List of high school football rivalries more than 100 years old

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High school football rivalries in the United States more than one hundred years old:

For a list of other long-standing rivalries see: List of high school football rivalries less than 100 years old
Series Leader Series Rival Series Record Series Began Notes References
Norwich Free Academy (Norwich, CT) New London High School (New London, CT) 77–63–11[1][2][3] 1875 Annual Thanksgiving football game. One of the original annual Thanksgiving football games. [4][5]

Phillips Academy Andover (Andover, MA) Phillips Exeter Academy (Exeter, NH) 74-54-10 1878 The oldest football rivalry between private American prep schools, waged between two schools 37 miles apart and founded in the 18th century by members of the Phillips family. [6][7]

Wellesley High School (Wellesley, MA) Needham High School (Needham, MA) 63-60-9 1882 Annual Thanksgiving Day game. First played Thanksgiving morning 1882 at Morton Field in Wellesley (named West Needham at the time) . The oldest public high school rivalry. Notable games include a trip to Fenway Park in 2015 where Needham would win 12-7. [4]

Fordham Preparatory School (Bronx, NY) Xavier High School (New York, NY) 49–39–3 1883 Annual Thanksgiving football game. The oldest high school rivals in New York City, with the 86th meeting taking place in 2009. [8]

Milton Academy (Milton, MA) Noble and Greenough School (Dedham, MA) 1886 Annual football game. One of the oldest continual football rivalries in the nation. [9]

Groton School (Groton, MA) St. Mark's School (Southborough, MA) 77–45–2 1886 Annual football game. St. Mark's-Groton Rivalry

Boston Latin School (Boston, MA) English High School (Boston, MA) 83–37–13 1887 Annual Thanksgiving football game. Oldest continuous high school football rivalry in the U.S. Latin won the 2019 Game 16-6. [4][10][11]

Lawrenceville School (Lawrenceville, NJ) The Hill School (Pottstown, PA) 59–42–5 1887 Annual football game. One of the oldest continual football rivalries in the nation. [12]

William Penn Charter School (Philadelphia) Germantown Academy (Ft. Washington) 80–33–11 1887 Believed to be the nation's oldest uninterrupted football rivalry among prep schools.[13] [14]

Baltimore City College (Baltimore) Baltimore Polytechnic Institute (Baltimore) 63–62–6 1889 The annual City-Poly Game is played at Morgan State University, first Saturday in November after more than 75 years on Thanksgiving Day. Oldest continual football rivalry in Maryland. [15]

Hyde Park Career Academy (Chicago, IL) Englewood Technical Prep Academy (Chicago, IL) 56–46–6 1889 Hyde Park and Englewood's first game took place in 1889. The winner of the annual game is awarded the Little Brown Shield, also known as The Lettermen Shield. Ended when Englewood closed in 2008. [16]

The Haverford School (Haverford, PA) Episcopal Academy (Merion, PA) 53–44–2 1889 Annual EA Day or Episcopal-Haverford Day football game. The second oldest high school football rivalry in Pennsylvania?[citation needed] It is also the second oldest football rivalry in the InterAc League.

Malden High School (Malden, MA) Medford High School (Medford, MA) 68–54–10 1887 Annual Thanksgiving football game. The 132nd meeting in 2019 was won by Malden 29-0. The games alternate each year between MacDonald Stadium in Malden and Hormel Stadium in Medford, and kickoff is always at 10:00 a.m.

Utica Proctor (Utica, NY) Rome Free Academy (Rome, NY) 1891 Annual homecoming game but regular games throughout season. [17]

Winchester High School (Winchester, MA) Woburn Memorial High School (Woburn, MA) 55-51–12 1891 Annual Thanksgiving football game. 6 of the 12 ties have been scoreless. [18]

Beverly High School (Beverly, MA) Salem High School (Salem, MA) 62–52–7 1891 One of the oldest rivalry in Massachusetts, 121 games. Thanksgiving football.

