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Industry Telecommunications
Founded 2004
Headquarters Dublin, Ireland
Products VoIP

Blueface is a telephony services provider founded by Aaron Clauson [1] and Feargal Brady [2]in 2004. In 2010, Alan Foy became Group CEO of the company. [1] Blueface provides call plans for business customers, for VoIP and geographical numbers. [2] [3] The company also sells SIP phones and mobile devices.

Blueface generates 94pc of its revenues through business-to-business communications [4]


  • Deloitte Fast 50 [5]
  • Winner of Best Business to Business in Corporate Communication in the PR Awards for Excellence 2013 [6]

Main products[edit]

  • Unlimited and capped Blueface call plans for the Ireland/UK markets[3]
  • WhiteLabel  : “service similar to a franchise provided by Blueface that lets a company host a unique VoIP Gateway solution under their corporate brand”.[4]
  • Blueface Call Conferencing application made in Silverlight
  • 076 voip numbers, Virtual landline and fax numbers
  • Blueface IVR (Interactive Voice Respond)
  • Blueface mobile phones, as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator - MVNO using Three's network
  • Mobile offering [7]
  • Geographic numbers in front of 076 [8]
  • International numbers [9]
  • Hosted PBX offering [10]

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