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McDonald's Corporation (NYSEMCD) is the world's largest chain of fast food restaurants, serving around 68 million customers daily in 119 countries.[1][2] McDonald's traces its origins to a 1940 restaurant in San Bernardino, California. After expanding within the United States, McDonald's became an international corporation in 1967, when it opened a location in Richmond, Canada. By the end of the 1970s, McDonald's restaurants existed in five of the Earth's seven continents; an African location came in 1992 in Cape Town, South Africa.

In order to cater to local tastes and culinary traditions, and often in respect of particular laws or religious beliefs, McDonald's offers regionalized versions of its menu among and within different countries. As a result, products found in one country or region may not be found in McDonald's restaurants in other countries.



In 2001, McDonald's introduced the McFalafel sandwich in its Egypt locations.[3] These restaurants also offer a Chicken Big Mac and Fish Mac, variations on the standard Big Mac which substitute breaded chicken or fish, respectively, for the usual beef patties. In the summer of 2008, McDonald's introduced fish fingers with tartar dipping sauce as a side in Egyptian restaurants. Early 2010 saw the introduction of Egyptian cookies to the Cairo location. Egypt has almost 70 locations throughout the country.


The McArabia, a grilled chicken sandwich from Morocco.[4] In 2005, a product called the McSahara was briefly sold. In late 2006, the Chicken Mythic, Petit Plaisirs ("small pleasures," a sandwich usually made from chicken or beef), and a 280-gram Recette Moutarde ("mustard burger") were released. During the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, a special menu is offered for the breaking of the fast, including local specialties such as dates, milk, and harira.



As in all McDonald's locations in the Islamic Middle East, food in Bahraini locations is halal.[5] In addition to the McArabia, Bahraini locations offer, beginning in March 2009, the McCrispy, a meal consisting of up to three chicken fingers with a choice of barbecue, sweet and sour, or garlic sauce.


McDonald's Chinese New Year meal, grilled chicken sandwich and twisted French fries. Tray liner has an image of the Chinese zodiac.

In China, Chicken McNuggets can come with the traditional barbecue, sweet and sour, honey and hot mustard sauces; or even a special chili garlic sauce, which is popular in China. Chinese menus also include crispy Buffalo chicken wings, called McWings. All chicken burgers offered in Chinese McDonald's use thigh fillet (e.g., Premium Grilled Thigh Fillet Burger, Hot and Spicy Grilled Thigh Fillet Burger), rather than breast meat, which is preferred in western countries.[6]

Unique ice cream flavors such as Matcha Green Tea ice cream is available. Pies come in two standard flavors: pineapple or taro, although special flavors including chocolate, apple, banana, and azuki bean have also been offered on a limited basis.

There is a seasonal Chinese New Year meal available, including the Grilled Chicken Burger and curly fries, with a horoscope of the twelve zodiac animals of Chinese astrology and traditional red packets (lai see).

A unique feature of Chinese McDonald's locations is the "McExpress" walk-up window, which sells a small range of drinks and ice cream desserts. Most McExpress windows are attached to restaurants, but in some cases, they can be physically independent, typically in locations such as shopping malls, department stores and subway stations. Most major urban locations offer delivery for an extra fee. Deliveries are usually made by electrically powered scooters, although in several cities where motorcycle bans are in place, a conventional courier bicycle is used. The food is normally carried in a large insulated backpack.

Hong Kong[edit]

Hong Kong hosts some of the world's busiest McDonald's with many operating 24 hours a day. Breakfasts include pasta soups with sausage or chicken.[7] Locations offer cups of corn as substitutes for French fries or à la carte. Desserts include soft serve ice cream in azuki bean and mung bean flavors; pineapple or red bean sundaes are sometimes offered.

A selection of seasonal or other limited-time foods is available, such as spicy French fries, the Shogun Burger (a teriyaki pork patty with lettuce served on a sesame seed bun), salads, soups such as tomato and pumpkin,[8] taco flatbreads, the Rice Fantastic (a burger-like entree with rice patties instead of buns). Other such specialties have included shrimp burgers, Wasabi Filet O' Fish, onion rings,[9] and Shake Shake fries, flavored French fries in flavors such as seaweed, chargrill, French onion, and salt and pepper. During the local Bun Festival, restaurants on the island of Cheung Chau sell mushroom burgers instead of hamburgers and other meat products.

Toys,[10] gift and other non-food promotion products are offered from time to time.


McSpicy Chicken, McChicken, Pizza McPuff, Chicken McNuggets and French fries sold by McDonald's in India.

Indian McDonald's serve the Chicken Maharaja Mac, a grilled chicken double patty with habanero sauce[11] and Veg Maharaja Mac, cheese and corn double patty with cocktail sauce.[12] Apart from these, the McSpicy burgers/wraps, McGrill and Pizza McPuff are sold in India.

