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Dimps Corporation
株式会社 ディンプス
Industry Video games
Founded March 6, 2000
Headquarters Osaka, Japan
Key people
Takashi Nishiyama (President)
Number of employees
181 (As of March 2010)
Subsidiaries Safari Games Co.,Ltd.
Dimps, Inc. (Overseas subsidiary)
Website www.dimps.co.jp

Dimps (ディンプス Dinpusu?) is an Osaka, Japan-based video game development studio with an additional office in Tokyo, Japan. Employing a staff of 218 people, it is known for developing such games as the Dragon Ball Z: Budokai trilogy for the PlayStation 2. The company also co-developed the Sonic the Hedgehog games specific to the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS in collaboration with Sonic Team, Tales of the Tempest on the Nintendo DS with Namco Tales Studio, and Street Fighter IV for various platforms with Capcom. The company was founded on March 6, 2000 by several former SNK and Capcom employees, including Street Fighter co-creators Takashi Nishiyama and Hiroshi Matsumoto.

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Taito Type X2[edit]


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  • SAFARI GAMES Co., Ltd.
  • Dimps, Inc. (Overseas subsidiary)

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