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Secom Co., Ltd.
TypePublic (K.K)
TYO: 9735
HeadquartersTokyo, Japan
Area served

Secom Co., Ltd. (Japanese: セコム株式会社, Sekomu kabushikigaisha) is a Japanese security company[1][2] headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It has operations in Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Myanmar.[3]


The company was founded in 1962 and operated under the name Nippon Keibi Hosho until 1983.[4] It initially offered security services such as patrolling services and static guard services.[5]

In 1966, the company developed Japan’s first on-line security system. In 1983, Nippon Keibi Hosho adapted the name Secom, which was originally used only as a brand name of the company. The Secom name "was coined as a contraction of 'security' and 'communication', the concept of this brand was to build 'a new security system collaborating people and science'”.[5]


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