In 2016, McDonald's released two limited edition burgers called the Mexican and Lebanese McAloo Tikki. The Mexican burger consists of jalapeños, tomatoes and a Mexican marinara sauce; while its Lebanese counterpart is loaded with harissa mayonnaise sauce and gherkins. Both these burgers contain the signature aloo patty with cornmeal dusted buns.[13]

Past promotional items have included the McPaneer and Grilled Chicken Royale,[14] Mexican Spice Chicken and Veg, Asian Hot Garlic Dip and African Peri Peri Shake Shake (as part of the Spice Fest)[15] Indi-McSpicy and the McCurry Pan.

McDonald's in India do not serve beef products, in deference to Hindu beliefs. Meat and vegetarian meals are prepared in separate areas of the restaurant due to religious laws; cooks preparing vegetarian dishes wear a distinctive green apron.[16]


McDonald's Indonesia promo; Burger Sate, McFlurry Rujak Pedas, Markisa soda tea and Fries. Limited in August only, the month of Indonesian Independence.
Bubur ayam (chicken congee)

To accommodate Muslim-majority population, all McDonald's in Indonesia are certified halal, which means they do not serve bacon or pork patties, while serving only beef, chicken, and fish.[17] Local items include crispy and spicy fried chicken; the McRice, a small mound of steamed rice wrapped in paper and available to supersize; McSoup, a chicken flavored soup with bits of croutons and vegetables; and Buryam (short for bubur ayam or chicken congee), later renamed as Bubur Ayam Spesial with the addition of fried egg topping.[18] Sambal chili sauce, an essential component of Indonesian cuisine, and tomato ketchup are available as condiments.

McDonald's fried chicken, McRice, and fruit tea are sold together as PaNas (paket nasi or "rice package") with an additional sachet of sambal chili sauce.[19] This adopts the Indonesians' way of consuming ayam goreng (fried chicken) with steamed rice and sambal.

Other than fried chicken with rice and bubur ayam chicken rice congee, locals' preference of rice-based food is accommodated further by the introduction of Chicken with Spicy Tomato and Chicken Teriyaki,[20] which is a bowl of steamed rice topped with strips of fried chicken patty with sauces and vegetables, similar to the Japanese donburi (rice bowl) fashion of serving.

McDonald's in Indonesia also promotes some seasonal foods, sold only within a limited certain period of time. Those limited periods include Chinese New Year, Ramadhan, and Independence Day specials.

During Chinese New Year, a Beef Prosperity Burger, consisting of two beef patties covered in black pepper sauce and topped with diced onions, is sold.[21]

During Ramadhan, McDonald's Indonesia has offered BBQ Beef Flatbread (2014), Curry Beef Delight (2015), Moroccan Burger (2016) and Ayam Kremes (2017).[22]

In certain periods, such as August (the month of Indonesian independence), McDonald's Indonesia launched local-inspired dishes such as the Burger Sate, a hamburger with satay sauce (spicy ground peanut sauce), with Teh Soda Markisa (passion fruit tea soda);[23] Local-inspired dessert include McFlurry with markisa (passion fruit) and rujak pedas (spicy mango rujak) flavour.[24]


Kosher McDonald's

The only entirely kosher McDonald's are in Israel and Argentina. In these locations, patties are barbecued on charcoal rather than fried.[25] Some kosher locations serve milk based desserts, but in separate booths, allowing for full separation of dairy and meat products in food preparation areas. However, most of the McDonald's outlets in Israel are not kosher service, as they serve cheeseburgers, which mix dairy and meat products.

Specialty items in Israeli McDonald's include the McShawarma and McKebab, both served on flatbread. On January 18, 2011, McDonald's introduced the McFalafel sandwich in Israel, but withdrew the item six months later.[26] Within the last few years they have added a vegetarian option, corn sticks (which are bite sized corn shniztels).


A Big Mac as served in Japan
Idaho burgers include bacon, beef, onion, cheese and pepper sauce.

Regular menu items in Japanese McDonald's include: the Teriyaki McBurger, with ground pork patties, mayonnaise, lettuce, and teriyaki sauce; Shaka Shaka Chicken, a fried chicken strip served in a paper pouch, with cheese or pepper seasonings to shake in the bag; and the Fillet-O-Ebi (shrimp), with a fried shrimp patty and mustard. Breakfast options include a hot dog with pickle relish, ketchup, and mustard,then for lunch and dinner they serve the Chilli McHotdog with egg and chilli sauce. As well as regular soft drinks (which in Japan include grape flavoured Fanta and iced tea), McDonald's in Japan also serve cartons of milk, Minute Maid orange juice and "Yassai Seikatsu", a type of vegetable juice.

