Ali Kutty Musliyar

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Ali Kutty Musliyar Musliyar
Ali Kutty Musliyar 2.jpg
Prof. Ali Kutty Musliyar during coronation as Chief Jurist (Qazi) of Kasaragod locality
Born Ali Kutty
Malappuram, Kerala, India
Nationality India
Education Post-graduation in Islamic studies (Faizy)
Alma mater Pattikad Jamiya Nooriya
Occupation Join Secretary of Samastha Kerala Jamiyath al-Ulama, Quazi (Chief Jurist) of Kasaragod Samyuktha Jamath, Patron of Malik Deenar Islamic Academy,[1] Principal of Jamiya Nooriya Pattikad,
Known for command in Islamic jurisprudence, Islamic academician
Title Sheik al-Jamia (شيخ الجامعة)
Political party Indian Union Muslim League
Religion Islam
Spouse(s) Fatima

Sheikh al-Jamia Prof. Ali Kutty Musliyar, (Arabic: شيخ الجامعة عالي كودي مسليار, Malayalam:പ്രഫ. ആലിക്കുട്ടി മുസ്ലിയാർ) writer, scholar, orator, thinker and the spiritual leader, is the principal of Jamiya Nooriya Arabic college, Pattikad and Quazi, chief jurist, of Kasaragod. He is known for his skill in Islamic jurisprudence and was enrolled as the member of international Fiqh Council, under Rabiyathul Alamin Islami based on Jidda. He was set apart from his counterpart by his extra ordinary skill in multi lingual and international network. He currently occupies the office of joint secretary for Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulama, Sunni cleric organization based on southern Indian state of Kerala.[2]

Early life[edit]

He was born in early 1945s as the son of Moosa Haji and Biyathukutty couples. He received his primary education from his grandfather, Ali Haji and then from Saithali Musliyar. After elementary education he was enrolled in Darse (masjid based Arabic college), studying under Vallappuram KT Muhammad Musliyar Poottanangadi and then transferred to another Islamic seminary under Moideen Musliyar. He accepted the guidance of Koyi Musliyar (5 years) and Baputti Musliyar (3 years). He was unable to continue his studies due to poverty and left the school after seven months.

He left to Jamiya Nooriya Pattikad for the post-graduation. He developed fluency in English under the supervision of Late Sayid Umarali Shihab Thangal and in Urdu under the guidance of KP Usman Sahib. During his period in Jamiya Nooriya, he received tuition from Shamsul Ulama EK Aboobacker Musliyar, Kottumala Musliyar, Kumaramputhur Kunalavi Musliyar, AC Jamaluddin Musliyar, Vellore Aboobacker Hazrath and Kaderi Musliyar. He completed his postgraduate studies by 1968.

Ali Musliyar at Coronation ceremony

In service field[edit]

He was appointed as Khatib (chief orator in Masjid) at 14 and was installed as Quazi (chief jurisprudent) of Tirurkad by 20. After his course in Jamiya Nooriya Pattikad, he took over the charge of Meenar Kuzhi Darse. In 1970, he was hailed as the general secretary of Samastha Perintalmanna Taluk chapter and in 1976 as Malappuram district joint secretary of Samastha. In 1978, he was elected as the general secretary of Pattikad Jamiya Nooriya alumni, in 1986 as the member of Mushavara council and in 1991 he was chosen as the general secretary of SYS. In 1979 he started lecturing in Jamiya Nooriya Pattikad and by 2003 he had become principal of the institution.

International figure[edit]

He was known for his presentation in international seminars such as Hyderabad international seminar (1986), where he presented a paper on ‘Post Modern issues and Islamic jurisprudence’ and Hyderabad national seminar (1989), where he presented a paper on rearrangement of Arabian-Persian studies. In 1998, he participated in Arabic language and literature refresher course and presented a paper. He is member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board and had served as chairman of State Hajj Committee during the period of 2003-2006 as well as vice chairman of Central Hajj committee in 2006. He was chief editor of Sunni Afkar, the official magazine of SYS, Al Muallim monthly, Annur Arabic Magazine, and Muslim Lokam Year Book, published by Data Net for Islamic Propagation based on Tirurkad.

In the organization level[edit]

He had occupied many chief positions of various institutions such as general secretary of Vettattoor Anvarul Huda Islamic complex, vice president of Tirurkad Anvarul Huda Islamic complex, president of Ponnani Maunatool Islam Arabic College[3] and president of Vadakara Hujjathul Islam Arabic College. He is vice president of the Sunni Mahell Federation (SMF) as well as the Samastha Kerala Vidyabyasa Board. He was installed in throne of Kasaragod Quazi in October 18, 2013[4]