Newburyport High School (Newburyport, MA) Amesbury High School (Amesbury, MA) 56–41–9 1891 Annual Thanksgiving football game. Rivalry includes several unsanctioned games between 1891 and 1914. [19]

Central High School (Pueblo, CO) Centennial High School (Pueblo, CO) 57–53–9 1892 This rivalry is noted as being the oldest high school football rivalry West of the Mississippi River. There were no games held from 1908–1920. Played at Pueblo's Dutch Clark Stadium, known as The Bell Game as the winning school takes possession of an old train bell which was donated as a trophy in 1950. [20][21]

Abilene High School (Abilene, KS) Chapman High School (Chapman, KS) 1892 Annual football game, often serving as the Homecoming game for each team in alternating years. In 2009, this rivalry was also picked by ESPN as the greatest rivalry in Kansas. [4][22]

Northeast High School (Philadelphia, PA) Central High School (Philadelphia, PA) 54–51–10 1892 Annual Thanksgiving game. The Philadelphia area's most recognized Thanksgiving football tradition, the schools play each year for the wooden horse trophy. [23]

Cony High School (Augusta, ME) Gardiner High School (Gardiner, ME) 65–55–10 1892 Cony and Gardiner play in the Pine Tree Conference in Maine. The Cony-Gardiner game is a part of the annual Great American Rivalry Series. [24][25]

Louisville Male High School (Louisville, KY) duPont Manual High School (Louisville, KY) 81–45–6 1893 Dubbed "The Old Rivalry" it is the oldest high school rivalry in Kentucky. The rivalry item is The Barrel, painted red with Manual's "M" on one side and purple with Male's "H" on the other. [26]

Vineland High School (Vineland, NJ) Millville High School (Millville, NJ) 63–62-19 1893 Annual Thanksgiving football game. The oldest rivalry football game in New Jersey. The game on Thanksgiving Day 2016 (November 24, 2016) was the 145th matchup between the two teams. [27]

Saint Ignatius College Preparatory (San Francisco, CA) Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory (San Francisco, CA) 41–19–2 1893 The rivalry dates back to a rugby game on March 17, 1893;[28] this led to the establishment of the Bruce-Mahoney Trophy in 1947. The trophy is named after a graduate from each school that died in World War II. [29][30]

West Aurora High School (Aurora, IL) East Aurora High School (Aurora, IL) 64–48–12 1893 The East-West rivalry dates back to November 18, 1893, and is the longest continuous rivalry in Illinois. The two schools met in all but two years (1894 and 1897) since 1893, including two games in 1896 and 1898, with all but a handful of games prior to 1953 taking place on Thanksgiving Day. [31]

Bradford Area High School (Bradford, PA) Olean High School (Olean, NY) 1893 The second-oldest interstate high school football rivalry in the country, and the oldest such rivalry to feature public schools. [32]

B.M.C. Durfee High School (Fall River, MA) New Bedford High School (New Bedford, MA) New Bedford leads 76-41-10 1893 Annual Thanksgiving football game. The oldest high school football rivalry in South Coast New England.

Pottsville Area High School (Pottsville, PA) Reading High School (Reading, PA) 46–38–8 1893 Annual Thanksgiving Day Game 1932–77. Cities separated by 34 miles via PA Route 61. In years past, teams, band and fans traveled to game via famed "Reading Railroad" and then paraded along host city streets to stadium. [33]

Gonzaga College High School (Washington, DC) St. John's College High School (Washington, DC) 45–40–5 1893 The "Modern Era" began on October 26, 1928, when the teams met at Georgetown University before a crowd of 2,500. Between 1928 and 1978, a period of 51 years, the teams met each fall. Fifty-three times without interruption, including two playoff games.[34]

Mount Carmel High School (Mount Carmel, PA) Shamokin High School (Shamokin, PA) 77–25–11 1893 Following a six-year hiatus from 1928–1933, the two teams have played each other every year since 1934. The game known as the "Coal Bucket Game", formerly played on Thanksgiving Day, began in 1951 (series record: 51–15–2). [35][36][37]

Thornton Academy (Saco, ME) Biddeford High School (Biddeford, ME) 49–34–8 1893 The annual "Battle of the Bridge" rivalry began in 1893 off and on until 1927. In 1954 there was a 9-year gap before resuming in 1963 and continuing on ever since. [38]