Seasonal and limited-time items have included:

  • The Chicken Katsu Burger, a breaded chicken sandwich flavored with soy sauce and ginger.[27]
  • The Gratin Korokke Burger, a sandwich with korokke (breaded mashed potatoes) filled with shrimp, macaroni, shredded cabbage, and katsu[clarification needed] sauce, and optional cheese; served during winter
  • McDonald counter in Japan
    Green tea-flavored milkshakes
  • The Salsa Burger, a breaded chicken sandwich with salsa
  • The Tamago Double Mac, a hamburger with three beef patties, pepper sauce, bacon, a poached egg, and optional cheese
  • The Teri Tama Burger, a teriyaki burger with egg; served during spring
  • The Tsukimi Burger ("moon-viewing burger"), a hamburger with one beef patty, fry sauce, bacon, a poached egg (representing the Moon), and optional cheese; served before and during Tsukimi season
  • Ume Nuggets, Chicken McNuggets with sour ume (plum) sauce for dipping
  • The Mega Teriyaki, a teriyaki-style Big Mac variant with two pork patties and teriyaki sauce
  • "Quarter Pounder Jewelry" burgers : The 'Gold Ring' available on July 6, 2012, the 'Black Diamond' on July 13, 2013 and 'Ruby Spark' on July 20, 2013 only[28][29]

On United States military establishments in Japan (like the US Naval Base in Yokosuka), both American and Japanese menus are sold, depending on availability.

Japan has made "American burgers". The burgers in Japan are based on imaginations and symbolisms of burgers from different regions of the U.S. Such as Idaho burgers.


All McDonald's in Malaysia are certified halal.[30] Regular menu items include the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe, a burger with crispy marinated chicken, lettuce, and special sauce in a cornmeal bun, the Bubur Ayam McD ("McD Chicken Porridge"), chicken strips in rice porridge with scallions, sliced ginger, fried shallots, and diced chilies,[31] and the Ayam Goreng McD ("McD's Fried Chicken"), large chicken strips made just like the ones sold at KFC restaurants served in two-piece or three-piece meals. The Ayam Goreng McD was introduced as McDonald's Fried Chicken in 1986. The product's name was changed to Chicken McCrispy in 2000 and again to Ayam Goreng McD in 2002 to better suit the country's culture.

Other seasonal and limited-time specialties have included the Bubur Ikan McD (a fish variant of the Bubur Ayam McD), the Grilled Chicken Foldover (equivalent to the McArabia), the Grilled Chicken Burger and spicy McNuggets.[32] Specialty desserts have included a kiwifruit sundae, served in 2000 in Kuala Lumpur.

Like in Singapore and Indonesia, during Chinese New Year, Prosperity Burgers are sold. These come in beef and chicken varieties. In 2011, these were served with a McFizz, a specialty beverage mixing Minute Maid orange juice and Sprite, and Curly Fries.[33]

Another limited time promotional item that appears almost yearly is the Samurai Burger, a large beef burger dipped in teriyaki sauce. In 2012 it was promoted with two new sides, a Sakura McFizz (Sprite + Ribena), and the Katsu Curry McShakers.[34] They also serve a unique 'Taro Pie, a pie made of taro.


All McDonald's in Pakistan are certified halal.[35] Pakistani menus resemble those of Middle Eastern and South Asian locations. McArabias and Spicy Chicken Burgers are popular in Pakistan.[citation needed] A Chicken Big Mac is also available. In addition to apple pie, McDonald's Pakistan serves choco-orange pie and blueberry custard pie, which is fried. All McDonald's Pakistan menu items with the exception of ice cream cones are also available for delivery.


Most Filipinos colloquially refer to McDonald's as "McDo" (equivalent to "Mickey D's"), and the term has been adapted by McDonald's Philippines, even naming most of their products after the term. Menu items in McDonald's in the Philippines include McSpaghetti, Chicken McDo, Burger McDo and Crispy Chicken Sandwich, in order to compete with the country's largest fast food retail Jollibee. From 2001 to 2006 the McRice, steamed rice formed into buns, was available as a replacement for bread buns on beef and chicken sandwiches.[36] Breakfast menus include longaniza, a Philippine sausage, served with rice and a fried egg, and the Hamdesal, a Pandesal bun with pineapple glaze syrup, mayonnaise, and Canadian bacon served with scrambled eggs, cheese, or both.

Some pies come in pineapple and taro flavors, although the McDonald's Apple Pie is served in all locations. Only select locations serve milkshakes. Twister Fries is also served seasonally, as well as Shake Shake Fries, which are McDonald's French Fries that come in a paper bag and served with a packet of flavored powder (Barbeque, Cheesy Butter, Sour Cream, Ketchup, and Pizza flavors); customers must administer the flavoring to the bag of fries themselves, shaking the bag until the powder is evenly distributed among the fries. They are available annually.

McDonald's in the Philippines also promotes movie tie-in products seasonally, such as the Banana-Oreo McFlurry and Banana McFloat during the release of the Minions movie in 2015.[37]

Saudi Arabia[edit]

All McDonald's in Saudi Arabia are certified halal.[5] Saudi locations serve the Spicy McChicken, McArabia, and the Big Tasty, the latter of which is also available in some European locations.


All McDonald's in Singapore are certified halal.[38] Singaporean locations offer the McSpicy, a spicy chicken burger.[39] A 24-hour McDelivery service is available in all locations on the island.

