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ReadSpeaker Holding B.V. was a Dutch-based company creating Text-to-Speech technology.

On July 13, 2017 it was announced that the HOYA Group had acquired ReadSpeaker[1].

Their primary product, ReadSpeaker, is a web-based applications that uses speech synthesis technology to speech-enable web sites, mobile sites, RSS feeds, mobile apps such as iPhone, Android or BlackBerry apps, as well as online documents and forms[citation needed]. ReadSpeaker's goal is to facilitate people that suffer from reading disabilities, dyslexia, visual impairment, but also non-native English users and seniors. ReadSpeaker also assists people who prefer not to read from small screens and do not have the opportunity to read.

A completely web-based application[citation needed], ReadSpeaker products work with the vast majority of content management systems as well as all major web browsers. ReadSpeaker products can be fully customized to suit the needs of the content providers who wish to provide a talking version of their online text.

ReadSpeaker applications can after registration be downloaded without cost for end-users and work in over 35 languages and 100 voices including British English, American English, German, Swedish, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and Japanese. However, the software is proprietary, and its specification is not a web standard.


Some of the features that ReadSpeaker includes:

  • Embedded Highlighting: Enables website visitors to see synchronized highlighting of the text that is currently being read, on a word by word and/or sentence basis depending on the setting that has been chosen by the user.
  • User text selection: Text on a web page can be selected using a mouse or trackpad and only the selected text will then be spoken.
  • RSS to Podcast: ReadSpeaker can convert an RSS feed into a Podcast so that users can more conveniently listen to their news feeds.
  • Download MP3 link: On the web, ReadSpeaker always feature the option to download the text on a web page in the form of an MP3 file. This makes it possible to always listen to a web page for web visitors who do not have Flash and/or Javascript enabled on their devices.
  • PDF and Word document reading: Online PDF and Word documents are read by ReadSpeaker products.
  • Customizable playback behaviours: For web site owners who request it, ReadSpeaker products can be customized to read a web page in a specific way, for example by muting some elements.
  • Customizable Dictionaries : Foreign words, acronyms, abbreviations, brand names for can be corrected in their pronunciation for each web site using ReadSpeaker applications.
  • Multi-app integration: For example, ReadSpeaker technology can be jacked-in to existing iPhone apps to have their text content read aloud.


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