Hebron Academy (Hebron, ME) Kents Hill School (Kents Hill, ME) 1894 Annual football game. Kents Hill School Rivalry [39]

Athol High School (Athol, MA) Ralph C. Mahar Regional High School (Orange, MA) 51-31-1 1894 Annual football game. Thanksgiving Day Game [40]

St. Johnsbury Academy (St. Johnsbury, VT) Lyndon Institute (Lyndon, VT) 64–44–6 1894 Annual football game. Played on the last Saturday of the regular season for Vermont High School football.[41]

Menominee High School (Menominee, MI) Marinette High School (Marinette, WI) 51–50–7 1894 The oldest interstate rivalry between two public high schools (third overall), Menominee and Marinette are "twin towns" separated by less than a mile of water and a bridge, making the rivalry all the more intense. [32]

Massillon Washington High School (Massillon, OH) Canton McKinley High School (Canton, OH) 64–51–5 1894 Annual. The last game of the regular season at either Paul Brown Tiger Stadium in Massillon, or Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, next to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, in Canton. This game gets listed on Vegas parlay sheets and has been featured in Sports Illustrated. [10][11][42]

Millville Senior High School (Millville, NJ) Vineland Senior High School South/Vineland Senior High School North (Vineland, NJ) 55–60–19 1894 Annual Thanksgiving football game, this rivalry is the 12th-oldest in the United States. In terms of games (136), it is the fourth-longest in the nation's history. [4]

Leominster High School (Leominster, MA) Fitchburg High School (Fitchburg, MA) 66–59–10 1894 Annual Thanksgiving football game. "The Rivalry", also known by locals as the Turkey Bowl, met for the 111th Thanksgiving and the 155th time overall in 2016. [43]

Newton North High School (Newton, MA) Brookline High School (Brookline, MA) 55–53–6 1894 Annual Thanksgiving football game.

Ottawa Township High School (Ottawa, IL) Streator Township High School (Streator, IL) 58–37–1 1895 The Ottawa Pirates and Streator Bulldogs are the 3rd longest football rivalry in the State of Illinois still active. [44]

Ansonia High School (Ansonia, CT) Naugatuck High School (Naugatuck, CT) 68–34–10 1895 Annual Thanksgiving football game. Game regularly draws crowds of over 10,000. It is the second oldest football rivalry in Connecticut.

Sandusky High School (Sandusky, OH) Fremont Ross High School (Fremont, OH) 58-51-6 1926 Annual battle between the Sandusky Blue Streaks and the Ross Little Giants is the 8th oldest rivalry in Ohio.

Barnstable High School (Hyannis, MA) Falmouth High School (Falmouth, MA) 58–57–8 1895 Annual football game. Traditionally played on Thanksgiving Day, series played on Cape Cod. [45]

Warwick Valley High School (Warwick, NY) Goshen High School (Goshen, NY) 45–44–0 (since 1927) 1896 Second-oldest rivalry in New York State; teams have played annually since 1927, and for the Spirit Trophy since 1976. In 2011, Goshen opted out of the rivalry due to divisional realignment. In 2015 the series resumed. [46]

North Tonawanda High School (North Tonawanda, NY) Tonawanda High School (Tonawanda, NY) 68–32–9 1896 Annual T-NT game is the oldest rivalry in the Buffalo, NY area. Tonawanda won 27-0 in 2019. [47]

Dover High School (Dover, OH) New Philadelphia High School (New Philadelphia, OH) 57–50–9 1896 Annual, last Friday in October. One of the oldest rivalries in the state. These two teams had their 100th meeting game in 2004, which coincidentally found rivalry's record tied at 45–45–9.

Adrian High School (Adrian, MI) Monroe High School (Monroe, MI) 1896 Annual game. Usually the last game of the season.