The curry sauce is a dip unique to Singapore and is the favourite complementary dip to McNuggets.

In 2011, due to congestion at the United States' West Coast ports, the popular chicken nugget dip was unavailable for a period of time,[40] causing a public outcry. A similar crisis happened in 2015.

In July 2016, McDonald's launched a limited edition take-home bottle of the curry sauce (375ml) and is limited to four purchases per single receipt.[41] The news was met with overwhelming popularity and several outlets ran out of stock on the item extremely quickly.

McDonald's has also introduced several special additions to the Singapore menu, such as the Salted Egg York Chicken Burger in 2016, coupled with salt & pepper shaker fries and Gula Melaka McFlurry.[42]

South Korea[edit]

McDonald's Bulgogi burger in South Korea

McDonald's locations in South Korea serve a shrimp burger as well as a Bulgogi Burger, a pork patty in bulgogi marinade. The bulgogi-flavored sauce was developed by Ottogi, a large South Korean food manufacturer that provides all of the condiments to the country's McDonald's.[43] A 24-hour McDelivery service was launched in 2007 and now is available across South Korea.[44] McDelivery also has an app available on both Google Play and the Apple Store.[45][46]

Dessert options include affogato. Former options included a green tea McFlurry[47] and the McBingsu, a seasonal option similar to patbingsu.


McDonald's in Taiwan serve kao fan (烤飯, kǎo fàn) (literally "baked rice"), a burger-like entrée with rice patties instead of buns.[48] It is modelled on the eponymous product of McDonald's Japanese rival, MOS Burger. McDonald's locations in Taiwan sell fried chicken legs to compete with KFC. Additionally, corn soup is available as a substitute for French fries or à la carte.


McChicken, Filet-O-Fish, Chicken McNuggets, French fries and fried chicken sold by McDonald's in Bangkok.

In Thailand, McDonald's serves the Samurai Pork Burger, with teriyaki sauce, lettuce, and mayonnaise.[49] As in other Asian markets, Thai McDonald's sell fried chicken and spicy chicken wings. Chilli sauce is available as a condiment, along with ketchup. Other Thailand-specific items include rice patties made with jasmine rice, the Caribbean Shrimp Burger, and a salad shaker based on som tam papaya salad. McDonald's restaurants in Thailand also serve the Mega animals Mac (known as the Double Big Mac) all year long.

Between October 1 and 13, 2013, or until supplies ran out, McDonald's offered a "McVeggie" burger to coincide with the tradition of many people of Chinese descent only eating vegetarian food during the annual "Kin J" period. The McVeggie is an all vegetable fried patty consisting of potatoes, beets, peas and carrot topped with lettuce and teriyaki sauce.[50]


All McDonald's meat in Turkey are certified halal by Pinar, a Turkish company. Restaurants offer the Turkish drink ayran and the McTurco, a type of kebab with chicken or beef.[51] Turkish locations also serve onion rings, the Mega Mac (known as the Double Big Mac) and the Kofteburger, with a spiced mincemeat patty.[52]

United Arab Emirates[edit]

In the United Arab Emirates, as of 2016, McDonald's standard a-la-carte menu include the hamburger (marketed as "beefburger"), cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, chicken burger, veggie burger, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Big Mac, Mega Mac, Big Tasty, McRoyale, McChicken, Spicy McChicken, Chicken Mac, Chicken Mega Mac, Grand Chicken (Classic, Deluxe, Special, and Spicy variants), McArabia Chicken, Chicken McNuggets, and Filet-O-Fish sandwiches. In some outlets, the Indian-inspired Mc Aloo Tikki burger is also served as part of the McSavers and Happy Meal lines.

The McArabia initially was available as both a chicken and beef kofta variants, but only the chicken remained as standard, although the kofta and sujuk variants are sometimes reintroduced in limited promotional runs. Other limited edition sandwiches included The Asian, The Mexican, The French, and The Turkish. The standard menu formerly carried other McDonald's staples such as the Chicken Fillet, the Spicy Chicken Fillet, and the McWings.

McDonald's in the U.A.E. is a certified halal chain.[5]


Vietnam serves broken rice also known as Cơm tấm, named simply as cơm. The dish consists of broken rice, grilled pork and various other sides that come at an extra price. Bánh mì(General term for bread) is also served and looks very similar to a Subway sandwich.



Belgian McDonald's serve the Croque McDo, consisting of two slices of Emmental cheese and a slice of ham toasted between two hamburger buns. This is a variation of the traditional croque-monsieur sandwich found in France and Belgium.[53] The "Belgo" burger is a hamburger with bacon, Belgian Maredsous cheese, roasted onions, and cocktail sauce.


