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Empal daging is a spicy Indonesian beef jerky

Daging is Indonesian beef. It is used in various ways including shredded as a topping.


  • Empal daging, beef jerky
  • Semur daging, beef stew in sweet soy sauce
  • Serundeng daging, grated coconut and beef jerky bits
  • Sambal daging, sambal
  • Pepes daging (minced beef pepes)
  • Daging krecek, fried skin
  • Opor daging, in coconut milk stew
  • Kari daging, curry beef
  • Soto madura daging, a type of Soto (food)
  • Nasi dengan daging
  • Burger Daging Otai
  • Rasa daging sapi
  • Rendang daging sapi, rendang
  • Daging jamu ("medicine meat")