Plainwell High School (Plainwell, MI) Otsego High School (Otsego, MI) 70-44-6 1896 Annual game, one of the longest in Michigan history

Radnor High School (Radnor, PA) Lower Merion High School (Ardmore, PA) 56–56–11[48] 1897 Annual football game; Radnor High School grants students a half-day on the following school day if the school beats Lower Merion.
Middletown High School (Middletown, NY) Port Jervis High School (Port Jervis, NY) 69–55–7 1897 Annual football game; played for the Erie Bell from a railroad linking the two Orange County, NY cities. Middletown won the most recent meeting 37-14. [49]

East Orange High School (East Orange, NJ) Barringer High School (Newark, NJ) 1897 Annual football game. Traditionally played on Thanksgiving Day. John Amos played in series, Dionne Warwick was a cheerleader in 1957.

Lewiston High School (Lewiston, ME) Edward Little High School (Auburn, ME) 93-70-12 1897 The 175th Battle of the Bridge was won by Lewiston in 2017.


Sandwich High School (Sandwich, IL) Plano High School (Plano, IL) 55–51–4 1897 The Sandwich Indians and Plano Reapers are one of the longest football rivalries in the State of Illinois still active.


LaSalle-Peru High School (LaSalle, IL) Ottawa Township High School (Ottawa, IL) 65–50–5 1898 The Ottawa Pirates and LaSalle-Peru Cavaliers are one of the longest football rivalries in the State of Illinois still active.

Webster Groves High School (Webster Groves, MO) Kirkwood High School (Kirkwood, MO) 54–50–7 1898 Played on Thanksgiving Day in 1907 as the first championship game in St. Louis County. It is the oldest current Thanksgiving Day rivalry west of the Mississippi River. [52]

Ironton High School (Ironton, OH) Portsmouth High School (Portsmouth, OH) 60-57-8 1902 The first meeting was a scoreless tie on November 30, 1899, at modern-day Moulton's Field in Ironton. It is the second's oldest rivalry in the state of Ohio. They battle for the Tom Grashel Memorial Trophy and the winner will own bragging rights and the trophy for a year!!! [53]

Shenandoah Valley High School (Shenandoah, PA) Mahanoy Area High School (Mahanoy City, PA) 57–39–6 1899 "The Backyard Brawl" Played for the Damato/Szematowicz Trophy, named for WWII war heroes, 1st from each school killed in battle. Schools and towns separated via 4 miles along PA State Rt 54. [54]

Reading Memorial High School (Reading, MA) Stoneham High School (Stoneham, MA) 61–24–8 1899 Annual football game. Traditionally played on Thanksgiving Day. Has been played continuously since 1923. [55]

Troy High School (Troy, OH) Piqua High School (Piqua, OH) 66–63–6 1899 Annual football game. The schools are only 8 miles apart. The game has been played continuously since 1911 and has had 135 meetings.

Carmi-White County High School (Carmi, IL) Fairfield Community High School (Fairfield, IL) 60–41–6 1899 Annual football game. Have played for the Rotary Wheel trophy since 2005 (Fairfield leads trophy series 4-2)

Marlborough High School (Marlborough, MA) Hudson High School (Hudson, MA) 60–44–5 1900 Annual Thanksgiving football game. It is one of the oldest rivalries in Central Mass. The games are played at either the Morgan Bowl in Hudson or Kelleher Field in Marlborough.

Westfield High School (Westfield, NJ) Plainfield High School (Plainfield, NJ) 63-45-7 1900 Annual Thanksgiving football game. Celebrated 100th game in 2005. (Plainfield won 9–0). Westfield won 2019 version, 24-0 [56]

Sherman High School (Sherman, TX) Denison High School (Denison, TX) 68-46-8 1901 The oldest high school football rivalry in Texas, known as the "Battle of the Ax" since 1949 when the ax trophy was donated by a local businessman. Played annually since 1931; played multiple times or skipped in some prior years. [57][58][59]

Melrose High School (Melrose, MA) Wakefield High School (Wakefield, MA) 51–38–6 1901 Annual football game. Have played continuously since 1918. Have played on Thanksgiving since 1960. [60]

Woodberry Forest School (Woodberry Forest, VA) Episcopal High School (Alexandria, VA) 57–49–9 1901 Annual football game. This is the longest consecutive high school rivalry in the South.[citation needed] [61]

Dunkirk High School (Dunkirk, NY) Fredonia High School (Fredonia, NY) 63–43–11 1901 Annual game. One of the longest running rivalries in Western New York.