The McCountry sandwich is a regular menu item in Croatian McDonald's restaurants, consisting of two pork sausage patties on a bun with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a special sauce. Another regular menu item is the McToast, a ham and cheese sandwich on toast. The Maestro Burger can also be found which is normally seen in the Netherlands. Seasonal and promotional offers include Greek and Italian offerings.[54]


McDonald's in Cyprus sells the Greek Mac, a Big Mac variant with pita bread and tzatziki sauce, and the Greek Chicken, a Greek Mac with chicken patties instead of beef.[55] A shrimp burger is also sold during the period of Lent when Orthodox Christians don't eat meat. This only applies to the Republic of Cyprus, and not the northern Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, where due to the lack of international recognition, McDonald's does not exist.

Czech Republic[edit]

The McCountry sandwich served in Croatia is also available in the Czech Republic.

In 2012, McDonald's added McSmažák, a variation on smažený sýr, a type of cheese sandwich.[56] It is similar to the Slovak McSyr.


In Denmark, every McDonald's serves a small size chicken burger called "Chicken Salsa Cheese". As similar to Finland and Sweden's "El Maco", Danish McDonald's locations sells "El Maco Jr.": A small size "El Maco".[57] Also following its other Scandinavian cousins, Danish McDonald's serve a Daim McFlurry.[58]


In Finland, most McDonald's hamburgers can be ordered with a rye bun, based on the success of the promotional "McRuis" (McRye) burger.[59] El Maco is a burger with salsa and sour cream sauce. The El Maco meal is served with a barbecue spice mixture and a paper bag in which the fries and the spice mixture are poured, similar to Japan's Shaka Shaka Chicken. In 2018 McDonald's released the Big Mac with bacon. Also same as in Sweden, they are offering McVegan patty for vegans in wraps, sallad or as a burger. Macarons are also served as a McCafe product. In early 2018 they released Valio Oltermanni Juustonapit that is basically small cheese nuggets filled with the famous Finnish cheese.


In France, McDonald's offers donuts for breakfast and Kronenbourg 1664 beer in 25 or 33 cl measures. The Croque McDo and various Petit Plaisir items are available, as in Belgium and Morocco, respectively.[53] In 2016, McDonald's launched a summer menu, called the "American Summer" Menu, with one burger containing crispy peppers.


Standard menu items at German McDonald's include the Hamburger Royal TS, Caesar salads, one Veggieburger called Veggie Clubhouse,[60][61] and Caesar, honey mustard, and Ranch chicken wraps.[62] The McRib sandwich, a seasonal item in most countries, is a permanent menu item in Germany.[63][64]

As of Mid-February 2013, McDonald's Germany started selling the McCurrywurst with bread roll or Fries, a hot sausage with tangy tomato sauce and Curry powder in mild and spicy.[65] The item is no longer sold (September 2016).

The German McDonald's Breakfast does provide Brötchen, a crispy bread roll; McCroissant, a Croissant with stuffed with Ham and Cheese; Scrambled Eggs with Bacon and "Classic Breakfast", a choice of bread rolls with sweet spreads resembling a very common German breakfast choice.[66]

Beer is no longer sold at all locations. It is still served in older outlets owned by German brewers with leases allowing the serving of beer.[67]


McDonald's in Greece currently sells the Greek Mac, a Big Mac variant on pita bread with tzatziki sauce.[68] Other regular menus include the McToast,[69] a ham and cheese sandwich on toast, Deluxe fries[69] (potato wedges), and onion rings.[70] Heineken beer is also served in all locations.[71]

During the period of Lent when Orthodox Christians abstain from eating meat, McDonald's also offers the McVeggie burger,[69] a Shrimp Burger,[72] a McWrap Shrimp,[73] fried veggie snackers,[69] spring rolls,[74] and fried shrimp with dipping sauce.[75]


Hungarian McDonald's sell the McFarm, once available in Greece. Limited-time products available only in Hungary have included McDonald's version of the popular Hungarian breakfast food lángos, and a "Hungarian flavors" menu.[76]


Italian McDonald's offers, since 2000, Crispy McBacon, composed of two beef patties, one slice of cheddar, bacon and a special sauce. In 2014 a variation with chicken is offered. It also began offering "McItaly" items since 2010 in a limited period. Products include burger with "100 percent made-in-Italy meat" and various typical Italian ingredients. The company advertises burgers in several European countries as using Italian beef, because Cremonini provides it in various locations.[77] On May 24, 2013 McDonald's Italia in cooperation with Barilla began offering for a limited period a pasta salad[78] McCafè, launched in 2005, has also been adapted to Italian taste. From May 2015 the menu includes the vegetarian burger McVeggie, offered here with no cheese.


In Malta, McDonald's sell mozzarella sticks and chicken wings as side dishes. The Big Tasty is a variant to the Big N' Tasty while chicken nuggets come with an array of sauces, such as BBQ, sweet and sour, ketchup or mayonnaise. The McCafe was also first introduced in Malta, more specifically on its sister island Gozo, where the only McDonald's and McCafe on the island are found in the Arcadia shopping centre in the capital city of Victoria.[32] It is also the place where the McFtira was sold, a beef or chicken burger with the addition of goat cheese and served in traditional Maltese bread.


