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For other uses, see BAW (disambiguation).
Beijing Automobile Works Co., Ltd.
Industry Automotive
Founded 1953 (Beijing)
Headquarters Chaoyang, Beijing, China
Products Automobiles, Commercial Vehicles
Parent BAIC Group[1]

Beijing Automobile Works Co., Ltd. (BAW) (Chinese: 北京汽车制造厂有限公司) is a Chinese car manufacturer based in Beijing and a subsidiary of BAIC Group. BAW produces light off-road vehicles and trucks. BAW produces civilian as well as military vehicles.


Beijing Automobile Works was founded in 1953 as The First Accessory Factory and was renamed to Beijing Automobile Works in 1958. In 1987 the company merged with Beijing Motorcycle Company to become the Automobile and Motorcycle United Company (BAM).

The modern company, Beijing Automobile Works Co.,Ltd (BAW), was founded in 2001 and incorporates the original Beijing Automobile Works, as well as the first Chinese automobile joint venture Beijing Jeep, Beijing Automobile Assembly and Foton[dubious ].


Passenger cars[edit]

  • Jinggangshan (based on the Volkswagen Beetle)
  • CB4
  • Dongfanghong BJ760 (based on the GAZ Volga M21)
  • Dongfanghong BJ761
  • Hongwei BJ761
  • BJ750
  • BJ751
  • BJ752
  • BJ6490 (based on the Holden Commodore VS station wagon)
  • E-series

Off Road[edit]


  • Luling (based on the Isuzu TF)
  • Luling SUV
  • Futain Sapu


  • BJ-130 (based on the Isuzu Elf)
  • BJ-136
  • Qiling/Fenix (based on the Isuzu N series)
  • Qilong/Tonik/BL1 (based on the Isuzu N series)


  • Haice/Haise/B6 - a license built fourth generation Toyota Hiace
  • Ambulance - based on the Haice
  • BJ6490A – Mitsubishi L300 with a different front end
  • BD6

Military vehicles[edit]

  • BJ210 (based on the Jeep M-170)
  • BJ212(4X4)
  • BJ2020VJ(4X4)
  • BJ2022(4X4)(Brave Warrior)
  • BJ2020VAJ(4X4)
  • BJ20203(4X4)
  • BJ2032VJ(4X4)
  • BJ80[2]


  • Flagship
  • Towdoorjeep

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