Pottsville High School (Pottsville, PA) Shamokin Area High School (Shamokin, PA) 50–20–0 1901 Anthracite "Hard" Coal Region Eastern Pennsylvania Football clash. Schools separated by 27 miles via PA Route 901. The last meeting at Shamokin's Kemp Memorial Stadium on August 30, 2013 was won by Pottsville 41-13. [33]

Benedictine Military School (Savannah, GA) Savannah High School (Savannah, GA) 51–47–8 1902 The oldest high school football rivalry in the state of Georgia; it used to be played on Thanksgiving Day before 1960.

Fremont Ross High School (Fremont, OH) Findlay High School (Findlay, OH) 57–34–3 1902 Findlay won first game of series on October 17, 1902, but since Fremont is 57-33-3. Both teams are in the Three Rivers Athletic Conference.

Logansport High School (Logansport, IN) Peru High School (Peru, IN) 58-50-5 1902 Longest continuous rivalry in the state of Indiana. In 2016, the Baldini Trophy was introduced, in honor of Don Baldini who grew up in Peru and later became the winningest coach in Logansport history. The cities are only 16 miles apart.

Blair Academy (Blairstown, NJ) Peddie School (Hightstown, NJ) 54–49–5 1903 One of the oldest rivalries in New Jersey, has met every year since 1902, with the exception of one year due to a polio outbreak in 1944. [62]

Dodge City High School, (Dodge City, KS) Garden City High School, (Garden City, KS) 70–35–4 1903 An annual game, nicknamed the "Hatchet Game," in which the winner receives a traveling trophy (a hatchet). It is the second oldest rivalry game in Kansas. [63]

Wooster High School, (Wooster, OH) Orrville High School, (Orrville, OH) 56–44–9 (through 2019) 1903 Annual. The longest running rivalry in Wayne County, Ohio and 6th longest in Ohio. [64]

Parkersburg High School (Parkersburg, WV) Marietta High School (Marietta, OH) 74–27–6 1903 The Battle for the Mid-Ohio Valley has been waged between PHS (West Virginia) and MHS (Ohio) for over a century. Between 1994 and 2009 the game did not take place due to scheduling problems with the two schools.

Shelton High School (Shelton, CT) Derby High School (Derby, CT) 52–42–7 1904 Annual Thanksgiving football game. It draws upwards of 10,000 people. The Derby/Shelton Rotary Club donates a competitive trophy that the winner of the game possesses for a year. Notable players from Shelton High School are Matt Gorlewski and Dan Orlovsky

Round Valley High School (Eagar, AZ) St. Johns High School (St. Johns, AZ) 1904

Newburgh Free Academy (Newburgh, NY) Kingston High School (Kingston, NY) 56-51-5 1905 Played annually since 1919. One of the oldest rivalries in New York State.

La Junta High School (La Junta, CO) Lamar High School (Lamar, CO) 55–47–1 1905 One of the oldest rivalries in Colorado. The Savages and Tigers have recently played for a train whistle' dubbed the "Whistle Game". This tradition began in 2002. [65]

Green Bay East High School (Green Bay, WI) Green Bay West High School (Green Bay, WI) 51–39–3 1905 One of the oldest rivalries in Wisconsin. Early games occasionally had more fans than Green Bay Packers games, who used to play at City Stadium.

Mount Carmel High School (Chicago, IL) St. Rita of Cascia High School (Chicago, IL) 56–27–0 1905 One of the oldest rivalries in the Chicago Catholic League. Both schools have graduated a number of notable NFL players including Dennis Lick and Donavan McNabb. [66]

Baylor School (Chattanooga, TN) The McCallie School (Chattanooga, TN) 43–36–3 1905 The oldest rivalry in Tennessee. Called the "cross-river" rivalry because the two schools are separated by the Tennessee River. Both schools use this game as their "homecoming" game, and it regularly attracts up to 10,000 people. [67]

Dover High School (Dover, NH) Spaulding High School (Rochester, NH) 69–46–8 1906 The oldest and one of the fiercest rivalries in New Hampshire. The first game in 1906 was a 0-0 tie. The 2011 game was the first time that both teams have met in the playoffs with Dover winning 24-21 on a last second field goal in front of a crowd of almost 30,000.

