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BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd.
joint venture
Industry Automotive
Founded 2003; 14 years ago (2003)
Headquarters Shenyang, Liaoning, China
Area served
Key people
Olaf Kastner (Chief Executive Officer and President)
Lei Xiaoyang (Chief Financial Officer and Senior Deputy President)[1]
Products Automobiles
Owner BMW (50%)
Brilliance Auto (40.5%)
Shenyang municipal government (9.5%)
Number of employees
approx. 3,900
Divisions Zinoro

BMW Brilliance (officially BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd.) is an automobile manufacturing company headquartered in Shenyang, China and a joint venture between BMW and Brilliance Auto. Its principal activity is the production, distribution and sale of BMW passenger cars in mainland China.

The BMW Brilliance Zinoro all-electric crossover, based on the BMW X1, is the first product of BMW Brilliance’s new brand and the first new energy vehicle (NEV) from a Chinese premium manufacturer. Since early 2014 the Zinoro 1E is available for leasing only in Beijing and Shanghai.


On 27 March 2003 BMW and Brilliance Auto agreed to form a joint venture to produce BMW cars for the Chinese market, with BMW holding a 50 per cent stake, Brilliance Auto 40.5 per cent and the Shenyang municipal government 9.5 per cent.[2][3] BMW and Brilliance agreed to invest an initial €450 million (US$483 million) in the venture.[3] The first Chinese-made BMW, a BMW 325, was sold in October 2003.[4]

In April 2009 BMW Brilliance announced that it would construct a second automobile assembly plant in China.[5] Construction of the plant began in Shenyang in June 2010, with a planned cost of US$73.53 million and a production capacity of 100,000 units.[6] Production at the plant began in May 2012.[7]

In January 2011 BMW Brilliance announced that it would begin Chinese production of a BMW 5 series electric hybrid car later that year.[8]


BMW Brilliance currently produces the following vehicles:[9]

BMW vehicles[edit]

Former product[edit]

BMW gallery[edit]

ZINORO vehicles[edit]

ZINORO (之诺) is a vehicle brand under BMW Brilliance, specialized in electric vehicles.


Calendar year Total sales (vehicles produced in China)
2006 22,500[10]
2007 30,600[10]
2009 44,888[11]
2011 108,189[12]


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