In the Netherlands, McDonald's sells the McKroket, a deep-fried roll containing beef ragout, similar to the Dutch bitterballen sold in snack bars.[79] Dutch McDonald's serve frite sauce or "American Sauce," a yellow mayonnaise-like sauce not eaten in the United States with French fries. The ChickenSaté burger was also offered, consisting of fried chicken with peanut sauce; this popular food is inspired by the Netherlands' historical connection to Indonesia. The Joppie Burger was also available using Joppie sauce, popular in the Netherlands. Since 2015, the Maestro Burger menu has been available. The Maestro Burger is a large burger with sesameseed bread, 2 Angus beef patties, onion, lettuce, bacon and mustard. The Chicken Maestro Burger, and the Maestro Burger Egg, a version of the regular burger with an added egg, have been made available since the original burger's launch. Also included in the menu is "Boerenfriet", which are thick, large fries, as commonly found in burgerbars, as well as regular mayonnaise. The introduction of the Maestro Burger is part of the revamp McDonald's is going through in the Netherlands since change of directors, focussing more on customers that seek higher quality burgers and that who would usually visit burgerbars. Special Dutch drinks include Fristi (a yogurt drink) and Chocomel (a chocolate milk drink). Also available in the Netherlands are stroopwafel McFlurries.


As in Finland, Norwegian McDonald's serve the El Maco (on a seasonal basis) and offer gluten free buns without an extra cost. They also serve a Laksewrap, deep-fried fish with salad and a mango slice in a tortilla.[53]

In 2002, the McAfrika burger was introduced in Norway, coinciding with major famines in Southern Africa. The name of the burger drew much negative publicity as being highly insensitive.[80] The burger with vegetables were placed in pita bread.[81]


Offerings in Polish McDonald's restaurants include: the WieśMac ("Country Mac"), a quarter-pound beef patty with onions, lettuce, cheese, mustard, and horseradish sauce on a sesame seed bun;[82] the Pikantny Kurczakburger ("Spicy Chickenburger"), a chicken sandwich with lettuce and hot Mexican-style sauce; McWrap – tortilla with chicken available in two versions: Classic (mayonnaise, mild-Mexican sauce, lettuce, rucola, shredded cheese, two slices of tomato and chicken patty) and Honey-Mustard (honey-mustard sauce, lettuce, shredded cheese, two slices of tomato, two strips of bacon and chicken patty). During winter period you can get Kanapka Drwala ("The Lumberjack's Sandwich") – a big bun with pork rinds instead of sesame, a quarter pounder, bacon, big piece of deep-fried cheese, sauce and vegetables. There is a free apple in every Happy Meal.


Portuguese McDonald's offers a variety of soups, including their national dish of kale soup (caldo verde) and cream of carrot, white bean and spinach.[83] These are offered as add-ons to Happy meals as well. There is also a McBifana and a McPrego on a ciabatta roll. The Portugal-specific mixed salad contains olives, corn, onions and tomatoes.[84] In November 2016 McDonald's Portugal introduced a vegetarian burger option called McVeggie (made from quinoa, bell peppers, wheat flour, wheat protein, vegetable oil, wheat bran, eggs, vegetable starch, spices, salt, onion, garlic, green peas, sugar and mixed herbs).[85] For dessert there are Portugal-specific fresh pineapple chunks, apple cinnamon sundae and a sandwich-shaped apple pie. In 2018 McDonald's released a limited-time edition of the Big Mac Bacon, essentially a Big Mac with added bacon.[86] Beer is available in all restaurants.[87]


In Russia, McDonald's started selling special burgers with ingredients 100% made in the Russian Federation such as cheese, bread, tomatoes, beef, bacon, lettuce in 2015 under the "Биф А-ля Рус (Beef à la Russe)" name, aimed at authentic Russian native hamburger.[88]


In Serbia, McDonald's offers the McBaguette sandwich. The sandwich is available in two varieties including chicken or ham & cheese. The restaurants throughout the country offer alcoholic and energy drinks. They also offer orange juice and apple juice for the junior menus.[89]


In Slovakia, McDonald's offers the McSyr, a sandwich containing breaded fried cheese and tartar sauce which emulates the Slovak dish vyprážaný syr.[90] It is similar to the Czech McSmažák. Also, like in the United Kingdom, McDonald's restaurants in Slovakia serve donuts, which are named McDonuts. McDonuts can be served with either vanilla or chocolate frosting.


The McCountry sandwich served in Croatia is also available in the Slovenia.[91]


Swedish McDonald's occasionally, when there is a time-limited campaign, serve the El Maco and offer gluten free buns without an extra cost. Since 2018 McDonald's in Sweden also serve an all vegan burger called the McVegan. This burger is served with a vegan patty made out of soy, salad, tomatoes, cucumber, onions and vegan McFeast Sauce.[92]


Swiss McDonald's serve "The Prime" Burger, a beef burger with bacon, Gruyère cheese and special sauces created by Swiss Chef René Schudel. With a current price of CHF 10.90 (approx. USD 12.00) for the burger only it is one of the most expensive McDonald's burgers worldwide.