Douglas High School (Douglas, AZ) Bisbee High School (Bisbee, AZ) 76—57—8 1906 "The (Copper) Pick", a contest between the high schools of two mining towns in southeast Arizona. [68][69]

Pottsville High School (Pottsville, PA) Mount Carmel High School (Mount Carmel, PA) 29–29–2 1906 Anthracite "Hard" Coal Region Eastern Pennsylvania Football clash. Schools separated by 18. Both schools are Top 50 winningest programs in the nation with Mt Carmel at #5 all-time and #1 in Pennsylvania. [70]

Easton Area High School (Easton, PA) Phillipsburg High School (Phillipsburg, NJ) 63–42–5 1906 The schools are separated by a bridge that crosses the Delaware River. First nationally televised high school football game-1988. Oldest interstate Thanksgiving Day Game, played at Lafayette College campus. [10][71]

Aberdeen High School (Aberdeen, WA) Hoquiam High School (Hoquiam, WA) 62–35–5 1906 The oldest high school football rivalry in the state of Washington. It had been the longest running football rivalry in the state until 1996 when Hoquiam High School cancelled the final three weeks of the season due to drug and alcohol violations. [72]

Bellaire High School (Bellaire, OH) Martins Ferry High School (Martins Ferry, OH) 53–48–7 1907 7th oldest rivalry in the state of Ohio. Also both teams are in the top 10 in Ohio and top 100 in the nation in all-time wins. They play for the annual S.P.A.R.K.Y. trophy which stands for Sportsmanship, Participation, Achievement, Rivalry, Knowledge, and Youth.

Haynesville Senior High School (Haynesville, LA) Homer High School (Homer, LA) 71-31-5[73][74] 1907[73] Annual game[75] and oldest high school football rivalry in the state of Louisiana, known as the "Claiborne Parish Super Bowl."[73][76]

Auburn Senior High School (Auburn, WA) Kent-Meridian High School (Kent, WA) 47–47–13 1908 The second oldest high school football rivalry in Washington as well as the longest running rivalry. The winner of each year's game wins and displays the Taylor Trophy which was first presented by Dr. Owen Taylor in 1929. [77]

Sikeston High School (Sikeston, MO) Charleston High School (Charleston, MO) 90–34–4 1908 Separated by 12 miles, it is considered by some to be the oldest rivalry west of the Mississippi River in terms of number of games played. The game was played on Thanksgiving Day for 50 years until it was controversially moved in 1960. [78]

Santa Cruz High School (Santa Cruz, CA) Watsonville High School (Watsonville, CA) 1908

Palmyra High School, (Palmyra, NJ) Burlington City High School, (Burlington, NJ) 56–47–12 1908 Annual Thanksgiving game; one of the oldest rivalries in New Jersey and the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

Somerset High School, (Somerset, KY) Danville High School (Kentucky), (Danville, KY) 1909 One of the longest running rivalries in Kentucky. Somerset Danville Rivalry a Century Old

Brookfield High School, (Brookfield, MO) Marceline High School, (Marceline, MO) 39–36–1 1909 Separated by 9 miles, this heated rivalry is one of the oldest in Missouri.

Whitman-Hanson Regional High School, (Whitman, MA) Abington High School, (Abington, MA) 53-38-5 (through 2010) 1910 Has been an annual Thanksgiving Contest since 1910, only skipping 1912.

Cuero High School (Cuero, TX) Yoakum High School (Yoakum, TX) 70–33–6 1911 The oldest small school rivalry in Texas. Cuero went undefeated for 42 consecutive years from 1969 to 2011. [79]

Asheville School (Asheville, NC) Christ School (Arden, NC) 50-36-4 1911 Has been played annually since 1911. The Asheville School Blues have the winning record, with the Christ School Greenies having won the contest every year since 2011. The winner is awarded the Fayssoux-Arbogast trophy.

