist(s) Pepe Ederer
Conductor Pepe Ederer
Finals performance
Final result 14th
Final points 3
Appearance chronology
◄ "Je vais me marier, Marie" (1973)   
"Mikado" (1975) ►

"Mein Ruf nach dir" (My call for you) is a song by Piera Martell that represented Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest 1974. The song was composed by Pepe Ederer.

The song was performed fifteenth on the night of the contest, following Germany's Cindy & Bert with "Die Sommermelodie" and preceding Portugal's Paulo de Carvalho with "E depois do adeus". It received 3 points, placing 14th (last) in a field of 17, along with Germany, Portugal and Norway.

It was succeeded as Swiss representative at the 1975 contest by Simone Drexel with "Mikado".