Ukraine features the McLavash sandwich on its menus in the southern part of the country, which is served in flatbread. It has two spicy beef patties, some greens, onion and tomato. The McLavash is also served in some other nearby countries.

United Kingdom and Ireland[edit]

British and Irish McDonald's serve the Chicken Legend, a chicken breast coated in seasoned batter either spicy tomato salsa, BBQ Sauce or mayonnaise.[93] In June 2011, Deli Choices, a line of sandwich rolls with fillings, was released in the UK. Curry flavoured sauce is available for McNuggets in British and Irish restaurants. From 2003 to 2005, menus included the Quorn Premiere, a vegetarian burger with sweet chilli sauce, light Hellmann's mayonnaise, tomato, and lettuce in a focaccia bun. In 2015, McDonald's released a limited edition burger in the Republic of Ireland called the McMór. In 2016, this burger was brought back for six weeks. It features Ballymaloe Relish, Charleville cheddar and a potato bun.[94] In 2016, McDonald's launched the brand new BBQ Smokehouse Range of burgers. The two burgers that were launched contained chicken and beef with bacon, cheese and BBQ Sauce.

Past promotional items have included the Apple Pie Sundae, Mozzarella Dippers, Cheese Melt Dippers, the Summer Chorizo Supreme, BBQ Chicken Premiere with Bacon, the 1955 burger, Apple and Blackberry Pie, and Festive Pie, with mincemeat and custard. A series of burgers intending to represent various American locales has been released under the "Great Taste of America" name. These burgers have represented New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas, Texas, Arizona, Miami, California, and New Orleans. Not all of these burgers resemble their respective local cuisines.[95] British and Irish McDonald's also released a series of burgers representing several different countries in the world. These have included Australia, South Africa, Canada and Mexico. Several Summer and Winter menus have been launched. Also, McDonald's has launched several kinds of McFlurrys over the past few years, such as Cornetto, Cadbury brands like Dairy Milk which is available all year and the creme egg which is only available around Easter

North America[edit]


French fries may be substituted with McDonald's version of poutine. Previously, McDonald's poutine was available widely only in Francophone Canada (Quebec and parts of New Brunswick) and available elsewhere on a more limited basis; however, in December 2013, McDonald's formally announced the nationwide availability of poutine at all of its Canadian restaurants, due to popular demand.[96] Quebec also saw the release of the limited-time 1967 Burger, commemorating Canada's first McDonald's franchise. Deli Choices were introduced throughout Canada in 2006. Unique to Canadian McDonald's locations is the McMini, miniature sandwiches with grilled or crispy chicken; flavors include Pesto Chicken (later replaced by Zesty Mango) and Spicy Thai.[97] As in the United States, the McRib periodically appears on the menu for limited runs. The crispy chicken patty used in the McChicken sandwich sold in Canada uses both white and dark meat – it is essentially the same size and taste as the original McChicken that first appeared in the USA in 1980.

Seasonal items previously available in McDonald's in Canada include the McLobster, a lobster roll, available in the Maritime Provinces, called McHomard in French.[98] Regionally a blueberry-shortbread McFlurry is also available. Discontinued items in Canadian McDonald's include pizzas, including a calzone-style "McPizza." The McFlurry Originated in New Brunswick.



Mexican McDonald's locations do not serve fish, except during the period of Lent. Special items at these locations have included the Flaming Hot Doritos Quarter Pounder and the BBQ Double Burger. For breakfast, Mexican McDonald's locations serve the McMollete, which is made on an English muffin spread with beans, topped with a slice of melted cheese and pico de gallo.[99] Mexican locations also serve a version of the McSkillet burrito known as the "McBurrito".

United States[edit]

McDonald's restaurants in the United States of America offer various types of shellfish dishes on a regional basis, such as seasonal lobster rolls in New England and crab cakes in the Mid-Atlantic states. Parts of the Upper Midwest sell Johnsonville Brats, a toasted hot dog bun with a Johnsonville bratwurst topped with spicy mustard and onions. Other regional variations include the Texas Homestyle Burger, and traditional Southern breakfast items, such as a country ham biscuit and biscuits and gravy. Locations in the Southwest regularly offer burgers topped with New Mexico chile.

Hawaii locations offer saimin on their regular menu,[100] and include Spam, Portuguese sausage and rice as a breakfast option. Pineapple and taro pies, as regularly sold in some Asian countries, have been occasionally offered on the regular menu, along with haupia pies; pineapple is also sometimes available as a topping on burgers. In Waikiki locations, small trays of pineapple can be ordered as a side dish. Except for saimin, Hawaiian and selected Asian specialty items can also be found in McDonald's in the US territories of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands. During Easter time, Hawaii, Guam and the CNMI all feature the Double Filet-O-Fish meal due to having a heavy concentration of Catholics (mostly people who immigrated from the Philippines) in that region.