Portland High School (Portland, ME) Deering High School (Portland, ME) 54–36–7 1911 Annual Thanksgiving football game played the week after the state football championship. This is the only annual Thanksgiving game in Maine. [80]

Mayfield High School, (Mayfield, KY) Paducah Tilghman High School, (Paducah, KY) 49–46–9 (according to MHS) or 47–47–10 (according to PTHS) 1911 Second-oldest rivalry in Kentucky. Oldest rivalry in western Kentucky. Played on Thanksgiving until state playoffs were adopted in 1959. The results of the first two games are disputed. [81][82][83][84]

Stonington High School (Stonington, CT) Westerly High School (Westerly, RI) 74–66–17 1911 Annual Thanksgiving football game; teams used to play twice a year. In terms of games, no two high school football teams have played as many games against each other. [85][86]

El Campo High School (El Campo, TX) Bay City High School (Bay City, TX) 55–43–8 1911 Longest continual rivalry in Texas - the Ricebirds and Blackcats have played every year since 1920. [87]

Bluefield High School (Bluefield, WV) Graham High School (Bluefield, VA) 63-24-2 1911 "The Battle of the Bluefields", played at Mitchell Stadium in West Virginia but serves as the home stadium for both schools. The rivalry resumed between Bluefield and Graham in 1928 and has been played continuously ever since. [88]

Texas High School, (Texarkana, TX) Arkansas High School, (Texarkana, AR) 1912 Long-standing rivalry between twin cities separated by a state line. [89][90]

Geneva High School, (Geneva, IL) Batavia High School, (Batavia, IL) 51–43–5 1913 A heated rivalry between two teams that are only separated by a border. [91]

Jackson High School, (Jackson, MO) Cape Central High School, (Cape Girardeau, MO) 63–35–5 1913 Jackson and Cape play only 11 miles from each other, separated only by class, with Jackson in 5A, and Cape in 4A. Both play in the SEMO North Conference against other rivals in Farmington, Sikeston and Poplar Bluff. [citation needed]

Evanston Township High School, (Evanston, IL) New Trier High School, (Winnetka, IL) 54–45–4 1913 [92][93][94]

Valdosta High School, (Valdosta, GA) Colquitt County High School, (Moultrie, GA) 29–70–4 1913 The series began in 1913 and at that time the Colquitt County Packers were known as Moultrie High School. In 1978 the school continued the rivalry playing the Valdosta Wildcats as the Colquitt County Packers as they are known today.

Gilman School (Baltimore, MD) McDonogh School (Owings Mills, MD) 61–38–5 1914 Annual football game. Played in early November. The game was not played in 1916, 1918, or 2020.

Abington Senior High School, (Abington, PA) Cheltenham High School, (Wyncote, PA) 54–34–6 1915 The rivalry is between the senior high schools of neighboring Abington and Cheltenham townships. The two schools are less than 2 miles apart. [95]

Napoleon High School (Napolea, OH) Defiance High School (Defiance, OH) 49-39-2 1916 Dubbed the "Maumee River Rivalry" because the 2 towns are located approximately 15 miles apart with both situated on the Maumee River. [96]

Hollywood High School (Hollywood, CA) Van Nuys High School (Van Nuys, CA) 1916 One of the oldest high school rivalries in Los Angeles. Both high schools have graduated a number of famous Hollywood celebrities, and NFL Hall-of-Famer Bob Waterfield was a VNHS alum.

Thomasville High School (Thomasville, AL) Clarke County High School (Grove Hill, AL) 61-30-8 1917 Separated by 15 miles, the two compete in a three-way rivalry similar to the Army-Navy-Air Force rivalry. [97]

Jackson High School (Jackson, AL) Clarke County High School (Grove Hill, AL) 63-29-8 1917 Separated by 15 miles, the two compete in a three-way rivalry similar to the Army-Navy-Air Force rivalry. [98]

Jesuit High School (New Orleans, LA) Holy Cross School (New Orleans, LA) 59-40-1 1919 Annual; fifth oldest Great American Rivalry series in the nation.

Loyola Blakefield (Baltimore, Maryland) Calvert Hall College High School (Baltimore, Maryland) 49-43-8 1920 Annual Thanksgiving football game. The rivalry is one of the oldest between two Catholic high schools in the U.S. [99]


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