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Comcast Spotlight is the local advertising sales division of Comcast Cable. Its headquarters is located in New York City, and the company has operations in more than 80 United States markets.

Comcast Spotlight offers television, online and video on demand (VOD) on-air, online and on-demand (aka or VOD) advertising to local, regional and national advertisers. Television ads are available on approximately 50 cable television networks (depending on the market), with online advertising available on Comcast's consumer web portal, Comcast Spotlight also offers advertising options such as interactive television ads, which include an on-screen overlay during a 30-second commercial that invites a viewer to use their remote control to perform an action such as requesting additional information from an advertiser or viewing additional content from advertisers.

NCC Media serves as the national rep firm for Comcast Spotlight and the advertising sales divisions of most other U.S. cable television providers.


In 2002, Comcast named Charlie Thurston President of Advertising Sales, effective in March of that year. Several years later, the company introduced the Comcast Spotlight name, replacing a number of existing names for its local advertising sales operations.

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