Puerto Rico[edit]

As in Mexico, Puerto Rican McDonald's do not serve fish and serve the McCriollo (with eggs and cheese) for breakfast. Criollo is a Puerto Rican bread, like a baguette, but bigger and softer. Basically, the McCriollo is a sandwich with ham, cheese, and egg on a Criollo roll.[101]



The most popular Australian McDonald's menu items are the McOz Burger and the Create Your Taste kiosk. You use a touch screen to choose types of bread, beef patties, chicken patties, bacon, cheese, pickles, onions, lettuce, tomato and sauce. Your order is delivered by a waiter when dining in-store. Previous products have included: Shaker Fries, similar to Japan's Shaka Shaka Chicken; a BLT; the McBeefsteak, promoted by country music singer Lee Kernaghan;[102] the Big Kahuna Burger, served with pineapple; the Romano Burger, a chicken patty with Italian sauce and mozzarella served on an herbed focaccia bun; the Tandoori Burger, a chicken patty with lettuce and mint yogurt sauce served on flatbread; and a Chive Omelette Roll.

Current products have included: Chicken Mcbites, Classic Angus and Aussie BBQ Angus.

Every so often (typically once a year) the McOz is sold for a limited time. The McOz is a quarter-pound burger with lettuce, tomato, cheese, mustard, ketchup and the so-called Australian ingredients of beetroot and cooked onion served on a sesame seed bun.

New Zealand[edit]


Many McDonald's menu items in New Zealand are similar to those in Australia. Some unique items include the Kiwiburger, a beef patty with McMuffin egg, tomato, lettuce, cheese, onion, beetroot, ketchup, and mustard.[103] In 2011, a special "Kiwi Menu" was featured to promote the country's hosting of the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

In April 2012, McDonald's re-released the El Maco, a variant of the product of the same name offered in other markets, such as Scandinavia. El Maco had previously been sold in New Zealand in the early 1990s.[104]

In 1996, the New Zealand affiliate bought out failing local fast food chain Georgie Pie, which based itself around Australian and New Zealand meat pies. McDonald's trialed a partial relaunch of the Georgie Pie brand in May 2013 with one pie flavor sold through eleven of its restaurants. In October 2013, the affiliate announced it would expand the sale of Georgie Pie to 107 of its 161 restaurants by the end of 2013.[105] As of January 2017, two pie flavors are available: Steak Mince 'n' Cheese and Bacon 'n' Egg.

South America[edit]


McNífica is served. McDonald's Argentina serves Big Tasty Angus Burger, made with premium Argentinean Angus Beef. Argentina is the only country besides Israel in which McDonald's has full kosher locations.[25] These are the only places in the world where McDonald's burgers are barbecued on charcoal rather than fried.[106] Croissants are served for breakfast and afternoon tea.


In Brazil, McDonald's offers the Cheddar McMelt, a beef burger with creamy cheddar cheese and grilled onions, flavored with soy sauce on a whole-wheat bun.

Banana-flavored pies are served in Brazilian McDonald's.[107]


In Chile, cheese empanadas are sold at all McDonald's locations in Chile as side dishes. Also, customers can add avocado paste to any sandwich, other than the McPalta (Chilean Spanish for McAvocado),[108] whose basis is avocado paste along burger as current Cuarto Palta (Avocado Quarter Pounder)[109] and McWrap Palta with Fuze Tea, sliced fried chicken with lettuce, tomatoes and purple onion in a tortilla.

Celebrating the 200-year anniversary of the founding of Chilean republic, in 2010 McDonald's offered Combo Bicentenario,[110] a beef burger with pebre, a Chilean condiment made of coriander, chopped onion, olive oil, garlic and ground spicy chili pepper, and merkén, a smoked chili pepper. Recently, celebrating Chile's 2013 National Day on September, the fast food restaurant served empanadas de pino[111] (stuffed with beef, olives, onions, raisins, and boiled eggs) as special side dishes.

For breakfast, McDonald's serves croissants, also known in Chile as Medialuna and local versions of two Chilean sandwiches: Barros Jarpa, whose basis is ham and molten cheese on bread, and Lomo Palta,[112] a avocado paste along a slice pork.


Colombian McDonald's restaurants serve the McCriollo breakfast combo, which includes a sausage patty, two traditional Colombian arepas, scrambled eggs and sweetcorn, a hashbrown, coffee, butter, and jam.[113]


In Ecuador, McDonald's started selling cheese empanadas, burgers with cheese sausage or guacamole, blackberry sundae and nuggets with spicy sausage in 2012 under the "Nuestros sabores" campaign, aimed at providing a more local cuisine.[114]


In Peru, McDonald's offers ají, a spicy sauce made from peppers, as a condiment.[115] Peruvian locations also serve Pollo Crujiente ("crunchy chicken") and Inca Kola. Now, McDonald´s offers "Peruvian Foods" and blackberry Sundae.


In Venezuela, McDonald's offers arepas, empanadas for breakfast; these are traditional breakfast foods. Venezuelan locations have also served fried yuca sticks.[116]

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